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Regardless of the class of players, everyone loves real money casinos. Canada is one of the countries home to the most reputable and trusted real money casinos. Nothing gets the punter more exciting than hearing the dealer call his card as winner of the spin.

No doubt, every player looks to a day when they will join the list of overnight gambling billionaires. They simply tried their hands on some slots and made a fortune that made them till today. If you’re wondering who the top biggest five real money Casino winners are, this article gets you covered. You could find casinos with a $5 minimum deposit on

Archie Karas – $40 million

The biggest real money casino winner was Archie Karas. The Greek-American gambler beat the house to a whopping $40 million at Las Vegas. But he had to stay morning and evening in the casino for three years before he achieved this feat. Guess what? He only wagered $50 to manage on the Strip to accumulate such a rock. Imagine the value of $40 million between 1992 and 1995. It had to be a staggering fortune!

Sadly, Karas only saw the money in his bank account but never enjoyed it as, within three weeks, he lost everything to gambling. Karas would later face charges of running a scam casino and was jailed in 2013. Despite the infamy that followed his fortune, Karas remained the biggest jackpot earner in an online casino.

Anonymous $38.7 million

At 25, the software engineer was already calling the shots in one of the top casinos in the US. After spending a lot of money looking to hit the jackpot on Megah Moolah, the legend had the last laugh on this fateful day. The month was March and the year 2003 and the life of the little-known gambler was transformed. He had flown from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to enjoy March Madness. But that was the night things were going to turn his favors and made him shout ‘eureka.’ The standard practice was that the 38.7 million winnings would be spread across a period of 25 years. The winner could afford to travel on their private jet.

Packer’s $26 million

Kerry Packer became famous after winning a staggering jackpot in the US at MGM GRAND in 1995. Where would Packer have made these monstrous million dollars, you may ask? If you settle for Las Vegas casino you won’t be wrong. This is about the only city and casino that makes a lot of overnight millionaires.

The Australian was just trying his hand on blackjack and baccarat that fateful evening. He never knew his $30 would turn to something in the region of $26 million. And that was the end of a lean bank account for Packer. After tipping some staff at Las Vegas, Packer spent a few dollars with people on the ground. However, the story had it that Packer lost as much as he won later on. But till today, he remains the highest earner and winner in the casino.

Belgian Gambler and $22 million jackpot

When you hear that there are strategies to win casino slots, never doubt the saying. The axiom has proven right for a Belgian player who smiled home with a colossal wealth. This happened as recently as April 2024. The jackpot was a world record because to this day it remains the largest win in a single spin in the history of an online casino slot. The winner who wanted to remain anonymous went how with well over $22 million. He didn’t have to spend so much to win this lot. The Belgian gambler needed to wager $17 on his last spin of the day.

Don Johnson $15 million


If you’d told Don Johnson that his $15 stake will return $15 million to him, he perhaps would have not taken you seriously. But it happened to the master of casino strategy. Johnson, a popular figure in the casino, earned the nickname “The Killer of Atlantic City” due to his incredible skills and strategy in playing online slots. He won a whopping $15 million at three Atlantic City casinos.

Ashley Revel $ 270,000

Ashley Revel woke up that morning in 2004 and decided to change his life radically! He took all the savings he had and headed to Las Vegas with the intention of putting everything on the roulette table! This man sold all his clothes, valuable watch and car and chased victory. It was all or nothing! You already assume that the final outcome in the case of Ashley Revel was everything!

He invested all the money, bet on the red one and watched breathlessly as the ball fell into the red pocket marked with the number 7! In just one spin, Ashley doubled her money and ended up coming out of the casino with $ 270,000!

Compared to his previous colleagues, his gain seems small. However, the courage he showed should be appreciated!

Sir Philip Green, $ 2 million

Some people are just lucky in life, and the best proof of that is Sir Philip Green. He is a British tycoon who enjoyed millions even before he won $ 2 million in 2004 at a London casino.

Sir Philip Green was known in gambling circles as a passionate blackjack player. However, that December, something changed! For the first time in his life, Philip Green dared and turned the roulette wheel. Given that he received $ 2 million, he seems to have done the right thing! During the following visits to the same casino, Philip Green won another million pounds!

So, what are the chances that you get lucky, like the people on our list?

Countless times so far, you’ve probably heard how in the long-term, the casino always wins. The question then is why do we play in a casino at all if we will always be in deficit? The answer is actually quite simple. Looking at the short-term situation, the casino can very often be at a loss against the players. Therefore, before you decide to play your favorite game and visit the casino, keep in mind these three basic rules:

  • Even when you think it’s your day and you can increase your already great profit, stop playing while you still have money
  • To keep your winnings, or at least part of them, try to change the game you play as often as possible.
  • By no means underestimate the importance of setting limits that you can spend and keeping the same. If a losing streak happens, it’s time to stop playing.

The above-mentioned is called safe gambling and is your only hope for a big win if you wish to make it to our list one day. Yes, these people have taken risky chances, but it doesn’t mean you should do the same.

Bottom Line

The crinkling of the winning card, the rolling of the dice,, and the clanking of the jackpot slot make playing casino a lot more interesting. All these can be extra if you turn a million-dollar jackpot winner like the punters on this list. Hope you’ve been inspired never to give when the spinning isn’t going your way.

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