Casino Bonuses as a way to Increase the Chances of Big Wins

The online gambling industry is developing rapidly, which, in turn, leads to increased competition on the gambling market. To attract customers, gambling casinos promote bonus programs that provide players with extra chances to win.

The very first bonuses, when Internet gambling just emerged, were very loyal to players; there was practically no wagering, so the money was almost gratuitously given away. The so-called “bonus hunters” took advantage of the situation without any remorse. There was no customer verification; because of that, multi-accounts were frequently created, and there were a lot of abuses of casinos’ generosity.

Since then, gambling houses improved their bonus policies: there is a strict record of players’ profiles, and verification became a mandatory procedure for withdrawal of funds. But there appeared more types of bonuses, and everyone can choose an offer to his/her liking.

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The list of the most common bonus offers will help you decide which casino to choose.

No deposit bonus for registration

This is, undoubtedly, the best creation of online casino managers. Upon registering, a new client is offered a no deposit bonus; even before making a deposit, the stipulated amount is transferred to the bonus account, which can be immediately used for betting on slots. However, there is a condition for the withdrawal of winnings – wagering of the bonus amount by the wager. Wagering is considered to be the bets equal to the bonus amount, placed as many times as specified in the conditions. For example, if the bonus is 200 euros, and the wager x10, then the player needs to bet his/her own money 10 times in the amount of 200 euros.

Important! Do not try to withdraw funds from the bonus account immediately. They should be used only for betting. A win on the bonus funds must be wagered.

Some online casinos offer free spins for all or some kinds of slots as a no deposit bonus. All this gives additional opportunities to make a productive spin, and not confident newcomers can immediately start playing money games.

Deposit bonuses

The second most popular type of casino bonuses is charges for the first and subsequent deposits. As a rule, these are replenishments of the bonus account in the following percentage ratio:

  • 100-125% of the amount of the first deposit;
  • 50-70% – on the second deposit;
  • 25-30% – on the third deposit.

Some clubs grant a bonus on the fourth and even the fifth deposit.

Please note! Despite the mandatory wagering, the bonus charges are a doubling of the chances of winning. After all, the statistics of money games confirm: more bets – more winnings.


This is a relatively new type of bonus, which was introduced to us by famous European casinos. Cashback is a partial refund of lost bets. Conditions for obtaining a cashback vary from one casino to another:

  • On a certain day of the week, you can get a refund of lost bets if you request it in your personal cabinet.
  • Cashback as a prize for any fulfilled conditions – betting on a certain slot or inviting a friend.
  • Cashback as a gift on holidays or birthdays.

The percentage of cashback can range from 10 to 25% of the amount of lost bets.

Calendar bonuses

To encourage players and create a festive hassle-free atmosphere at online casinos, many gaming facilities offer gamblers ongoing incentives in the form of free spins or cashback. They are timed to calendar holidays or made regular – weekly or monthly.

Holiday Bonus

When registering, one of the mandatory fields of the form is the client’s date of birth. It is needed to confirm the legal age of the player. But often online casinos give a bonus on your birthday. This is both pleasant and can bring another gift – winning!

Program for VIP clients

Almost every respectable play casino has developed its own special program for players with VIP status. Playing in the casino – on slots, roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack – the gambler earns points for each paid bet.

As an example, let us consider a bonus program for active players at one of the popular gambling clubs. For a certain number of points, a customer gets the opportunity to upgrade their status:

  1. “Bronze” – 0-400 points;
  2. “Silver” – 400-800 points;
  3. “Gold” – 800-1600 points;
  4. “Platinum” – 1600-2000 points;
  5. “Diamond” – by invitation only;
  6. “Red Diamond” – by invitation only.

The higher the status, the more privileges one can enjoy. And they may include:

  • increased percentage of cashback;
  • free spins and bonus charges for each new level;
  • personal manager services.

The higher the VIP status, the higher the level of privileges. If you’re a high roller, you can’t escape the high status. So, use your honestly earned perks to boost your winnings.


Another popular type of incentive for players is a tournament. A competition between gamblers is announced. Points can be awarded for the number of successful bets or the total amount spent on bets. Tournaments can be short-term (a day) and long-term (a week).

Competitions can be held under the following conditions:

  • On a particular slot;
  • On the slot machines of a particular provider;
  • On emulators on a particular subject.

Rewards also vary. This can be a car or a considerable amount of money, which goes to the winner or is divided between the top three favorites.

Lotteries and raffles

Lotteries and raffles are a common type of casino bonuses. A wide variety of prizes can be drawn:

  • Free spins;
  • Tickets to popular concerts or sports games;
  • Bonus points.

To participate in the lottery, you need to register in your personal account. Points are usually awarded for each stipulated amount wagered.

Other promotions

The competition is not standing still, and managers of gambling casinos have to constantly come up with new ways to attract and retain players. Among the newly launched casino bonuses are:

  1. special promotions for streamers who broadcast on YouTube and other platforms;
  2. competitions among bloggers;
  3. freeplay as a new type of no deposit bonus. The player receives a certain amount to the account, which should be wagered within a limited time. The winnings become a bonus, though it still has to be wagered.

Bonus programs always imply wagering bonus points. Online casinos cannot just award money as it is too unprofitable. The gambling establishment is not a charity; so, the bonus is not a gift but an extra chance to win. The amount of the wager depends on the decision of the casino administration. Use the rating lists of gambling houses and choose the best conditions for you.

Study the terms and conditions of the bonus

Whatever type of bonus you choose, do not be flattered by sweet fast-talks but carefully read the rules of receiving the prize and the conditions of wagering. Be sure to check everything:

  • denomination;
  • wager;
  • limits;
  • wagering terms.

Make your final decision after weighing the pros and cons, realistically assessing whether you can cope with the wagering conditions and what it will bring you.

Why You Should Use Bonuses

But despite all this, the bonuses are worth using. If you choose casino bonuses thoughtfully and learn to understand all the nuances of their conditions, you will definitely get more benefits.

  • Bonus charges increase the opportunity to make a large bet, which is important for slots with a progressive jackpot. You can hit the jackpot by making a bet of a certain size. As a rule, the jackpot amount is quite significant. With just one spin on a slot machine with a jackpot, you can snatch a big sum, which then will be worth wagering.
  • Free spins increase the number of spins, each of which can result in a win.
  • VIP program launches a real cascade of different prizes. The more you play, the more gifts you can get!
  • Tournaments and lotteries, in addition to the excitement of the competition, may also bring large cash rewards.

Do not miss a golden chance – choose your bonus!

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