10 Things to Do to Pass the Time When You Are a Single Man

Being a single guy is the worst thing in the world for numerous guys out there. They are either used to being in relationships no matter how happy or sad, or they are afraid of being alone. In either case, chasing something just so you can have anyone by your side is not always the best thing to do, nor the healthiest. Being single is more than okay especially if you are looking and waiting for somebody special. If you are having trouble with filling out your free time or if you want some new ideas regarding what to do on your own, we may be able to help.

In the article right here and now we would like to give you some ideas on how best to spend your time when you are between relationships, or even better, if you like being single but know not what to do. If you want to know about the best things to do to pass the time when you are a single man, keep reading the article and be sure to try some of the suggestions we have for you. No longer will you spend your days in your home bored to death without a single idea on what to do or where to go.

1. Be Active

There is nothing worse than leading a sedentary lifestyle especially if you already spend too much time sitting down at work or school. Once you get home your goal should be to sit as little as possible except for resting, eating, or doing a hobby that involves being seated. Instead, introduce some activities into your life like sports or working out at a gym. Anything goes, from taking a walk each day to cycling around town. If you like a certain sport, ask around and find a good place to play it with other people. Pickup basketball or beach volleyball are always an option. If not, get a gym membership and start exercising a few times per week. The goal here is to be active as it will make you feel better, healthier, and fill out your day.

2. Find a Crafty New Hobby

Not all the guys are equally handy about the same things. Some are crazy about cars or motorcycles so they like to spend time tinkering with the intricate mechanics of their vehicle. Others spend a few hours each day in their toolshed working on projects and making things. Then there are those who enjoy cooking so they constantly explore new recipes and try out new food and drink combinations. Maybe you like fashion, or reading? Whatever it is, and whatever you may be drawn to but have never done so far, go for it! Life is short and you will eventually regret it. Do not be afraid to start a new hobby where you can be productive in any way, either for yourself or others. Trust us, it feels good!

3. Take Off Some Steam

Being single is the hardest when it comes to intimacy and having someone to spend some fun times in the bedroom with. This is why most single guys suffer and look to go from relationship to relationship. Even if you are dating just for fun without any ties and attachments, a dry period will surely come. Lucky for you, we live in an age when sex toys and the adult industry as a whole are at their peak. There are numerous solutions to kill your loneliness these days, the best of which have to be lifelike sex dolls. If you are interested in exploring this, make sure to visit and browse their amazing collection of different lifelike dolls that can help you blow off some steam and relax on your own.

4. Video Games

Video games used to be looked down upon by the majority of “manly men” in the past, especially guys who were sporty and who viewed them as nerdy and useless compared to the real things in life. However, times change, and at the moment, the video game industry is one of the fastest growing branches of entertainment in the world. Games have become mainstream and everyone plays them. They are widely available on most platforms and devices so you have no excuse not to try them out. They offer hours of fun, they are competitive, fun, engaging, and educational, and you can meet a lot of likem-inded people online. Depending on the genres and types you like you can either go solo and play single player games, or hop on the web and try multiplayer with some of your friends or random peeps online.

5. Travel

Traveling alone is frowned upon and often perceived as sad or unfavorable. People tend to instantly view those who indulge in traveling alone as alone and lonely with nobody to share an adventure with. Things could not be further from the truth. When you travel alone, you have all the freedom in the world. Not only can you go anywhere and do literally whatever and whenever you like it, but you do not have to worry as much about accommodation and travel arrangements. It is easier to find a seat for one, as well as a smaller room for one. It is cheaper overall and you can pick the trip and the number of days to spend there without checking with someone or arguing about it. You can finally visit that place you always wanted but never had the right people to go with. Do it alone now that you can!

6. Sort Out Your Home

We do not mean cleaning and arranging your home (well, that too), but instead think about how you can upgrade and improve it. You probably have a few things that have been bugging you for a while. An old desk, a scratched door frame, an uncomfortable chair you hate? You know exactly the thing that annoys you. Why wait now that you have time to pass? Get on with it! You will once and for all improve your home, the place you spend most of your time and where you should feel comfortable and at ease. Eliminating things, especially items and belongings, that cause you stress and anxiety is important.

Lighting Round

Here are some other things you can try out:

  1. Sketch out your future plans and wishes
  2. Explore the bars and restaurants in your city (and other cities)
  3. Change your look a bit (hairstyle, beard, fashion style)
  4. Find a side job if you have so much time to spare
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