Yellow Logo: How to Create, Examples

The most intense and bright color in the color palette. This color lifts the mood, because it looks like the sun. This color attracts attention, but you also need to be able to combine several colors in the logo. At the same time, do not overdo the stick with a set of colors. In this case, the Turbologo website will help you. When creating a logo, it is important to take into account the scope of the organization’s activities. And choose more suitable colors. It is important to take into account the color scheme, as certain colors cause positive or negative emotions.

What is a logo?

Logos come in several categories. They differ into several groups. How;

1. Abbreviations
2. Trademarks
3. Graphic drawings
4. Abstraction
5. Text graphics
6. Emblem

Not many entrepreneurs realize the importance of a well-made logo. Part of this is why they lose 50% of their potential customers. The logo is your trademark. This is the first face of your brand, so you can present your company to the world. The logo should not be too sophisticated. Create such a logo, looking at which the client will understand what he is dealing with. For example: for a coffee shop, the logo often uses a drawing of a mug or a card cup. Brown, white, black and green are used. Looking at such a picture, people will immediately understand that this is a coffee shop, not a barber shop or dentistry.
The bottom line is that there is no need to complicate, but on the contrary, minimalism is in fashion now. Such logos are remembered faster. And this means that the client is very likely to return. It is important to choose good colors and that they combine well with each other. As a rule, you can use from two to five colors in one logo.

The meaning of the yellow color in the logo

Yellow is reminiscent of the sun, isn’t it? This color is warm and bright. It is so bright that it always attracts people’s attention. Not for nothing, it is used in the rules of the road, as a warning sign.

This color is associated as; cheerful, warm, lively, it lifts the mood, brings happiness, success, wealth, freedom and good luck. If you want an extraordinary and cool logo, you can use the yellow color, and you will not lose. Due to the fact that this color is too bright and saturated. It is not used in its pure form. Most often, there are several other colors in the logo.

The most popular combo is yellow with black. Of the popular logos, one can cite ; Beeline and Bic end products store. You can also use a combination of red with yellow, green with yellow, blue with yellow. This solution is quite advantageous. The combination of such colors is chosen by people from different fields of activity. From fast food to financial corporations.

Examples of yellow logos

Chupa Chups

Candy made a splash, especially among parents. After all, now the child will not get dirty, as it used to happen. The logo was created by Salvador Dalí himself. He drew it in an hour. He wrote the brand name inside a yellow daisy. When choosing colors, he was inspired by the Spanish flag. Hence, the yellow, red color in the logo. Even after the worldwide success, the company did not radically change the logo. Only slightly changed the details of the design.


The brand is world-famous, it produces various products. If you didn’t know, the brand produces not only cars, but also clothes and perfumes. The logo appeared earlier than the brand itself. The logo decorated the plane during the First World War. The founder has agreed to transfer the rights to use this logo to him. As a result, the famous brand appeared-FERRARI.


The combination of red and yellow is used by many power grids. Since these colors are not a joke, they whet the appetite. Colors are associated with ketchup and mustard. But the logo wasn’t always like that. It has been changed several times. They couldn’t find their chip for a very long time. To distinguish them from other companies. And so in 1953, architect K. Meston created the logo. There were two yellow arches on it, and later these arches turned into the letter “M”.
The brand’s logo has not changed since 2006. And there is no point in changing it, because the company is world-famous.

Burger King

Another equally popular fast food chain. The founders of which are D. Edgerton and D. McLamore. Together they created the second-largest legend, in 1954. They have never imitated their competitor McDonald’s. Quite the contrary, they tried to distance themselves from them. We came up with and tested different recipes. We also experimented with the logo.
The logo has changed only a few times. More precisely, the very first logo was just a test one. It looked like this example; two rolls and a filling, and the text was between them. However, then a new logo was released. The red, yellow and blue colors in the logo are still used today.


The Subway logo has been rebranded twice. In 2001, the logo looked like this; the “Sub” part was in white, and the “way” in yellow. But in 2017, it was a nice decision to change the color scheme in the logo. In the new logo, “Sub” was yellow, and “way” was green. The green color was added because it inspires people’s trust, and it also speaks about the naturalness of the products.


As you have already understood, yellow color goes well with many colors. It is necessary to combine other colors, along with yellow. It is not necessary to create a logo only exclusively with yellow color. And don’t think that the choice is so small. There are so many shades of yellow in the world

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