Cozy And Inviting Ways to Decorate Your Home

A home is supposed to feel comfortable and warm. When the home feels cold and unwelcoming, however, a person won’t feel comfortable there. There is no reason to live in a home that feels sterile. Small changes to the space can transform any room into a place that is cozy and welcoming to all. How can a person make this transformation in their home while sticking to a budget? The following tips are of great help in achieving this goal.

Keep the Home at a Comfortable Temperature

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A person cannot be comfortable in a home that is too hot or too cold. Spend the money to have an HVAC tech come out and check the system. With the help of AC Tex (callactex.com), any home can remain at a temperature that is ideal for the occupants. Make this call today because once the home is at a comfortable temperature, it becomes easier to implement the other tips.

Invest in Throw Pillows

Throw pillows serve as accent pieces in any room. They do more than that, however. The pillows can also be used to bring colors in a room together while making a statement. It all depends on the pillow that is selected.

Choose a color that compliments the sofa or chair where the pillow will sit. Square and rectangular pillows are preferred by most people, but don’t overlook round and bolster pillows when looking for these accessories for the home.

Ensure the pillow is sized properly for the furnishings. In addition, consider texture when choosing these items, as different textures help to add depth to a room.

Soft Rugs


Soft rugs are a great addition to any room. Warm up a room that feels cold by adding a rug in a bright color. Look for those rugs made from natural materials, such as wool and jute.

Cotton rugs are a great addition to a bathroom. The natural fibers absorb water, which makes this type of rug ideal for kitchens as well. Daily chores become easier when the toes have a soft surface to sink into, so add rugs in these two rooms today. This small detail can take any area from plain to luxurious in a matter of minutes.

Update the Lighting

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Many rooms have a single source of overhead lighting. Transform the space by bringing in task and accent lighting. This lighting may be in the form of table lamps, candles, floor lamps, or whatever looks best in the room.

Use clusters of illumination to create areas for conversation or to highlight a certain feature in the room. When adding this lighting, be sure to take the color temperature into consideration. Warm lights make any space feel cozy, while cold lights are best left for operating rooms and other sterile environments.

Consider adding string lights for a bohemian feel. Another option involves adding night lights and leaving them on in certain rooms every day. Motion sensor light strips serve as another way to make a home feel more cozy. They provide a nice glow without feeling too harsh.

Upgrade Window Treatments

Consider replacing your conventional window treatments with white shutters to make the room feel cozy. The shutters reflect light and make the room feel brighter. If dark shutters are desired, be sure to mix them with lights so the room doesn’t look dark. Use a combination of lights from several sources to create the right mood.

Select textured window treatments or opt for patterned curtains and mix them with honeycomb shades or woven wood ones. Using earth tones in a room, including window treatments in earthy shades, helps to make the space feel cozier.

Use Candles to Create a Cozy Atmosphere

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Candles were initially used to provide light when the sun went down. Today, however, they serve as more of a decorative feature in a home. Use candles to create a cozy atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.

The candles can be used to highlight a particular portion of the room or to bring together the different colors in the room. However, when choosing candles, consider the aroma of each choice.

Lavender candles calm a person and help them to relax. Vanilla has been shown to reduce a person’s stress and help them focus more, while cinnamon-scented candles are great for a cold, rainy night when everyone wants to do nothing more than curl up with a good book.

These are only a few of many scents a person should consider when selecting candles for a room. Consider others, such as rosemary and lemon. With the right scent, a person can turn any cold, impersonal room into a warm and welcoming space for all.

Add Some Plants


Plants provide an excellent way to make any room feel warm and cozy. Many people worry about the cost of plants, particularly if they don’t have a green thumb and struggle to keep their plants and flowers alive.

Use cuttings to increase the number of plants in the home. Add colorful planters to increase the ambiance, and use different textured planters. However, don’t overlook fresh flowers when it comes to making a room feel cozier.

Fresh flowers last longer when the owner regularly changes the water and trims the stems. Placing flowers around the home is a way to make it feel as if the flowers are always present rather than something that was just added for a special occasion.

If keeping plants alive seems impossible, use faux greenery. Spend the money to invest in fake plants that appear real rather than the obvious imitations that were common a few decades ago.

Don’t live in a home that is cold and austere. It may look like it belongs in a home decorating magazine, but people won’t want to spend any time there. When the home feels cozy and inviting, people will want to come in and stay a while. Family members enjoy spending more time together, and the entire atmosphere will change for the better.

Implement one or two of these tips today and see how they change the home for the better. Once the results are seen, every homeowner will be motivated to do more, as they see the benefits of a cozy home.

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