Sex Doll Brothels: A Trend That Will Die Soon or a Movement?

The latest statistics show how fast the demand for sex dolls is increasing all over the globe during coronavirus lockdown. Despite the stigma around such products, more and more men and women want to satisfy their needs with dolls rather than with fellow human beings.

Entrepreneurs from eleven countries of the world decided to give everyone a chance to have a lovely time with a sex doll…in a brothel. For people who can’t keep the doll at home (for whatever reason) or want to have an experience of a lifetime, European and American entrepreneurs offer a sex doll for rent for less than 100 dollars per hour. Fair? Yep. Weird? It depends.

A sex doll brothel is a phenomenon that we are about to explore. Do you want to know who visits such places? Are you curious to learn what sex workers think about a growing trend? Get all your answers here:

Is There a Need For Sex Doll Brothels?

Sex work is illegal in most countries, and yet it happens everywhere. The main purpose of sex dolls brothels is to give everyone a chance to explore their sexuality in a legal and safe way. Opening such places in every country of the world might change the image of sex services and even lead to the second sexual revolution.

Sex dolls rental can also reduce the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases since all dolls are disinfected before and after each client, according to Silicon Wives experts. It might actually be safer to visit a sex doll brothel than go on a Tinder date in a big city.

Some critics say that the idea of a sex doll brothel turns women into objects. On the other hand, there are also male sex dolls created specifically for women.

Also, having sex with a doll can be just another fetish that not everyone can comprehend. A doll will not refuse to do certain things on ethical grounds which is so appealing for certain individuals.

Moreover, some fans believe that sex doll brothels can reduce the number of sex crimes and help cope with loneliness.

What Will Happen to Sex Workers?

Prostitution is considered the world’s oldest profession, and it seems like it is about to undergo a revolution. It is predicted that once the technology can provide an identical experience like the one with a human sex worker, the need for people to engage in sex work will drop significantly. Sex dolls won’t be a novelty item, but an easily accessible service.

Sex dolls are currently the perfect example of a product from the grey zone of law. Until the laws are put in place, the sex doll brothels will struggle to get the masses on their sides.

Top Sex Doll Brothels

Sex doll brothels are nothing new in Canada, Germany, Italy, and France. You might be surprised, but most of these businesses are doing pretty well, even without direct advertising.

It’s important to mention that clients are charged for the amount of time they spend with the doll. Usually, it is half an hour or an hour, with the additional fees if the client wants to rent more than one doll. Without further ado, here is the list of the top five sex dolls brothels around the world:

  • Doll House – Aarhus, Denmark
  • Xdolls Brothel – Paris, France
  • KinkySDollS – Toronto, Canada
  • Bordoll – Dortmund, Germany
  • Bella Dolls – Vancouver, Canada

If you are interested in exploring the world of sex dolls, Canada would be the best travel destination since there are more sex doll brothels than in any other country.

What About Sex Brothels For Women?

Women can also use sex dolls, there are available male models on the market. Although, there are fewer options for women, as the demand is far lower for male sex dolls. Some experts believe that modern women are hesitant to use sex dolls due to social stigma.

The attitude to male sex dolls may change in a few years. Let’s not forget that vibrators were not always popular among women. It was shameful to keep one under the bed and use it from time to time. These days, most girls raised in Western culture feel comfortable to speak about sex toys with their friends and even exchange tips over a drink. Using a vibrator is not so shameful anymore, not having one might be weird these days.

It will take a few more years to normalize the male sex doll brothel since women are not used to paying for sex. Also, they already have a lot of other sex toys such as vibrating kegel balls, rabbit vibrators, massagers, etc. The marketers should find a way to show ladies how they can benefit from having their own sex doll, therefore, expand the market.

Main Concerns

There are three types of concerns when it comes to sex doll brothels. They are hygiene, the substitute for human intimacy, and the consent issue. When it comes to hygiene, it is all about cleaning the dolls properly before use. The dolls must get cleaned frequently; otherwise, it will be difficult to eliminate the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

People are also afraid that robots would replace them in the bedroom and that the sex dolls in the future will end the need for human intimacy. They feel like sex dolls are a threat to the philosophy of relationships. Both men and women are now able to satisfy their sexual needs with dolls, so why do they have to engage in romantic relationships that require time and energy?

The Bottom Line

It seems like the sex doll brothels are here to stay. The increasing demand and technology are getting more and more to the point of mirroring human behavior. These significant indicators prove to us that sex doll brothels are not just a trend of the year, but a growing movement. All we have to do is to sit and observe the upcoming sexual revolution.

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