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A Home Lifestyle Guide: 5 Kitchen Storage Items You Must Have

Owning a house, especially as a young professional, requires a lot of responsibilities and management. It would help balance out maintaining a nice and clean home and your work and personal life. Learning how to tidy up the different parts of your house needs some research, patience, and love. Once you have got the hang of it, it will be fulfilling.

One of the essential parts of the house is the kitchen because it is where you will do all the cooking and food preparation every day. Remember to maintain cleanliness, organization, and hygiene, especially with all the food around. To ensure that your kitchen items are complete, you can check out Storables.com for more information. And continue reading this article to find out about five more storage items you can use for your kitchen.

1.  Keep Your Fresh Foods From Spoilage Using the Refrigerator


A kitchen will never be complete without a refrigerator. It is vital to have a fridge because storing your food here will last for days, even weeks. It is usual for every household to have leftovers, especially during parties and get-togethers. Fortunately, the refrigerator will help you enjoy the same food for the following day without any stomach pain.

Having a refrigerator in your kitchen will also help you, especially when you always buy a week-long worth of grocery items. During summer, you can store ice cream, ice cubes, and water pitchers to ease the hot feeling. Thanks to its numerous perks for your food and entire kitchen, a refrigerator may be pricey, but it is worth the money.

2.  Save Space in Your Kitchen With Wall Cabinets


Why not have wall cabinets put up if you have the extra budget? Having these storage units in your kitchen will help you save space. The kitchen is one part of the house where many things like plates, cutlery, cooking items, appliances, and other kitchen tools are stored. Wall cabinets will allow you to organize all the kitchen items and have more space to move around.

Since these cabinets will be mounted on the wall, you have to make sure that you get the correct mounting materials. If you are not confident in hanging them up by yourself, hire a house repair person. What is also nice about these wall cabinets is that you can have them custom-made by your local carpenter so they can match your overall kitchen interior design.

3.  Organize Your Visible Kitchen Decor With Some Shelves


As a new homeowner, you would want to flaunt your kitchen items and decor to impress your guests. Some shelves are the perfect storage items for you. Having shelves mounted on the wall will help you see the kitchen appliances and items you will need for a day without consuming so much time opening the cabinets one by one.

Whether it is mounted on the walls or not, having some shelves is another helpful type of storage. You will easily be able to make some changes to your kitchen items. Finding some shelves would not be a burden since you can find them at any home department store, online, or even have one custom-made by your carpenter.

4.  Avoid Any Breakage With Plate Drawers


A lot of breakable plates are used in many households. Even though it requires extra care in handling than other plate materials, many families prefer using glass plates. It is because it is long-lasting, more appealing, and environmentally friendly. Most thick glass plates can withstand newly cooked meals and even the heat inside a microwave.

It is best to store them in plate drawers to avoid breakage to your glass plates. These storage units are usually near the sink or the dishwasher, so you can easily transport the plates and cutlery. Drawers are easy to work with because it is within reach. You can also easily place dividers and stack the plates and bowls in an orderly manner. You can even put a clean cloth over your dishes, so they will not easily catch dust and dirt. The plate drawers as a storage unit are helpful ones, and they will save you a lot of space.

5.  Give Your Kitchen an Aesthetic Feel With Some Glass Jars


Adding some glass jars as storage materials would not hurt, especially if you have an extra budget. These jars can add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. So why not get some if you are aiming for a nice-looking kitchen? You can put all sorts of food items in these glass jars, like all your drinks, condiments, candies, and snacks. These are also perfect for a pretty setting for your guests to see.

Make sure to choose durable and long-lasting glass jars, not just the pretty-looking ones. You can check both online and department stores until you find something that will suit your preference.

Special Mention: The Glass Canning Jar

The glass canning jars are a special type because they are aesthetically pleasing and extra functional. These jars can be for food preservation purposes and can also be used in the cooking process. All you have to do is research proper vacuum storage, especially for your fish and pickled vegetables. You can also use these jars for drinking. Just make a hole in the middle of the jar’s lid, then insert a straw, and you are good to go.


Owning a kitchen is an incredible feeling, especially if you start your cooking and baking. It is also a responsibility to keep it clean because the kitchen is bound to get messier than the other rooms. And learning how to store your food items properly is a must, and you need an excellent kitchen storage unit to do that. So might as well prioritize purchasing the storage material mentioned above. We appreciate you reading until the end, and we hope this guide has been helpful. If you want to know more about storage units for your home, you can visit Storables.com today!

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