A Detailed Guide on Creating a Stunning Essay

Later or early, every student has to prepare an essay on one of the numerous disciplines that she/he studies at college. This is when it is important to mind the structure of an academic paper but not only it. Along with content, students must remember the deadline. On-time paper delivery is one of the most common problems that young people face today. They have such a busy lifestyle that they often have to postpone writing a persuasive essay to the last days before a deadline. If you do not want to suffer from the same problem, then keep reading a detailed guide on creating an excellent essay and approach PaperHelpWriting to help you with your task. Eventually, you will not say I can’t write my essay” anymore, and you’ll be able to do it with ease.

Plan Your Time


First of all, you should realize that writing an essay writing paper doesn’t take only a few hours. You need a lot of time to come up with a top-quality piece of content. Hence, postponing preparing such a task to the last day is not the best idea for sure. You need to arrange your time wisely and devote at least a couple of days to collecting information, analyzing it, and writing the paper from scratch. With a little time, you have no chance to present a stunning essay for sure. Therefore, smart planning is a great way to succeed in the long run.

Choose a Good Topic

Select a suitable topic. Mind that your choice makes a big difference. A good topic lets you drive great research and keep the readers interested. If your teacher didn’t provide you with a specific topic, then you have the freedom to decide on your own. This way, you will feel inspired and more involved as the topic is interesting for you as well.

Collect Ideas

If you want to impress your teacher with a good-quality paper, then you need to consult a few resources before writing the outline. Luckily, today you can go to the library, check online portals, and pick up any other option to find out more on the necessary topic. Give preference to checked books and journals on the discipline. Otherwise, you risk presenting wrong facts and weak points. If you can’t find a good resource to start with, then ask your teacher to recommend you. Keep an eye on the time, and do not forget about the right time management.

Write the First Draft

You should focus on the outline not to go far away from the main idea. Arrange all your ideas and facts in accordance with the plan. Think about how you can present your information in a way that your readers will understand it. Once you are sure that you have everything you need for a top-quality paper, go on writing. Make sure that your ideas progress correctly. Every paragraph must lead to the next one smoothly. Do not rewrite sentences many times as it is just the first draft. Just focus on delivering the right message.

Think How You Can Improve the Paper

Once your first draft is ready, you can read it again and identify the weak points of an argumentative research paper. Check what paragraphs require improving. Maybe you should add more trusted resources to provide an interesting and useful piece of content. Make sure that you didn’t focus too much on the introduction or other parts only. Take a minute and go back to the initial requirements. See whether you may all of them. Mind that your tutor has some expectations from your project. You need to write the paper based on them.

Write the Final Essay Version

After arranging all your thoughts and ideas and writing the first draft, you can move on. Mind all your improvements and extra points to come up with a perfect essay. Choose a quiet place and focus on your paper. Follow the outline strictly without distracting. Make sure that you reveal all points well.

Proofread the Essay

Of course, it is easier to ask to help me write my paper at professional service. But if you decide to create it on your own, then proofreading is a must. Make sure that your paper doesn’t contain any grammar, spelling, or other mistakes. Do not use too complex sentences and add smooth transitions between the paragraphs. There are many tools that you can use to boost the quality of the paper with ease. Also, mind your style, tone, and the right formatting. Check whether you cite other sources correctly. Take a pause and read the paper aloud to ensure it looks perfect.

Submit Essay

Once you make sure that your paper looks well, you can hand it in. But before, let some of your friends or relatives read it attentively. Maybe, they will provide you with efficient recommendations on how to improve the text. If you want, you can say “Thank you”. But be ready to answer all related questions as sometimes teachers want to know more about the notes that you took and ideas that you have managed to find out.


Writing a good essay requires a lot of effort and skills. Besides finding great ideas for essays, you have to deal with formatting, structure, thesis statement, punctuation, and grammar. Simply put, you should keep in mind so many crucial elements. That’s why it is recommended to follow all the above-mentioned tips. Still, if you are not sure that you can achieve a good result on your own, then it seems reasonable to approach essay writing services. Experienced writers will save your time and effort and provide you with an excellent essay on a required topic.

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