Window Films on Commercial Buildings

Having lots of windows on commercial buildings is a popular norm that has various benefits and aesthetic appeal. The more windows you have the more natural sunlight you’ll get. Also, you’ll be conserving electrical energy by utilizing more natural light. However, energy loss through glass surfaces needs to be controlled in buildings with lots of windows. Window films provide a sound solution to this problem.

What Are Window Films?

There are various types of window films, some are clear and made to protect glass from shattering while others contain dyes, metals, and pigments to control the level of light entering and even reduce the amount of energy passing through your window glass. They are extremely versatile, giving you many options from which you can choose the right film you need for your windows. Here are some factors you want to consider before installing window films and the benefits of doing it.

Window films are being produced by a lot of companies. This means that you have a lot of different options to choose from. Companies like Evowrap have some incredible options available.

What to Consider Before Installing Window Films

Firstly if you want to utilize natural light inside your building you have to consider the harmful rays that come with natural light. Ultraviolet or UV rays are extremely harmful and can cause various skin diseases, even cancer. With the rise of global warming the dangers of natural light are increasing, you can no longer be safe while standing in the sun without sunblock.

Harmful UV rays also cause premature aging of the skin and wrinkles, many people do their best to avoid standing directly under sunlight. Window films can block these harmful UV and UVB rays from entering your building, which will keep your employees and customers in the building safe and happy.

Secondly, you want to control the level of light that enters your building. To ensure that the people inside can work in comfort, there cannot be too much or too little light. Studies have found that excessive light is a large factor that contributes to people getting migraines and headaches.

Window films will allow you to get the perfect level of light inside your building, enabling your workers and everyone inside a comfortable environment that does not damage their eyes and lets them work effectively. Moreover, you can add colors to the window film, which will help provide an aesthetic look for both, inside and outside your building. You can use different colors for different rooms as well. For example, a reception room with windows lined with blue-tinted window films will create a soothing effect on the eyes and a calm atmosphere inside the room. It can help both workers and visitors feel comfortable and stay calm.

  • Moving on, window films can even help you conserve energy costs. By enabling a safe and controlled way to let natural light enter your building, you can save a considerable amount of electricity in daylight hours. Buildings that are designed for utilizing natural light effectively create the illusion of a larger space and look modern and attractive.

Window films can help you cut down on your climate control costs. Temperature control systems can be costly, but window films can help improve their efficiency. There is a wide variety of window films, some can help you insulate your windows to make your building warmer and some can block out the heat to make the interior cooler.

  • Window films can also help in making your building more secure, by providing anonymity with one-way films that give daytime privacy, please note that the film will reverse when it becomes dark outside and the lights are on inside.
  • Lastly, window films help in making glass panels sturdier which protects everyone in cases of emergencies. In the case of an explosion or natural disaster, window films can prevent glass from shattering and flying all over the place. Thicker films designed for protection ensure that shattered glass stays together. Your workers will feel safer and happier knowing that you care about their well-being.

Once you start searching for window film options you will find various categories like anti-shatter, privacy, solar control, and protective. The last one involves anti-graffiti and anti-fog films as well.

There are a plethora of options for decorative and aesthetic purposes which can also double as privacy films. Colored or frosted films that give privacy as well as make your building look aesthetic and elegant are quite popular right now. By having a consistent and modern aesthetic you will be able to create a brand image and attract various people to your commercial building. You can even use window films and their benefits to customize your home.

Now that you know about the various benefits window films have, the next step is choosing the right company to install them for you. You should choose the right professionals who have knowledge of what they are doing so they can guide you along the way. To ensure you are making the right investment you should consider a company that offers a wide range and variety of window films so you can get the ones that will effectively provide you with the most benefits according to the needs of your building.


To conclude, window films are gaining popularity with various types of films being worked on with different designs and utilities, like ones that generate green energy by absorbing the sunlight that falls on the windows. They may be involved in creating a greener future and can take us a step further in creating more sources of eco-friendly energy. Along with all of this, they can help you make your building look amazing from the inside and outside.

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