What is a Good Price for a Neon Sign?

Decoration of interior and exterior has always been popular, from the earliest days of establishments like shops and taverns. There is something about humans buried deep down that reacts to artistic value and nice things and it is that feeling that helped bring out the marketing and advertising forward. For the longest time merchants, shop owners, and just about anyone who wanted to draw more attention to their business has used clever ways of standing out. From using flowers and all sorts of items to make the store front more appealing to experimenting with paint and various designs to stand out more among the competition, it works as long as it brings more customers through he door.

Soon however it was realized that signs work the best, design and art elements that point towards something, share a certain message, display a logo or a slogan, or a few of these combined. Signage has become the most widely spread, common, and expected way of anyone advertising anything. From a product or service to the entire company or a craft, there is a sign that tells the passersby what it is all about. It made sense, it was useful and smart, and all sides agreed that signage was the way to go no matter what was being shown.

Enter Neon


As technology improved and as people came up with new materials and crafts, signs also started becoming better and more versatile. Everything changed when neon signs started appearing at the start of the 20th century. They took the world by storm as the neon sign became the symbol of progress that shone bright light of the modern world. The electronic age was in full swing and something as flashy, colorful, and innovative was bound for enormous popularity and success. Isolating neon, a very dull and invisible gas out of thin air does not sound like anything big. However, trapping it inside a tube and zapping it with electricity makes all the difference and gives you a line of light that opens so many possibilities. It did not take long for the early 20th century big-thinkers start spelling words and making all sorts of signs to market their businesses.

Soon, neon signs became a market of their own and a huge one at that. Fast forward over a century later and neon signs are still big. While they have become much more affordable and although LEDs took away the spotlight in terms of huge signs and as the main way to advertise things, neon signs have a very special place in modern society. A combination of newfound fascination, nostalgia, and simplicity has caused a new boom and more and more people want their own neon sign. The fact that they are more customizable than ever helps too. But what is the best price for a neon sign in 2024 and does it makes sense for them to be overly expensive? Join us as we explore the price range of neon lights. To learn more about this and explore custom, handmade LED neon signs, make sure to check out echoneon.com.

What Impacts the Price?


Before talking about the price itself, there needs to be a few words devoted to the main factors that affect it. Obviously, the size is the biggest reason for the price going up. The final cost is almost always determined exclusively by the physical size of the sign since more material goes into making it. Typically, small neon signs are those between 18” and 24” while the larger ones are from 3’ to 5’. Smaller neon signs will set you back anywhere from US $200 to over $500, while the larger ones easily start at US $1,000+. Of course, you can always work with a smaller sign if your budget is not that big, but it will never shine as bright and draw in as much attention as a larger one would.

Another thing that can raise the price is how intricate and complicated the sign is. If it is simple lettering without anything else added to it, it will be on the cheaper side. The more different letters, frames, details, and special characters you need, the more expensive the sign will get in the end. For example, if you need something simple as an “OPEN” sign for a store, it will not be that expensive and it could be quite affordable. On the other hand, if you require a few words like “Happy Hour” for example that is underlined and has a circle around it, prepare to pay quite a lot more. The complexity will always drive the price up both with smaller and larger signs. The fact that it is custom made also means it will probably be more expensive than you expect.

A Good Price?


From what was said above it can be hard to determine what a good price for a neon sign in 2024 would be. If you want a huge sign that will sit atop of your store and make the entire block light up at night, you are looking at a few thousand dollars at least, maybe even closer to $10,000. But then again, it will be very effective and you will make your money back soon.

For indoor use, especially at home as interior decoration, you should not really be paying more than a few hundred bucks for a custom sign that follows your vision. You have to pay for the artist to make it work and get it to resemble your original idea as closely as possible. You have to pay for the material and the time it takes to assemble everything. Therefore, be ready to pay at least $200 for something that will hang on wall of your living room or game room and shine strong enough for no other light to be necessary.

So a few thousand dollars for an average larger sign and a few hundred dollars for a regular smaller sign is what can be said to be a good price for a neon sign. Anything considerably more than that is probably too much, but anything less than that is probably too little and could mean the quality is not that great.

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