Can You Make a Living From Online Gambling?

Nowadays you probably are reading a lot about online gambling, and all the benefits and advantages it has over the traditional way of going to a casino, play some games, earn or lose the money, and then leave the building to go home. One of the most common questions related to this topic is if a person can really make money for a living if they give up on everything, and dedicate their time and efforts to gambling? Probably you think it’s a crazy idea, and it really is, especially when you know that it’s all about odds, strategies, risks, and unclear random combinations, and people can’t really have some influence over the result.

In general, there are people who really make money from online gambling, and in most cases, those are the owners, who are providing this service to the players. On the other hand, some people consider themselves so lucky, and they have a smart strategy on how to gamble and win, and they make a lot of money on it. But, the main question here is if anyone can give up on the 9-to-5 job and make everything they know to log in to an online casino, and earn enough money, so they won’t need to work for years, or until the end of their life. Theoretically, it’s quite possible, if you win the jackpot from the slots games, that are mostly games of luck. There is someone in the world who is planning every step, but practically, it’s impossible to win a jackpot every time you need the money for a living.

How do you gamble online?

The process is as simpler as going to a real casino, place your bets, choose your favorite color or combination, and hope for the best possible outcome. Most of the players, especially those who often lose, think that someone is manipulating the machines, but the truth is that it’s all based on randomness and statistical calculations, and knowing that the number of random combinations is much bigger than the number of winning combinations, the odds are on the side of losing. People who are lucky enough will get in the game at the right time when the system is choosing to “give” the prize to the gambler.

And of course, they will celebrate, and spend some amount of that money. So let’s try to answer the question in the topic. The truth is that you have equal chances to get rich or get poor by online gambling. It all depends on the odds, and a lot of factors, including your personal luck and karma, which strategy you are using, how dedicated are you to the game, the size of the bets, the deposit, the free spins and bonuses, and so on. But, if we see the bigger picture, there are plenty of people like you who have equal chances to win the jackpot. But, if the question is if you can occasionally gamble and expect to earn a salary every month, that’s quite impossible because playing these games is a kind of investment – you must pay to win.

But, if it happens to win some significant amount of money by these games, you must know that cashing out can be complicated, especially if the regulations and tax laws are very strict in your country. So, this is the moment when the e-wallets are coming to solve the problem.

Skrill and other payment methods

In order to get your money, you have to add a payment method to your online gambling account. Using e-wallets like Skrill for casino payments according to NorskCasinoHex  is quite a common thing in Norway and the rest of Europe. The most important reason behind that is the fact that you don’t have to use your bank account, and these services are usually connected to your email and use only basic data. Many freelancers are choosing Skrill as a payment method, and knowing that it’s relevant and legal, it’s also a winner among the online casino players. Plenty of online gambling services are using it as a basic payment method, and the best thing is that it’s too simple, and everyone is able to create an account, and send and receive money, depending on the needs. Also, it’s available in most of the world, so your location won’t be a problem for you to receive your prizes. The fees are low and affordable for most of the players.

Choosing the right payment method is another important thing when gambling online, because if you pay a lot for fees and account maintenance, then what’s the point of your casino activity? Be careful when looking for these options, because some of them may not be allowed in your country, and you will have problems cashing out the prizes.

The odds are on the house’s side

As a responsible gambler, you must be aware of this fact. If the casinos were about players’ odds, then their existence will be for nothing. Keep in mind that gambling is someone’s business and they make money from it, and the players are just the end of the chain of a huge network of people with different priorities. If you think you can be smarter than the house, we have some news to tell you – you can’t! Even when you win a nice amount of money, you didn’t beat the house – they just have to let someone take the jackpot or the bigger prizes every now and then – it’s the point of their job.

But, on the other hand, you don’t have to lose your hopes. Just keep them realistic, and try to have a regular job that is a stable source of income, because the number of the people who are living from gambling is too low, and the chances for you to become a part of that group are not that bright as it may seem.

Use this activity as a type of entertainment, and don’t spend all your money on it, so you can protect yourself and your family from having a gambling addiction problem.

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