Most Useful Tips To Create Your Perfect Graduation Announcement

Choosing the right graduation idea can be tricky. The right graduation slideshow, card, or e-card requires a lot of time and the right tool. Graduation Announcement plays a very prominent role in every graduating student’s life. It shares the news of graduating with a story to tell your friends, family, and professors. It is a brilliant way of letting all your close ones know about when you are graduating and what your degree is. Announcements these days have slideshows, cards, collage, and many more innovative ways. To make a perfect graduation announcement, you will require some steps which, if followed, are rewarding.

Graduation cap and gown:

The first impression on your graduation slide is your introduction page. Give it a very distinct look with the right information. The first page shall mention that it is a graduation announcement. One way to do this is to display a graduation day photo with the gown and cap. This photo will give a clear message stating it is a graduation announcement.

Though, it is not necessary to have a formal look in your graduation slide. But doing so can put a lot of weight in the announcement. Check out the Invideo – free invitation maker that will help you create just the graduation announcement slide you were looking for.

Seal your Graduation Announcement:

One of the profound ways to highlight your graduation announcement is by sealing it. Make the seal look simple and vivid. Keep the year of graduation in the center of the seal. It will give your graduation announcement a very distinct look. There are various ideas one can cope up with to make the seal look more attractive.

Keep the seal to the minimum, as overdoing will make it look inauthentic. Throughout the circle of the seal, other information like school, degree, and short quotes can be displayed. If you are looking for a retro look, go for retro fonts. It will keep it unique and simple.

Show Your Milestone:

It is a better way to announce your graduation by letting them know what your future plans are. Keep a vivid picture of you that looks confident and yet composed. This picture will go very good with the slide. Mention what your plans are after graduating.

Also, mention where you are planning to work or go for higher studies. It will communicate your ideas with your friends, family, and professors. While making the graduation announcement, you should show your pride through your slide. It takes great hard work to graduate and is an accomplishment that holds a lot of value.

Perfect Designs to go along:

Graduation is a very big accomplishment that should be expressed through your graduation announcement. Invest a lot of time in your graduation announcement design as it will make a huge effect. Keep a certain theme that runs throughout the slide. It can keep your readers engrossed in what you are trying to communicate.

Add meaningful photographs, fonts, and colors to make it a perfect announcement. Use a video slideshow maker where you can find a lot of designs and stickers to highlight the overall look and design.

Thank everyone:

There is a lot of effort put forward by many people, including you, to reach this milestone. A thank you note to everyone would bring out the good side in you. Make sure to write it sweet and short. Describe clearly how much effort has been made by everyone to get to this point. Thank them with a heartfelt note and a picture of you showing how much you care for everyone. Keep the thank you note slide very simple. Add some stickers of love and friendship, showing how much you value everyone’s commitment.

Use school colors in your theme:

One of the very best ways to create a perfect graduation announcement is by using colors of your school. Try to keep these school colors throughout your slides. This theme will keep you in connection with your college and, at the same time, tell your graduation story. Try to pair the colors and use them in the borders of your slide. The colors selected should reflect your school giving your closed ones memory of the school. Many of you have great pride in your school and can show off your pride by using resemblances to your school color.

Keep a professional picture:

In one of the slides, keep very professional pictures showing what you are planning to do after your graduation. For example, if you are graduating doing law, then keep a picture with your lawsuit. It will give a clear picture to all you know regarding what your plans are for the future. One can also try professional suits for formals expressing the new life that you are going to. A professional slide explaining what your plans are looking very good and go well with the graduation announcement.

Describe your journey in photos:

One best way to express you through the graduation announcement is by adding photos of the entire journey. There will surely be many pictures that you all have taken during college days. Put them to use and create a perfect announcement. There are many ideas you can use. Use a then and now photo showing how far you have come in all these years. Display several photos through your college journey, making a beautiful collage.

Use the invideo tool that provides various designs for collage and attractive photo frames. Give this collage a frame that matches your slides. Your photos can tell your journey through the pictures to the people you want to express. Friends and families will like to see more of you in your graduation announcement. What better way than displaying your pictures.


Graduation announcement is a significant announcement that holds immense value for every graduating student. Express all you have prepared through this graduation announcement to all your closed ones. The right graduation announcement can make your friends, family, and professors miss you. This announcement, if portrayed properly, will be remembered forever by everyone.

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