Using iPads for Businesses – Increasing Productivity at Work

The iPad is a popular device from Apple company, which represents a very efficient and complex tool that can replace both PC and smartphone. Many additional gadgets can turn your iPad into a flexible work station. This device is well known for its high-quality and excellent features and specification. Also, with the latest A10 processor, iOS operating system, and compact design, the iPad will provide you with the ability to run multiple tasks at once, and work on various projects. Furthermore, since it is much smaller than the average laptop, and lightweight, you can easily carry it around, with the same abilities provided just as you have on a laptop.

Many people choose to replace their PCs and laptops with this small device, where you can also connect a keyboard, mouse, smart pen, and other devices that are necessary for the average office worker. If you run your own business, you can check out CustomLogoCases, which will further customize this device for your working environment. There is a trend for many companies to replace their average working stations with iPads, who have excelled perfectly as great replacements, with many advantages and abilities. Here are some of the best reasons how using an iPad can increase your productivity at work, and which versions are most suitable for business.

Chose a Cellular iPad

While many versions don`t have support for SIM cards, which are cheaper, and usually have the same features and specification, using the one with influence on your productivity, since you will be able to communicate with people using various services.

Also, you will not have to worry about Wi-Fi connection, since you can carry around the device with the SIM card and use the internet connection from the mobile operator. There are many interesting offers, and you should choose one with an unlimited internet connection. With this ability, you could check your e-mail, or finish some task when you are out of the office.

Choose a Larger Screen

There are several version of the iPad when it comes to its size, where most suitable would be to choose a model with 12.9 inches, that will provide you with increased transparency. The latest version has a high-quality screen with 2732 X 2048 pixels, A12 processor, and a 12-megapixel camera.

However, if you find this version to be too large, you can choose a smaller one with 10.5 inches with the same processor and an 8-megapixel camera. It is still enough to have the ability to multitask. Also, many designers and artists find this device very useful, since it is fast responding, and rarely have any lags, which is the usual case when you are opening a lot of large photos in some editor.

Buy Additional Keyboard

You can use your iPad in the office for responding to emails, write some documents, or many other things. However, you can improve the experience with an additional wireless keyboard specially designed for Apple. Still, you can choose to type everything directly on the screen, but it just can`t replace the feeling of typing on a keyboard.

The market is full of various types of wireless keyboards for Apple iPad, and some of the best are Brydge Pro, Logitech Slim Folio, and the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. Ones with the suffix Folio represents a case with a keyboard inside of it.

Take Advantage of Different Apps

One of the best features on this device is that it also supports the Microsoft Office package, with Word, Office, and other tools that are being used by most people. One the other side, the Apple Store is full of all kinds of apps that could improve your productivity in many ways. You should check some apps like smart notepad, e-book readers, editor tools, calendar with tasks, and many more.

The biggest advantage of Apple products over other similar devices is that it provides you with an improved user-friendly experience, where everything works sleek, without annoying waiting for something to load, and you can run several apps at once without any problem.

Use a Smart Pen

Using a smart pen is very useful, especially for designers, or people who are various charts or infographics, where you can easily mark something as most important in a simple way. There are many products like this, but we have to single out Apple Pencil as one with the best precision, and the ability to provide you with the full potential of this gadget.

Use Cloud Services

There are several versions of the iPad when it comes to its storage memory, with the largest having 1TB of memory. However, with the size of pictures, videos, various projects, and many more, having an additional cloud for storing your files is greatly recommended.

There is a 5GB of free storage when you register, and you can buy additional memory. You can choose to buy 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB of memory. The biggest package costs around 10 dollars, while 50GB is only 1 dollar. The iCloud also has some other features, such as reminders, notes, calendar, and automatic backup of your data.

Other Features and Advantages

This device represents a powerful tool with lots of abilities, and you can choose to use it for reading books, watching movies, play games, and many other things. However, if you are using it at work, try to avoid distraction with the ability to hide apps that are not related and only dock tools that you need in the office. Also, make sure that you back up your data, especially documents.

Moreover, you can improve your experience of using the iPad with various additional gadgets, and make it look like a decent work station. Some of the best devices you can connect to the iPad are wireless speakers and headphones, or external microphone if you are often attending online meetings. Also, you can attach it to a hub station, with various ports that will make it even more useful and suitable with additional ports for USB, AUX, USB Type-C, and HDMI.

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