Best Type of Metal Roof for Your Home

Metal roofing is available in more than one material. You can bet that you know very little about metal roofing materials. When looking for the best metal roof for your home, it’s best to involve your contractor and ask all the essential questions.

Better yet, click here to get started on your journey to discovering more about metal roofing. Getting the best roof for your house has plenty of benefits, especially regarding energy efficiency.

You may be wondering why different types of metal roofs are priced differently and what this has to do with performance. This article will inform you of what is available in the roofing industry. Continue reading to learn about the numerous metal roofing alternatives available to you.

Steel Roofing


Steel roofing is an alloy product containing Iron and other products. Traditionally, contractors recommend steel roofing for commercial construction, but homeowners are starting to become open to the concept of a steel roof.

As a homeowner, you will find its pricing favorable compared to other metal roof options like Zinc and Aluminum. Also, steel is more readily available. There are three types of steel roofing you should know about:

1. Galvanized Steel

This assortment of steel roofing is a creation that has a zinc top layer to protect the inner layer from corrosion. Experts use this technique to extend the life span of steel roofing. It’s the most likely variety a roofing expert will recommend when you go looking for steel roofing.

2. Galvalume Steel

Galvalume steel is similar to galvanized steel, except that Galvalume has an Aluminum and Zinc coating. Aluminum is a slide more effective against corrosion than Zinc.

Also, the finish after using Aluminum for coating is smoother. A combination of Aluminum and steel gives steel roofing more power. It’s an option worth considering, especially if you can overlook that it is not scratch-proof.

3. Weathering Steel

Weathering steel is primarily used in industrial construction, for instance, on bridges. This type of steel has an outer layer designed to rust to protect the inner layer of steel.

You can use it for accent roofing but only after consulting a roofing expert. It’s the kind of metal that requires routine maintenance.

Also, it’s worth noting that roofing experts can make adjustments to steel roofing panels using paint systems. Consider painted steel panels if you want a steel roof that mimics the appearance of other metal roofing materials.

Aluminum Roofing


Aluminum is among the topmost requested roofing materials by homeowners. It’s the kind of roof that will pay off, especially if you live in a coastal climate, since it has a higher resistance to salt corrosion than other metals.

After installing an aluminum roof first, you notice that its reaction with the elements is almost instant, which helps create a layer of aluminum oxide to seal the inner layers.

You can get an aluminum roof with painted coating, but it stops being aesthetically pleasing over time. Another thing that you will have to think hard about before getting an aluminum roof is the price.

Although that’s the case, the service you get from it is worth every penny. Keep watch on the roofing market since the prices of Aluminum keeps fluctuating. Know when to take the opportunity and get the roof of your dreams. FastMetals has not only aluminum, but a variety of metals available.

Zinc Roofing


Zinc roofing is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a scratch-proof roofing option. It has a lifespan of about 100 years. One thing that makes Zinc stand out from other metals is its flexibility in terms of application.

Like copper, it is also mostly recycled material. Also, it is readily available and more pro-environmental than other types of metal roofing. It is an acceptable option for residential roofing as long as you live in a hail storm-free area.

Zinc chalks, for example, are one of its features that may be considered a detriment to its artistic worth. When water runs over the roof, chalking forms, which you may find unappealing.

It’s also quite expensive and requires a specific procedure to install. There is a limited number of Zinc roof suppliers, so even the shipping fees add to the price. Zinc roofing price is at least three times that of steel.

Copper Roofing


Copper is the longest-used type of metal roofing. People have used it for centuries, and it’s with good reason. One of these reasons is that it is durable in most environments lasting up to 200 years.

It’s the perfect option for you if you look into green roofing options since it is primarily recycled materials. Get it if you prefer silent raindrops since it is the most natural soundproof metal roofing material.

Since it’s a soft metal, it would serve you better if you lived in areas where hail storms are unexpected. Hail damage lowers the aesthetic value, although, in a way, the flexibility also saves the roof from severe damage.

The copper roof also expands and contracts according to atmospheric conditions. Also, it is pretty on the pricey end of roofing material, so it’s essential to consider if it’s the best option for you, depending on your budget.

General Advantages of Metal Roofing

There are several benefits of getting a metal roof. Understanding the roof you want to offer before paying for it is essential. Here are reasons why roofing experts recommend metal roofing for residential use.

  • Metal roofing is generally low maintenance
  • You don’t have to worry about rotting when you have a metal roof
  • Maintenance for metal roofing is relatively low
  • Metal roofs are durable

Final Words

Every type of metal roofing has something to offer. A copper roof is the most aesthetically beautiful of the four options, but it is also the most expensive. Zinc is likewise highly expensive, almost as much as copper, but it has a distinctive green look.

You can also go for Aluminum, especially if you live on a coastal strip, and it is pretty affordable. Most homeowners choose steel since its top-performing, and the price tag is reasonable. If facts about appearance can’t guide your decision, then use the prices to direct you on what to get.

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