What is the Best Type of Device to Use for Online Gambling?

Let us assume you are new to online casinos and internet gambling and now you are thinking of registering to one of the sites but you’re not sure what you should be playing on. The obvious choices are desktop PC, laptop or notebook, tablet and then smartphones. The advantage that all of these hold over a traditional casino is that you don’t have to travel anywhere to play. The PC is likely to be at home and all the other options are portable.

Every device has its advantages but some are more popular than other ones. Statistic says that more than 80% of Internet traffic comes from mobile phones and it is reasonable because of small and handy devices that everyone has in pocket. As stated at, playing at online casinos with mobile method is more preferable for every Gambler. Many casino players find it very comfortable to gamble with their smartphone during lunch break or at public transport while there is no possibility to use bigger devices.

Is there any real difference between these devices in terms of performance or speed for online gambling? What areas should you consider?

Desktop PCs

The main advantage a desktop PC has is screen size. You can have a great online casino experience with crisp bright graphics on a quality monitor. The processor is likely to be more powerful in a desktop too especially if it was built for gaming and processing graphics.

You may find that the online casinos on a desktop offer a far different experience than a smartphone. A bigger range of games to play. The option of using a mouse for ease of use. Clearer text and images. Plus you can have proper speakers attached to bring the casino and it’s games to life. There is a good chance there will be a higher amount of payment options on a desktop site as opposed to a mobile one too.

You may be using this PC for work in which case you can switch tabs easily for casual gaming in between getting the head down and working. The bigger display is also useful if you are looking at sport betting. Tables full of odds will appear clearer and easier to read laid out on a large screen.

The most obvious disadvantage is that they aren’t designed to be portable. Your machine is called a desktop for a reason so if you want to play then you only have one place to do it in.

Laptops and notebooks

Although in theory a laptop could have the same size screen as a desktop they do vary greatly and are likely to be smaller. Processing power will certainly be fine for running an online casino like EnergyCasino or playing online poker. One advantage is it is easy to carry meaning that you can take your laptop to the park or the cafe and play there easily.

You will need a wifi connection but if you want to take the laptop outside you can set up a hotspot on your smartphone.

The disadvantage that some laptops may have is battery life. Like all mobile devices you will need to remember to charge the laptop but it is unlikely to last as long as your phone. You will also need to carry it in a bag or case.


Easier to carry than laptops and usually with a longer battery life the tablet might be what you need for playing in an online casino. Again you will need an internet source unless you wish to play offline poker or slots.

The main disadvantage is that you cannot fit it in a pocket and will need to be carried.


The choice of many for online gambling because not only has nearly everyone got one but online casinos and gambling websites are all optimised for smartphones. You may not get as many options as a desktop site but the chances are that the games you want to play are easily available. Most online casinos are going to have poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, slots and bingo.

The obvious advantage of a smartphone is that not only do you probably already have one but they are easy to carry and you can connect to a wifi hotspot easily or use mobile data. You can put the phone in your pocket and you can play anywhere at any time.

With a smartphone and an online casino you can play almost anywhere and everywhere. You should note that some states and countries do not allow online gambling so be sure to check out your region for current legislation. Generally playing online is safe enough but look for reputable companies. You can find reviews on the Play Store and on Google searches.

Live Dealer Casinos

Now this is one area that may make you rethink your choice. Live casinos or live dealers are becoming more and more popular as they offer a more realistic experience and have an element of human interaction.

Why would live dealers affect your choice? Well the casino has webcams that follow the professional, real life dealer as he or she deals the cards or conducts whichever game you are playing. The camera watches the cards and follows the dice or the spin of the roulette wheel. In short it works better on a bigger screen. It might be that your smartphone, as handy and convenient as it is just can’t show the video as clearly as you would like. It pays to have a bigger screen to immerse yourself in the casino experience.

As a side note you might want to know that in a live casino the dealer can address you by your name or at least your screen name and you can communicate with your fellow players.


It looks like overall mobile gaming wins and tablets and smartphones both have the edge over laptops and desktops for convenience and ease of use. Desktops win on display power and smartphones for their availability.

You might find it best to try a few sites and a few games on all the devices you own or on a friend’s device (if you can borrow them) and see which experience suited you most. This is a good idea before hurrying to purchase something you may regret later on. Whichever device and casino you use, make sure it is a respected casino and play responsibly and safely.

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