5 Useful Gambling Systems & Strategies for Online Bingo

Everyone likes playing casino games, and that’s just the fact, as if it was otherwise, the overall impact of the gambling industry would not be so emphasized. Furthermore, the stats also show that since casinos switched and based their operations online, the gambling industry became one of the top market leaders in both, number of users and overall profits. Understandably, this doesn’t mean that there is no way to win money this way on the contrary, and the system on which casinos base their business is about the law of large numbers, meaning that we can all win some cash, but with so many people playing these games, in the end, casinos are those with the largest profits.

Is bingo a casino game?

This question is so frequently asked, and the answer is short and simple-yes. As for popularity, well, it’s well-liked by people of all ages, and the main reason why is that the rules are far from complex. In order to better describe how popular bingo is, let’s just say how it’s usually described as the hub of local communities. Now, this is the whole point of every source of entertainment, and the fact that you can actually gain some money only adds to its advantages. Besides simple rules, another reason why bingo is so popular involves tactics we can use that actually work. Yes, we understand how this may sound silly, so let’s get into details, and by the end of this article, you will see for yourself how these strategies can give you a better shot at winning.

Buying more cards means more options

The first thing we need to mention is something between a system and a strategy, and it is one of the easiest ways to increase chances to win. The logic is pretty simple, and the more tickets we purchase, the bigger the chances we will get the main prize, but we should not buy too many of them because it will reduce the quality of the game and it will not be as interesting as it should be. By applying this tactic, you will have more numbers and a higher chance to have the winning combination on one of them. Having just one card might make the game more interesting, but it means that you rely on pure luck, which is never a great winning strategy.

Tippett’s Theory

This one is not that widely known, but it could be pretty helpful if one knows what to look for and how to apply it. Namely, the British statistician L. H. C. Tippett (hence the name for this bingo strategy) based his findings on thorough analysis and research on probabilities. What he concluded is that depending on whether someone is playing a short or longer bingo game, there are two basic approaches. The first one is that the chances are high that the numbers drawn will be closer to the numbers one and 75, meaning that you should buy cards close to these numbers in order to have higher odds for winnings. As for long bingo, it’s more likely that the numbers drawn will be close to number 38, so you should get cards close to this number, and that’s the whole concept, but even though it may sound simple or silly, you would be surprised of how beneficial this tactic could be.

Fewer players mean higher chances

Although it can be pretty challenging to find the ideal time to play bingo, experienced players know exactly when it is best to try their luck. Online casinos do not depend on time because they do not have working hours, and their players are usually from different time zones, so they can be “full” all the time. On the other side, there is always some pattern in every casino, which means that some hours are fuller than others, so it is up to us to break the code and see when there are fewer players. The great thing is that the number of players does not affect the main prize. So, the best time to play is early in the morning or late at night when most people sleep, or during the weekdays when many of them are at work.

To use progressive bets or not?

As you probably noticed, while playing online bingo, casinos will usually offer you the possibility to place progressive bets, and this is mostly quite tempting as you can bet on the outcome of your game. Now, no matter how tempting the odds are, these side bets are not going to bring you any good or profit, as in most cases, you will most likely end up losing money. That is why, even though this is not a strategy per se, it can be a quite useful hint on what to avoid.

The strategy used on the stock market

This is one of the most popular ways to spend free time in a fun way because of its simplicity, and people of all ages love to play it, but when it comes to playing it for real money, everything is different. The strategy many people use to win is actually pretty similar to the one used on the stock market. This theory implies that you need to check your cards and the numbers on them because some of them give you higher chances to win, and it depends on a few simple rules. There are high and low numbers on each card, and having the same number of them can increase our chances. Furthermore, the card with the same number of even and odd numbers is also a potentially winning one. In the end, you should have the same number of digits that ends with each digit from 1 to 9.


Well, it should be pretty clear now how beneficial to your game these bingo systems could be. In our opinion, in order to find out which one suits your gambling preferences the most, you should definitely try them all out first. In the end, the more you know about the game and possible strategies can only add up to your tally, so make sure to find the best guide like, on how to find sites with the best odds, and also learn more about the rules as there are plenty of variations of this game.

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