10 Ways On How To Decorate Your House With Indoor Fountains

Have you ever been the type of person who likes to buy things and decorate them inside your house just for the sake of relaxation? Well, you are not alone!

Fountains are a great choice of design for your interior because of their ability to add beauty to your house. The sound of the water itself is very therapeutic as it promotes gentleness and is very soothing. Pair it with a beautiful fountain that is pleasing to the eyes. That is what I believe, a perfect combo.

Not only does it looks beautiful and gives your place a relaxing environment, but it also promotes good fortune! According to Feng Shui, water fountains are auspicious. The correct placement can attract positive energy to your home. So what are you waiting for? Check out Soothing Company and choose a fountain that best suits your interior.

Got no idea how you want it to look like? Below are the 10 ways I prepared for you on how to decorate your house with indoor fountains.

1.Know the size of the fountain that best fits your indoors


Designing your interior includes the perfect decoration sizes inside your house. It’s not advisable to buy a large-sized fountain that would eat up the space inside your home. It’s crucial to check your interior first because you also need to have room for the wires. But no worries, there are size options that you can always choose from.

2.Ask yourself, where do you want to put your fountain

As mentioned above, water fountains attract positive energy, and according to feng shui, one of the essential things to consider is their placement.

You have the option to place your fountain near your house’s entrance. With this tactic, your fountain can be easily noticed when people come in. Feng Shui also believes that by doing that, there is luck when it comes to wealth and also encourages cash flow.

3.Fountains are made of different materials


The sturdiness of the fountain of your choice depends on the material that it is made of. According to feng shui, a fountain’s different elements and materials invite different kinds of luck inside your house.

For instance, if you choose to buy a fountain made out of stainless steel or copper, then it is most likely to bring organization, joy, and precision to your life. Fountains that are made of stainless steel are also great if you want to achieve that natural and clean appearance.

Fountains that are made of stones can also give you the same natural appearance. However, according to feng shui, stone materials invite stability and earthy energy.

It’s a good idea to know what kind of luck you want to have inside your house and your family so you can easily choose from the type of material you want for your fountain. They are all beautiful and promote good fortune, so it really depends on your preference.

4.What water should you use for your indoor fountain?


Distilled water is the most recommended type of water to use. Distilled water is pure and clean, unlike tap water. Tap water may contain debris from your water system, and it can irritate your pump and the surface of your fountain.

5.Maintenance is a must for your fountain

Indoor fountains create a beautiful environment inside your house. To keep it beautiful, it’s a must to maintain its cleanliness.

Check your fountain every day and observe if there is any dirt like slime and algae forming. If there isn’t, it’s an excellent option to do something to prevent it before it even happens. Hydrogen peroxide can help you prevent those microorganisms before it even develops. Just a tiny amount of it will do.

It’s also recommended to place your fountain away from direct sunlight as this can help prevent algae and other microorganisms from growing.

Since you’re here because you plan to buy one, let me tell you another Feng Shui that would motivate you to clean your indoor fountains.

Fountains tend to have dirt such as slime, algae, and dirty water. That dirt can block the positivity and healthy qi into your home. So before buying one, make sure that you’re ready to check your fountain always and clean it.

6.Design your indoor fountain with Zen vibes


One of the best classic designs for your indoor is the Zen style. Zen fountain isn’t like the traditional water fountains, but this adds a minimalistic design, and the Zen fountain is considered a decorative element. You can also add water features to compliment your indoor Zen garden or add this to form a meditative pond.

7.Add light features

With light features, you can easily make your water fountain classy. I’m sure you’ve seen something similar at hotels. You can quickly get that style with lights, and in an instant, you get that classy luxury hotel vibes right in your home.

8.Free floor space? Fill those in!

If you have free space surrounding your fountain and don’t use it for anything, you can design it to look plain. You can add a water feature on the floor, and trust me when I say this is really a good way to fill in those empty spaces. It also adds beauty and elegance to your house.

9.Add an indoor wall fountain as an accent to your water fountain

This is one of the most recommended and best ways people can do to design their fountain. This gives off great visuals, and it also doesn’t take up any floor space.

These look best with houses with a natural and rich texture like woods, and it would also look great with homes with a high-class style since this design gives a luxurious visual. In addition, Luxe Water Walls offers a variety of wall fountain designs that will fit your taste and budget.

10.You can use water fountains to divide your rooms


As weird as it sounds, this can really be an effective way if you want to divide your house without closing the rooms entirely. A fountain can create a reflection of the room beyond the water. This can make it look artistic and provides a unique look.

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