Stay In Trend With These Stunning Modern Chandelier Lighting Solutions

Lighting element isn’t just about illuminating a dark space. A well-lit room offers many physical and emotional health benefits. Just like natural sunlight, artificial light imparts positive effects on the brain. When it comes to lighting fixtures, chandeliers win hands down. Chandeliers have a timelessly beauty about them.

They are the only lighting fixture that attracts attention even when turned off. Earlier chandeliers were considered to be either too traditional or too flashy. Today there are abundant styles available thus making it totally possible to find one suiting any home decor. Depending on the model you choose, the fixture emits bright or subtle light.

Purchase chandeliers online:


Online purchase helps you wade through the overwhelming number of choices easily. If you are looking for unique, affordable chandeliers, check out the extensive catalogue of Sofary. The online platform is your one-stop destination for chandeliers. They deliver modern, luxury lighting solutions at manufacturing prices. The trending modern chandelier styles include:

Crystal: Crystal ones are the most glamorous of the lot and are every bit sophisticated. The luscious array of crystals present reflects light beautifully. They are available in a large variety of designs including tiered, raindrop etc and are best suited for entryway, dining room, living room etc. Some may find the light too harsh for bedrooms.

Antler: It makes an interesting addition to your traditional and country-style home. It adds more character to the surrounding wooden textures. They don’t occupy too much space and are ideal for bed room and living room. Avoid placing them in the dining room as not all guests would be comfortable at the sight of antlers.

Glass: Glass ones are a versatile option suitable for all spaces. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes and are fairly similar to crystal ones in term of sophistication.

Modern: Just like the name suggests, these fixtures suit modern style homes and are all about geometric shapes, symmetry and crisp edges. Adorn your entry way or living room using modern chandelier designs.

Drum: If you are look for a subtle version of chandelier, drum ones fit the bill. Their shape makes them the right fit for dining rooms with circular tables, bedroom and kitchen. They emit a luxurious vibe and go well with any home style.

Transitional: The style falls between traditional and modern which implies they aren’t flashy like the traditional ones and not too out-of-box like modern designs. They are however still elegant and practical.

Beaded: The lush strands of beads encompassing the fixture make it a bit pricier than most other styles. This versatile fixture goes well in all rooms with bohemian or farmhouse décor and complement mild, breezy color walls.

Bowl: It consists of a central bowl that emits light surrounded by few smaller lights. This style emits an interesting glow due to light being emitted from the bowl and holes present in the side. They are ideal for bedrooms since they aren’t too formal and radiate a subtle glow.

Caged: The light bulbs are encompassed inside an ornate cage. This modern design is great for modern and minimalistic homes. They don’t occupy much space and can fit in any room without being too flashy. The structures forming the case create a mystic effect.

Tiered: Tiered ones complement large spaces just like traditional ones. They have multiple layers and emit an air of luxury. They work great in entryways and dining rooms and are larger than most chandelier styles.

Categorizing by finish:


Apart from the different styles its body has different finishes with which you can match your home décor. The popular finishes include:

  • Bronze and brass: Traditional chandeliers usually come with bronze and brass finish. They have an antique look making them ideal for traditional and farmhouse style décor.
  • Black iron: Industrial chandeliers come with black iron finish. You can opt this for both modern and traditional décor.
  • Polished nickel: Modern style fixtures are available with polished nickel finish. The finish gives the fixture an overall mid-century modern vibe due to its clean shine.

Categorizing by resulting lighting:

  • Uplight: The lighting from the fixture is directed upwards towards the ceiling thus resulting in soft, ambient lighting. This adds more depth to flat surfaces and walls.
  • Downlight: The lighting from the fixture is directed downwards towards the floor thus delivering more focused and brighter illumination. This is used to focus lights on focal points at ground level.
  • Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting is responsible for illumination of the overall space. The resulting light isn’t too glaring and just right to carry out daily tasks.

Narrowing down a chandelier of your needs:


After considering all the above factors it is possible to have a fair idea of what chandelier style you require. The next step is to shortlist a piece that fits your room perfectly.

Decide where you want to install it:

Start by deciding on the position of chandelier in the room. Generally people center it since they want it to be statement piece and prefer even distribution of light.


Ideally the lowest point of the fixture should be a distance of 72’ inches (6 feet) from the surface/  36’ inches (3 feet) from the table (if it is a formal dining room).  Hanging it too low would cause glare and block the view thus defeating the whole purpose of lighting. If you are aiming for a laid-back vibe, you can increase the height by few more inches – 78 to 82 inches.

Intended brightness:

Chandeliers aren’t always about flashiness. Not all rooms require the same amount of illumination and it is possible to make variations in brightness intensity with chandeliers. 100 square feet rooms which require focused light (like dining room, kitchen) require up to 400 lumens.

Modern crystal chandeliers are the rage right now and are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Join the bandwagon and install a unique statement piece in your room. Revamp your space and improve the resale value of your home with chandeliers.

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