5 Tips and Mistakes to avoid when Buying Lingerie for Your Partner

Buying gifts is a universally adopted form of showing care, love, and affection towards another person. It is hardly a novelty concept as gifts have always been special in our society. From the earliest days of civilizations, crafting or buying something for somebody else and showing you are thinking about them was special. In the modern times we only took it and gave it even more meaning. There are now numerous occasions to get the special people in your life presents, but you can also surprise them out of the blue, with no particular holiday or special day coming up.

Speaking of times when presents are given, it really matters who you are giving them to. Although birthdays are the most common occasion, they are not the most significant overall. A friend’s birthday is, for example, less important to people than their partner’s graduation, their anniversary, or even Valentine’s Day. Basically, the most meaningful and even expensive gifts are usually reserved for the man or the woman of your life whom you want nothing but the best for. So what do you give them when there are so many occasions during the year?

Well, it is true what most people say. Men have it a bit easier because women care about more stuff and there are more types of presents to get them. For the purposes of this article, we focus on something a bit spicier and interesting, something women and men love equally well for different purposes. Surprising your partner with a set of sexy lingerie is always a good idea. It is something they can wear numerous times, and a gift that you can give every once in a while. It never gets old and it is always fun for both of you. There are some areas where you do need to be careful though, so in this article we talk more about it. Read on to learn of tips and mistakes to avoid when purchasing your partner some new lingerie.

1. Picking the Wrong Shop

There is nothing worse than choosing a shop that is for any reason a bad place to pick up a beautiful set of lingerie. Right now, there are countless online stores and social media pages that are selling underwear, both regular and spicy. In such an oversaturated market it is quite easy to focus on what you see first. Failing to actually do the research and pick the right store is a mistake many make. Stores can be a scam, their products may be poor, or they may take ages to deliver the goods or process the transaction. To make sure you are picking the best one available, click here.

2. Missing the Ques

Buying lingerie is not as straightforward as buying some other type of gift. Not every woman likes the same model of a thong or a tiny bra. They have their favorite lace patterns, sizes, and colors. If you want to but lingerie, you must already know what she likes. Since we are talking about your partner after all, you should know perfectly well what she likes and dislikes. If you are unsure, pay attention next time she wears it and buy something similar yet different. If she does not have any and you want this gift to be her first set, start off slow and do not get overboard with the intricacies and laces. She may not feel comfortable yet for that.

3. Accessorize!

One of the biggest mistakes guys make when buying lingerie for their other halves is only going with the bra and panty set. There is more to it and you should know that already, especially if she likes lingerie and wears numerous other pieces. A sexy night gown also counts as lingerie and there are some beautiful three-piece sets with a matching thong and a bra. Stockings and garter belts are some of the sexiest pieces any woman can wear and they too come in matching sets with panties and bras. Therefore, do not make the mistake any focus solely on the basics. The more accessories there are in the set, the more looks and combinations she can go with!

4. Buying the Wrong Size

Men often struggle with the sizes of women’s underwear, particularly the cups of their bras. They do not have anything similar to buy for themselves so it is usually a foreign concept. If you are unsure of the size of the lingerie your lady needs but want to surprise her, the only thing you can do is check the label of some of the ones she owns. The cup size is prevalent here as the bra is harder to figure out and pick than the thong or anything else. You will hardly struggle with night gowns, stockings, and other accessorizes. Do not think it is weird or intrusive to go through her things. It is for a good cause, just like when a guy steals a ring from the jewelry box to make sure he gets the right fit for the engagement ring. Quickly read the label and put it back. Easy peasy! You do not want her to think that you do not know her actual size and have her believe you want her to slim down if you buy a size too small, or make her think you view her as skinny if you but too large!

5. Feel Free to Go Bold

We already mentioned that not every woman likes the same type of lingerie. Not every guy cares about it either. However, it is one of the most effective way to introduce some new gun into the bedroom and experiment with each other. There is a good reason why lingerie and scanty clothing have been popular for centuries. They are inviting and visually appealing, and in the bedroom surrounding they imply the will to be more than just intimate with each other. Therefore, you can go slightly overboard, if you consider it overboard, and buy pieces that are borderline BDSM and kinky. There is lingerie with choker necklaces, there are pieces that barely cover any part of the body, and sets that are actually meant to be worn during sex with special openings. Full see through body suits, lace pajamas, the list goes on, particularly if you and your partner are not afraid of taking things to the next level.

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