15 Smart HDB Interior Design Solutions for Small HDB Flats

One of the words that can describe HDB flats is “compact”. That’s why homeowners and designers are always on the mission. It’s to make such units multifunctional and spacious. Of course, everything is possible. Today’s trends in HDB interior design provide a wide array of options and solutions at affordable prices. You’d be amazed at the impact some visual trickery could do. Here are fifteen smart HDB interior design solutions for small units.

Define a Corner for a Mini Kitchen


Firstly, dedicating a nook for a mini kitchen is an excellent idea for compact spaces. There are plenty of freestanding and cheap options on the market. Such a concept allows homeowners to save up valuable space. The result is an open and welcoming and practical kitchen for small spaces.

Make Use of Extendable Furniture

Furthermore, you can apply the same logic when choosing furniture. Put practicality as your priority, and you’ll be amazed at the results. You may find it great to have extendable furniture pieces. For example, an extendable table can be very beneficial when your friends come for dinner. Later, you can roll it back to open up additional space.

Apply the Zoning Technique

If you have an open-plan HDB flat, then it might be a good idea to partition it. In other words, you should define different living areas in it. The primary goal is to make use of every corner of your living space. You can either install sliding glass doors or bi-fold room dividers. Ideally, you’d want to conceal the kitchen area and create a workstation or a TV area.

Don’t Be Afraid of Dark Colors


Usually, most designers recommend painting your walls in white or neutral colors. But deep hues can work wonders, too. They may add depth and complexity. Moreover, the more vibrant tones may blur the boundaries of your HDB interior design. You can go for a warmer tone, such as ochre-based gray, petrol blue, or even charcoal black.

Consider Buying Collapsible Furniture

This strategy is convenient for those who lead a nomadic lifestyle. Furniture that’s easy to disassemble is the perfect solution if you live in a rented HDB. Generally, such pieces have metal frames and wooden hinges that allow for multiple configurations. You can make the most of them by adding mirrors, hangers, shelves, and other elements. That way, you won’t drain your HDB interior design of the standard amenities.

Opt for a Multifunctional Bed

Nowadays, there’s a rising trend with platform beds. They usually come with a couple of drawers underneath. Of course, such a feature can be convenient for tight spaces. You may not sacrifice any aspect of your comfort in your HDB bedroom. What’s more, you can further enhance your space by installing wardrobes on both sides of your bed.

Use Your Vertical Space


The standard ceiling height in HDB flats is 2.6 meters. This characteristic is more than enough to provide an excellent room for a few floor-to-ceiling shelves. They may be a savvy solution to your storage problems. Moreover, they may open additional space.

Experiment with Materials

Contrary to popular belief, the lack of space doesn’t necessarily opt for an emphasis solely on functionality. Pick the right set of materials, and you can accomplish a unique HDB interior design. A calm color palette will ensure that all elements are cohesive and contrasting.

Create a Visual Interest

Often, tiny rooms tend to lack the ability to catch the eye. Overclutterred and “tight” spaces tend to limit visual interest. Still, you can fix everything with a simple trick. Adding bold and exciting elements to your HDB interior design will provide a point of visual interest. Its purpose will be to change the focus from how small the room is to the eye-moving interior element.

For example, you can implement broad horizontal stripes or different-sized picture frames and artwork on the wall. They can distract the perception, making it harder for your future guests to recognize the rooms as merely a tiny area.

A One-Stop-Shop

You should definе a nook to serve as a one-stop-shop for your open-plan project. You can experiment with an all-in-one modular furniture that can house a pull-out dining table, hidden in a lower cupboard. Moreover, some models come with seats for up to eight people as well as a space for a TV. Most of these modules have convertible tables that can transform from dining to coffee counters.

Play with Light


Of course, you shouldn’t neglect the fact that natural light plays a vital role in every HDB interior design. Therefore, you should make sure you get as much light into your flat as possible. As outside visibility is a must for small apartments, you may want to make your property feel open and airy.

Use Mirrors


Perhaps, mirrors are the traditional way to make a room feel bigger. They can easily create the illusion of a larger space by expanding your visual perspective. Moreover, they can reflect the much-needed daylight. You can position a mirror opposite a window to further enhance the effect. As a result, you can break up the visual clutter.

Utilize Your Walls

If you’re renovating your HDB apartment, you can opt for concealed doors. They are a great way to save valuable wall space, as you can combine different elements in one piece. For example, you can create an entrance hidden behind a smart recessed bookshelf set within the door.

Flat-Pack Furniture


Last but not least, you’d love to have some of these trendy flat-pack pieces at home. They are quick and straightforward to assemble. Just go online and look up some of the famous Scandinavian retailers for suitable options.

Hire Professionals for Your HDB Interior Design


Finally, you may not be able to achieve a complete look without proper help. AC Vision can provide professional HDB interior design to suit your needs. The company’s expert designers have extensive experience in HDB BTO and Resale flat renovations.

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