6 Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Commercial Cleaning Costs

While running a company, maintaining the operational costs is the biggest headache, especially when the budget is tight or running low. Even if the budget is not an issue, you might wonder if you could cut down on some of the operational costs, and among the list of daily operations comes the cleaning costs. Commercial cleaning costs can be massive for a large business with huge operational costs, and reducing that can save a lot of those extra expenses.

When your company’s premises and the number of employees working are huge, the cleaning costs can get high with days. While some companies hire janitors on a contractual basis to maintain a fixed budget, others train their in-house janitors to keep the expenses limited. But the question remains, can the cleaning costs be reduced? With modern equipment and effective strategies, you can cut down on many such costs. You can also check this to learn more about commercial cleaning costs and services.

Ways You Can Reduce Commercial Cleaning Costs

As a company’s owner, you must have gotten a lot of advice on how to reduce the cleaning costs that have been bothering you lately, but the question remains, are they effective? Will they be able to solve your problems? Here are six effective ways how you can cut down costs most efficiently:

Providing In-House Training To Janitors


Changing contractors monthly or hiring janitors on a contractual basis is not the most cost-effective way of managing cleaning costs. Instead, the easiest way of managing such expenses is to train the janitors in-house.

When you have employed in-house janitors, arranging a training program to educate them about their day-to-day responsibilities will help greatly. These training programs help them learn about cleaning practices with upgraded equipment while avoiding major errors.

The training also educates them about the safety protocols and the precautions they should always take while working with concentrated chemicals. As janitors, it is not only their responsibility to keep your office clean but also to stay safe and maintain others’ safety.

Investing On Advanced Cleaning Equipment


Advanced cleaning equipment like automated machines for floor mopping can save a lot of labor. Such as, if you needed to hire 5 to 10 people before, automated cleaning machines could make it a single person’s job. Technology is advancing, and so is cleaning equipment. If you want to reduce all those labor expenses most effectively, then there is no better solution than modern equipment.

You may not be ready to organize a training program for janitors but at the same time want the work to be flawless while having to worry less about safety measures. All of these happen when you introduce new machines that are more efficient and cost-saving.

On average, it can take hours to clean your big or small offices. By introducing upgraded machines, this can happen in half the time. On the other hand, you will not have to hire so many janitors at a time.

Encouraging Employees To Practice Cleanliness


Remember that cleanliness is the responsibility of all. Janitors may be paid laborers who are responsible for all that scrubbing and cleaning, but for the sake of humanity, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep their workspace clean. By introducing central bins and encouraging every employee to dispose of their waste in the right place, you will have to hire fewer people for cleaning and pay less.

Working With A Contractor


Working with a contractor is not always bad; you may come across such contractors who agree to provide skilled staffing ready to work in any scenario. Hiring janitors who are already trained will save not only a lot of your time but also money. Also, rather than hiring a bunch of un-trained janitors who are not sure about their work, a few trained ones can prove ideal for the role. Hence, all you have to do is hire a few trained professionals for the job.

Buying Cleaning Essentials In Bulk


A thing that most of the big businesses do is purchase their essentials in bulk and stock them for the future. If you have a big office, regularly, a lot of chemicals will be required for cleaning. To prevent regular expenses on such products, you can buy them all at once in bulk and avoid sudden expenses.

Have you heard about 5-gallon sizes? Yes, floor-cleaning liquids and other similar chemicals are available in 5-gallon sizes, and the size is purposefully made for workspaces with huge requirements. You can stock up for the upcoming years by purchasing these liquids by the gallon. And undoubtedly, this is an efficient way of cutting day-to-day cleaning costs.

Choosing Green Cleaning Products


Recently, there has been a craze among people for using green products, but what are these green products? Green products are made with much more environmental concern; they do not cause any harm to nature and are much more efficient and durable. Today, numerous modern offices are switching to green cleaning products with the promise of reducing the use of harmful chemicals that are toxic both for humans and nature.

According to Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), a single green cleaning product is enough to replace many traditional products. It is not just safer to use them but also, they have proven to be very cost-effective. And honestly, what can be better than saving money and nature simultaneously?

Final Thoughts

No matter which solution you will choose, whether you are thinking of training the janitors and hiring them full-time rather than sticking to a contractual basis or reducing the number of people required for cleaning by introducing advanced equipment. Either way, it will effectively reduce labor costs and, in a way, all that cleaning costs. Also, if you can stock up on all those chemical liquids required for keeping your office clean all at once, you do not have to worry more about buying them from time to time. That is what big offices do; they stock up on everything to avoid sudden expenses.

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