Why is Single’s Day Celebrated?

Singles’ Day is one of the holidays celebrated in China on 11th November. They observe this day as a holiday because there is a significance behind celebrating this day. Unmarried people or singles usually commemorate themselves on this occasion with good food, presents, etc. This occasion is also known as the largest shopping day across the world.

The celebration of this unusual occasion started at Nanjing University in the year 1993. Single’s day is a celebration to observe a kind of anti-valentine’s day.

More About Single’s Day

Single’s day is always celebrated on the 11th day of the 11th month, i.e on the 11th of November. This is because the date is written as 11/11, which represents four singles standing together. There is a theory behind celebrating this occasion by singles. As stated, the day is observed as such by the students of Nanjing University located in China. Four singles of this university planned to start celebrating this single status.

They did this to break the stereotypes that singles usually have to face. Singles have no significant other and this doesn’t mean that they cannot celebrate an occasion for themselves. They agreed on the fact that they too have the right to celebrate and this is how 11th November is observed as a day for singles.

The activity was so interesting that all the singles loved the concept and it gradually spread throughout the university. With time, other universities also adopted the same and started celebrating this day. It is now more like an occasion where all singles meet together to have fun.

They organize social parties and other similar gatherings so that they can spend some gala time together. Moreover, the date is very popular to hold weddings as well. Furthermore, for the entire day on 11th November, the media covered and discussed several issues related to love life and relationships.

It initially started in China, but the occasion has now caught the attention of people across the world. Several countries are now celebrating this occasion like Southeast Asia and several other European countries. Great Britain observes the occasion on a different date, on March 11 and was initiated by the dating experts.

How is Single’s Day Celebrated?

If you are single, a single’s day is the right time to catch up with friends whom you know are single. You can either choose to spend the entire day with them, playing games and having fun, or go on a dinner date. You can also join some dating websites, and meet up with some people who are your potential partners. You can find here a range of amazing gifting options for singles day celebration.

By doing so, you can end up making a partner who will be your significant other. You can post pictures of how you spent the day, on social media using the popular hashtag #singlesday to spread the word about it. You can plan a trip to China as well, to see how people celebrate this day there. By visiting China, you will learn more about Cantonese or Mandarin and take part in the fun.

There are a lot of great traditions that single people follow on this day, to make it fun and memorable. You can go on a date with your single friends and celebrate your independence. Alternatively, you can celebrate the day alone, by going shopping, spending time on yourself, watching a movie, or enjoying a meal at one of the finest restaurants.

The choice of how you want to celebrate this day depends on you. The major reason behind celebrating this day is to make singles feel special too. This way singles will not feel held back just because they are not in a relationship. If you don’t have single friends, you can go about enjoying this day by yourself. No other person is better than your amazing self.

Alternative Fun Ways To Celebrate This Day

If you don’t have single friends with whom you can hang out on Single’s day, you can choose to celebrate this day by building an appreciation list. This is a fun way of celebrating this day, where you will be creating a list for yourself. In this list, you need to write everything that you learn about yourself.

When the list is complete, we recommend you upload it on social media. It can be anything and everything that makes you feel good about yourself. Having said that, it can be either the fact that you went to the gym without missing a single workday, or you make a delicious meal for your family.

When you upload this list online on your social media, you are encouraging your friends and family to take some out for themselves. We usually don’t show self-love and promote it as expected. Hence, a single day is a perfect day and the best occasion to do so.

This day is just an ideal occasion to do anything for yourself that you wouldn’t do on normal days. Having said that, if you have always wanted to buy a pair of designer shoes, grab them today. If you have dreamt about dining in one of the fanciest restaurants in the town, go ahead and enjoy your solo date. Moreover, it is the best occasion to gift yourself a luxe vacation as well, if you want to.

If you are not fond of doing anything unusual, just spend the occasion shopping till you drop. You can also spend the entire occasion in the most comfortable corner of your home. Order some food from your favorite place, plug in your TV or laptop and watch the movies that have been waiting on your list for a long time now.

The Bottom Line

You should not wait for someone else to make you feel special. Everything is about you. You will have to love yourself first, make yourself feel special to enjoy the essence of a single day. This occasion is observed to let singles know that they are no less than couples. Don’t refrain, go ahead and take full advantage of this occasion.

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