How Do Bookmakers Work

Are there any bookmakers in America

Lately, you have been searching for suitable AzBookmakers to bet on your favorite team but somehow you found that your country is not among those that permit betting. As you may know, betting is strictly prohibited or at least restricted to some extent in some countries all over the world. Actually, we do not know why such rigid measures have been taken. But it is more than obvious that the bettors worldwide are craving to give in to their beloved hobby without any limits. Some may say that betting is not ethical and should be restricted at a maximum degree. It depends on the point of view after all. If betting is accepted more like entertainment rather than a dishonest and untransparent activity, we think that all punters should be given access to.

The restrictions that governments impose against betting and online bookmakers are not based on their good will towards people. It is rather a result of the inability of the governments to take control of such an important sector that brings billions annually. What is the sense to restrict your citizens to bet or gamble when they spend and bet millions visiting other countries to do that? Betting could not be restricted worldwide somehow or other.

The USA is the most vivid example of a country that for the time being is doing everything necessary to prohibit betting. Ok, that is the situation right now but that could not last forever.  However, more and more state governments have been making attempts to liberate the market and it is happening right now. The USA will open its borders for the bettors sooner than you think. For example, betting in New Jersey is completely legal for a while. The same is the case in Las Vegas. But why should all citizens of the USA have equal access to sportsbooks as it is in the rest of the world?


We are providing you with a list of the most famous online bookmakers in America for the time being. You can visit the official sites of the following online bookmakers and check what benefits each of them is offering you. It is essential to check all the sports events available for a particular day as well as the odds they offer. Always look for the best odds on the market. Here is the list.

  • Bovada;
  • Intertops;
  • 5Dimes;
  • BetOnline Sportsbook;
  • ag;

Which ones are the best online

The amount of bookmakers worldwide has been increasing to a significant number in the last years. It is clear that you can get confused with such a huge number. Every bettor is looking for easy access to practice its beloved hobby. And there is nothing better to just go for a walk, or travel with your girlfriend and make a bet on your favorite team within less than a minute. That is the future after all. The betting world should transform itself and bring all its benefits to our smartphones and computers.

We have all been living in a fast and dynamic world and the time is a precious asset. Nobody has the time to go to the sportsbook and place his bet there. Fortunately, more and more bookies are already available online. Even in the USA, you can still find some of the decent and well-established bookmakers.

Perhaps our list does not reflect the actual and current positioning. But we included some key indicators as the total amount of subscribers, total amount of sports events, odds, customer support, transparency, and so on. It is difficult to state which one is the best of all. But after you make your own observation and check whether your demands are fulfilled, you will take a decision which one to trust. We are sharing with you a list with the best online providers considering the above-mentioned factors:

  • Betfair;
  • Bwin;
  • Pinnacle;
  • 1XBet;
  • Unibet;
  • William Hill.

Where to complain about bookmakers

In case, you want to make an official complaint against a particular betting website, the first thing you can do is to make an additional observation of their activity. In accordance with their gambling permission note, they are obliged to help you and find a reasonable solution to your issue. If you do not manage to resolve your problems through their cooperation, then you can contact a local independent authority or national gambling commission. In fact, you can commence by sending them an email where you will expose the reasons for your complaint in writing. As an alternative, you can use their chat option. If you do not receive an adequate reply or whatever kind of an answer that clarifies your demands, then you can proceed further. There is no single bookmaker on the world that wants to deal with national gambling commission or other institutions whose decision can affect their business activity.

If your complaint is in reasonable limits, it is likely to get a satisfactory answer. One thing is sure, you should get immediate action. In most of the cases, you will face responsiveness and excellent customer support. But please, do not be rude. Impose your complaints in a well-behaved manner, we are human beings after all. There are virtues and ethics even in the world of betting and bookmakers.

Can I get banned by bookmakers

Unfortunately, this is a widespread practice and you can do nothing against it. If you turn out to be an extremely successful bettor and your stakes are significantly higher, then the risk of being restricted through limited bets, setting a flag over your account, and afterward a complete ban, is huge. You can register more accounts and use several bookies simultaneously in order to avoid it. Pay attention that in general all bookmakers are extremely successful business entities and always will be. It depends on the number of your stakes as well. If you intend to use amounts of over 1500-2000 USD/EUR per bet, then that would turn into a problem. If you bet with lower amounts, then it will be ok. It is just a precaution taken by the bookmakers to avoid substantial financial losses. It is not fair but it is a part of the business. That’s why it is so important to bet on a particular sports event on time. “On time” means the day before the event or at least a couple of hours before the start. Then the market is open and you can benefit from all betting selections and limits are usually not set. Anyway, if you suffer from constant bans by online bookmakers, then you can make a complaint abiding the formal legislative way to do that.

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