How to Decorate your Man Cave with Neon Lights

You’ve recently decided to redecorate your man cave and freshen it up with some cool new decorations. But you have no idea which decorations to choose? Have you thought about neon lights? Neon lights in interiors are a new rising trend, so it is worth getting interested in. Decorating your man cave with these lights can add the coolness of your favorite bar, making you feel as if you were somewhere else.

You may remember them from the 1950s and 1960s when there were plenty of them on the streets, or you may have seen them in the movies. Well today, they are returning in a more modern version – also as lighting decorations at home. Check out what neon lights stand out for, where to order them, and how to best decorate your man cave with them.

As you probably know, such lights have long been used in the advertising industry. With the help of these interesting lightings, different venues were advertised. They were used as signs on shops, restaurants, and other businesses, shaped mostly as logos or titles. The neon light is so expressive that the place decorated by such lighting is visible from afar.

Where to find them?


Many companies on the market offer creative lighting solutions, and personalized neon signs are one of them. The best thing about them is that you have a very large range to choose from – you can choose the shape, motif, dimensions, and even create a sketch and send it to the studio for manufacturing. Browse further for inspiration on sculptneonsigns.com.

Why choose neon lights for your man cave?

For several reasons. The ability to decorate the space effectively is the first one. The plasticity of the material, thanks to which neon lights have fantastic shapes. Also, an important advantage of such lights is energy efficiency. Although they consume more energy than, for example, LEDs, they emit more powerful light. But, guess what? LED option is also available. As suggested by Echo Neon, they are also very durable – they can shine non-stop for up to a year.

So, what are the ways to use these lights as decoration?

Tons. Just as they were used to draw the attention of people passing on the street, individual inscriptions or letters are a perfect way to add light and decorate your man cave. Choose a favorite slogan, your life motto, or prominent letters that especially suit the interior of a modern-styled man cave.

Another idea is to use people’s shapes. It could be a sportsman or the head of a person you find particularly interesting. Nodding illuminated ads from the 1950s and 1960s gave a super cool effect, and would go great if you plan to use a retro style for your man cave.

Animals: a picture of a cat or a dog? It’s an easy way to add a cozy character to your man cave interior.

Graphics and logos: known from decades of advertising or selected from contemporary projects you find appealing. Choosing neon signs with a cafe, restaurant, or other venues you like, would be a great idea.

The most common way to use these lights, or even neon-style LED lights, is to use them to spell some words that create a specific mood in your man cave. For example, you can buy a sign that provides a comfortable feeling by literally pronouncing the word you like best. Brainstorm with your buddies, see what you guys can think of, after all, you’ll be entertaining them in there. Besides choosing the word you can choose a language that best describes you and speaks about you and the atmosphere you want to achieve. There are even neon words that can be combined with images and shapes, like dots or with a picture behind a neon screen.

Where would such lighting fit best in your man cave?


Well, above a bar, obviously. You must have one in your man cave. A great place for illuminated advertisements known from gastronomic facilities, i.e. cafes, bars, and restaurants. In the spacious industrial-style man cave, choose larger neon signs associated with bars, and in the more comfortable man caves – signs from cafes.

A must-have in a man cave is a comfortable sofa. Placing one of these interesting neon signs above the sofa is a perfect idea. It works well on any wall, but the most interesting light effect is achieved on bricks or decorative concrete tiles. These two wall types are also excellent for a man cave interior.

Another great use of these lights is to highlight items you already have in the man cave. You can use a neon style of lighting around the wall painting, such as red lighting or another color. It really makes brilliant art even more visible.

You could also use neon lights to add shine to your main furniture. An example is a light that shines beneath the bar edge. People often put colored lights under cabinets for accent lighting … and it really creates a beautiful decorative feeling.

If none of these ideas work for your man cave, then simply use neon lighting for a dim light effect in the room. When you switch off the main light, use neon as a dim option. You know, when the party gets going.

Will these lights be in one piece if I order them from elsewhere?


You can count on it. Since we gave you tons of ideas for decorating, some may not be available where you live. Some may have to be specially manufactured according to your wishes. You don’t even have to worry about shipment and your package being damaged. Finished neon lamps are usually sent in a secure package for self-assembly. If these self-assembling things trouble you, another option is to place the neon immediately on the board, which makes it much easier to place it on the wall.

Vintage neon lights can probably be found in second-hand shops and antiques selling places. Wherever you choose to purchase them, they’ll be a great addition to your man cave.

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