Silicone Doll Adoption Increasing

In the past, sex dolls looked a little bit bizarre, and they had only one purpose. But, this industry has changed over the years, and silicone dolls became a companionship for so many people around the world. Now they look very realistic compared to the past, and many people choose them instead of a real person, so they can have a good time with themselves. And today, silicone dolls are more than just sexual pleasure, and they have therapeutic purposes too. That’s why their adoption is increasing a lot, so everyone can find the best way they will use these items.

The doll ownership is both controversial and understandable at the same time. There are a lot of perspectives that should be covered, especially in social and legal aspects, since plenty of people are judgmental about silicone doll ownership. There are ethical questions too, but the taboos are behind us. That’s why websites and services like SexyRealSexDolls exist, and they work great.

It wasn’t long ago when we were watching movies of people falling in love with dolls, mannequins, or computer simulations. A lot of people prefer a “one-person show” when it comes to their sexual wishes and aspirations, but they anyway need help from someone else, they don’t even prefer to be a person. The concept of relationships has also changed over the years, and not everyone wants a partner or family around them.

Different concepts of silicone dolls

A few months ago, we came across a video on TikTok, with a woman holding a baby, and she told the audience it’s not even a real human baby, but a silicone version, as a part of her rehabilitation process, after she had a miscarriage. So, we can say that the initial purpose is now wider, and people don’t just use these items as a partner replacement on different occasions. They are therapeutic and can improve the healing process after we lose someone. But, the ethical questions are still here, no matter how hard the manufacturers try to explain why these dolls can be useful for people.

It’s also ungrateful to put all of them together in one place, but the purpose is not something that should be discussed. And while some people are strongly against adopting the doll culture among the population, others are already using the benefits, as a part of their healing process, therapy, or just to have fun. On the other hand, these realistic dolls are also an example of a unique artistic expression, since a lot of time and effort is dedicated for it to be done.

The concept can be completely new for plenty of people, and there is a limited number of individuals who are open to talk about the way they use these silicone dolls.

It would be always related to sexual pleasure

We need a lot of time until we get used to something and accept it as a part of real life. There were rubbery dolls for sexual pleasure in the past, and many people associate silicone creations with them. Surely, there are items for that purpose, and they will always be, but the manufacturers today can find other uses too. Technology development is getting stronger every day, and we are able to have everything we want thanks to it.

When it comes to human replacement with silicone models, there will always be people who will be strongly against it, and they will judge those who decide to take one and use it the way they prefer. But, we normalized a lot of things, even though it needs a lot of time for them to be nicely embraced and accepted as a part of the living.

Who are the people who will potentially buy silicone dolls?

We can’t answer this question, even though a lot of people are asking it, just because there is no correct way to tell things the way they are. Not everyone is buying these dolls just to accomplish some pleasures, or to boost their healing after some unpleasant event in their life. There are people who really establish relationships with them, talk to the dolls, and consider them as companions. If you’d like to get an idea of the different types of companions available, head on over to Annie’s Dollhouse, they have a great selection.

Some studies show that in the first phases of the adoption, people create an identity to the doll, they choose their hairstyle, makeup, clothes, create an illusion for their voice and body movements, and after that, they are ready to start some partnership with it. They indeed are creating a bond, but the media usually wants to show it as something that is against moral standards and make these people feel like freaks.

But, we have to understand that these people usually have some problems they want to resolve using dolls, instead of facing other people with that. Also, we can’t ignore that there are those with different observations for the emotional problems the others have, so being judgmental in this case is something we do expect.

Can we associate it with some emotional or health conditions?

Probably the emotions play a bigger role in this case. A lot of people are shy, reserved, they want to stay at home instead of going out, or they go through some emotional trauma, and choose this type of companionship better than any other.

Many experts interpret this differently, and some of them even find it worrying, but the truth is that people with different problems are using it for their own purposes. No one can tell if they are better or worse educated than the others, or anything like that. They just prefer it that way.

The silicone doll adoption is growing every day, no matter how much we like or dislike that fact. Many people choose how they will use it, even if they own a few of them just for decoration at home.

Surely, there are still things to study behind that behavior, because it’s not considered as something people do every day, but we are sure that the therapeutic benefits are crucial. A lot of time will go by until we understand the background, but until then, we need to leave the people doing what they want, as long as they don’t hurt anyone with that.

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