Temporary School Buildings: Better Solutions for Students

Students deserve a conducive learning environment such as well-ventilated, brightly lit, and well-equipped classrooms. At the moment, there is a directive to maintain social distance in schools to curb the spread of COVID-19. Such needs increase the demand for space in schools.

On the other hand, school administrators need to choose sustainable and affordable building solutions for their schools if they are going to abide by budget constraints. And this is where temporary school buildings come in.

These structures have numerous benefits for schools and other institutions that prefer them over permanent structures. Do you manage a school? If yes, then you need to read this informative article.

Different Types of Temporary School Buildings

If you are wondering what temporary school buildings you can use, you are not alone. But together with others like you, your school can utilize the following structures.

  • Portable classrooms – Every school should have enough classrooms to accommodate all students. Whether there has been a higher enrollment or you just want to comply with health experts’ guidelines for social distance, portable classrooms will take care of this. They are made of shipping containers or modular sheets and panels that are screwed together to make a classroom. But temporary classrooms are not limited to these because they can be made of steel frames and fabric or PVC. With all these options, it is easy to choose what will suit your needs.
  • Temporary halls – Whether a school needs temporary halls to host indoor sports, accommodate students during graduation, or for daily meetings, industrial tents and clear span structures are some of the best solutions. The good thing is that temporary structures are flexible and versatile, making them perfect for schools. Temporary halls bought by the school can be reused over and over as per need. Hence, they are important temporary school buildings all schools should have.
  • Temporary dormitories – Do you know that dormitories could be made of temporary materials? However, the best option is to use semi permanent structures such as steel structures with insulation. Since they are more affordable than permanent brick and mortar structures, any school should take advantage of these whenever they are expanding. If you are wondering whether it is possible to hire these temporary school buildings or not, then you should check the Smart-Space website for more information. They have numerous functional temporary solutions for schools.
  • Temporary school storage – As schools expand, they require more storage space for books and other amenities including food. Again, temporary school buildings made of more durable materials will offer a perfect solution. These include temporary steel structures that are fully insulated and hence ideal for storage and learning. Because they have access control and are more secure compared to tents, they are perfect for the storage of sensitive items.
  • Temporary exhibition booths – Schools conduct regular exhibitions of students’ work in events such as interschool competitions. They can make good use of these temporary school buildings to showcase their work anywhere because they are very portable. Actually, a school should buy their booth tents ahead of time to use whenever they are needed. Still, a school can hire these structures if the need is temporary.

Benefits of Temporary School Buildings

Any school that considers using temporary school buildings is bound to enjoy a plethora of benefits. If you check thoroughly, these benefits have been discussed in many forums. And for the sake of those who do not yet know them, they are worth mentioning here.

The biggest benefit of temporary school buildings is cost savings when a school is expanding or opening another branch. According to experts, temporary structures cost 30% less than permanent structures. Additionally, a school can save a lot of money when they lease portable classrooms and other structures needed for a short time. One should choose carefully or discuss the cost with the service provider before purchasing or leasing.

Another benefit of using temporary school buildings that schools will enjoy is timesaving. These structures are very quick to install especially when they are installed by professional experts. Many companies promise to deliver their structures within a month from the day you order. Rented tents and modular structures are the fastest structures to make because they are already prefabricated.

A school will also enjoy significant flexibility and versatility with these structures. As mentioned, it is possible to use one structure for additional purposes. For instance, being able to use industrial tents as classrooms and then as halls based on current needs is very convenient. Whether a school purchases or leases these structures, the versatility level is high.

Most temporary school buildings are environmentally friendly because they are made of recycled materials. Additionally, they create no harmful emissions into the environment. Most schools buy or lease their structures from reputable suppliers who ensure that all their structures have met the standards set by environmental bodies.

Lastly, schools that consider temporary school buildings can meet the social distance guidelines with ease to curb the spread of COVID-19. As your school uses these structures to expand classroom spaces and meet other needs for space, it is joining thousands of others around the world.

To Lease or to Buy?

If you manage a school that is expanding or requires extra space regularly, you could be wondering whether buying or leasing temporary school buildings is better. The decision should be dictated by the current needs.

If your structures will be used regularly or for a long time, it is easiest to buy them from a professional supplier. It is even better to consider bespoke or custom designs that will suit your school’s needs perfectly. Experts have solutions even for hard-to-reach corners in between other structures.

However, leasing could be an option as well for schools that require temporary solutions such as additional space during registration of new students, graduation, the COVID-19 pandemic, or when there is another disaster. Leasing is charged per day, and a good supplier does not need advanced notice to terminate a contract. Hence, you should make the right decision between buying and leasing.


Temporary school buildings are important structures for students, who deserve the best. Many of these buildings come with all the required amenities including solar lights, learning boards, insulation, and ventilation. Now that you know more about them, it is time to make the right decisions.

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