5 Useful LinkedIn Strategies & Tips to Grow Your Small Business

LinkedIn has been around for a while. As a matter of fact, you can find YouTube videos about how to grow your business on LinkedIn, that were made 6, or even 7 years ago! What does this mean in reality and why is it worth mentioning?

This platform is still somewhat new on the market. It is not new in terms of when it was founded (LinkedIn was created back in 2002, 20 years ago), but rather in terms of its usage. The number of people who are using this platform to promote both themselves as individuals or their business, and to connect with others is growing over time. And these numbers are not measured in thousands, but in millions. In just one year, from 2019 to 2024, the number of users has grown enormously – over 90 million people and businesses (whether small or big) have joined this platform, and this network.

That being said, why do we think that LinkedIn is new in terms of usage, when there are around 700 million users at the moment? Just compare this social media and business network with Instagram, for example. This way you will understand the difference, since there are almost 1.4 billion people who love to scroll through Instagram every day, and who are active users. 700 million and 1.4 billion? The difference is crystal clear.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop LinkedIn from being one of the most powerful business tools you could use nowadays, whether your goal is to simply expand your network, meet new like minded people, find a job, find employees for your company or – grow your business. When it comes to growing your small business, there is one thing you will need the most, especially if you’re first getting started (or at any stage of your company development). That is, most certainly, reaching out to as many potential customers and clients as possible, or simply put – exposure.

According to Dripify, you should promote your brand and its values on multiple channels, and these channels should not only be entertaining, such as social media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. There is a special importance of marketing your values in a virtual business environment as well, and LinkedIn is the right place to do it.

But what in particular is there for you on LinkedIn, if you’re trying to upscale your small business? Here are some tips and strategies you can use to grow your business the right way:

Put enough effort into your linkedin apperance

If you want to leverage your profile on this social network, then you should put in a lot of time and effort to boost your profile, or at least, make it appealing and functional. Make sure to create a page that is visually appealing, professional and informative. While creating or updating your business page, your goal should be to put in as many details as possible, since hiding certain info might seem bad to everyone who visits your LinkedIn. You want to be as transparent as possible. Also, choose a professional cover photo and pay some attention to how your company’s appearance is. Your brand has a story, and your customers need to memorize and remember you, both visually and in other ways. Collaborate with a designer if you think that’s what you need, or simply use Canva and a few online tutorials.

Make a customer profile


After you’ve completed the input of all the relevant information and you worked on your visual presence, it’s time for you to identify your customers. In other words, you need to target the group of people that your brand is for. If you are not sure who your audience is, who you wanna speak to and what your goals are, you will never be able to grow your business. Think about the categories of people that might be interested in your brand or your product and define what categories you want to start with first. Why is this important? When you figure out who your ideal customer is, you can start tailoring content and promoting your brand so that these people receive value from your company, and eventually, buy your product or service. If you’re making generic campaigns, your success rate will be low.

Create engaging content and engage with your customers

The next step after knowing who you’re talking to, is to create posts, regular posts that are engaging, because you want your potential customers to react to what they see and read. Aside from providing value, it’s always a good idea to build your following. Follow people, react and comment, make some giveaways and use keywords in your content so that you appear in as many search results as possible. Surveys and questions are also a fantastic idea, since people will react to your posts and this will boost your profile, which is exactly what you want.

Don’t forget the analytics

Don’t just do things simply to get them done. Some posts are going to be more successful than others. You need to be aware of what your audience loves, and whatnot. For this, you can use LinkedIn analytic tools, and keep track of everything that’s happening with your profile. This is something that needs to be done on a daily basis, so be prepared to integrate Google Sheets in your everyday life – it is actually your best friend. When you figure out what works best, just do more of it.

Nourish your employees and make sure everyone knows it

Present your employees to the world. Make sure to name them and even create specific campaigns where you talk about some most important individuals in your company that are making your company thrive. In an oversaturated environment, a customer can always opt for a different brand and a different product. However, if your employees are highly valued, and there is a story behind your brand, people will more likely stay loyal to your company. Emphasizing the importance of your team, especially if you are a small business owner, is crucial for boosting both your following on LinkedIn and your business in general.

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