Destiny 2 – Sites and Services That Will Help Beginners Understand the Basic Mechanics

Destiny 2 is a major MMO project in the shooter genre about the struggle of mankind against alien invaders and the continuation of the story of the first part and the Holo series.

The player will have to choose one of three classes and follow the storyline while developing their character, learning the subclass system, completing tasks and contracts, opening raids and strikes, and winning PVP seasons.

You can play on a whim, or inner feelings, but this does not guarantee that you will fall into the gaming meta and your character will be strong enough and in demand. The second option is to trust sites and services that specialize in Destiny 2 and will help you properly upgrade your character and make it relevant in any update.

Sites and services that will help you better understand the mechanics of Destiny 2

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  • Destiny 2 Fandom
  • Banjie forums this is a link to the service that allows gamers to interact with professional players and get the opportunity to improve their gaming experience.

You can buy glitters, get a boosting and coaching service, carry raid and farm Trial of Osiris.


Glitter is the local currency in Destiny 2. It is used to purchase everything related to equipment for the character, special ammo, equipment and weapons, and the contract system is updated. Contracts allow you to complete a task and gain experience, and by upgrading them for glitter you can constantly generate an increase in experience if you have enough funds.

You can buy any quantity of gloss on the Skycoach website with a money-back guarantee in case of a dispute.


You can learn how to play your character in PVE and PVP, as well as understand the principles of farming and subclassing by interacting with a professional Skycoach player who will help you understand the intricacies of the game over voice communication.


Transfer of a game account to a professional Skycoach player in order to perform the character upgrade service to the required level. When placing an order, VPN is used to maintain the anonymity and security of the account from unwanted attention of the game administration.

Raid carry

When you go on a raid, you always risk failure by playing with random allied players and all your hard work can go to waste.

You can order a raid carry service from professional Skycoach players who are guaranteed to complete the dungeon and do everything so that the player gets all the experience and reward.

Trial of Osiris

Seasonal PVP mode, in which you need to get a series of victories to get legendary equipment. Professional Skycoach players can secure a guaranteed set of seven wins in a row as part of a group.


Destiny 2 Fandom

Use the Fandom as a large database of information about all types of NPCs, monsters, weapons, quests and PVP events.

Read about the classes and their history, there you will learn:

Titan is a warrior and guardian of the city. The Titans are an order of knights who founded the main city and each war swore an oath to protect it, even the valuable of their own lives.

Warlock is an explorer and fighter against darkness in the name of light. Warlocks can use magic for good purposes to buff and restore allies and deal damage to enemies.

The hunter is a wanderer and an experienced warrior who was expelled from his native lands and roamed the desert, tempering his character and honing his shooting and close combat skills. The class has a signature cape, which symbolizes the receipt of a contract to kill. According to the code of honor, the hunter must take the cloak of a fallen comrade and fulfill the contract instead of the one killed.

Read about NPCs and quests before taking them on. So you can compare the conditions for completion, the time to complete and the total reward in order to understand the appropriateness of taking such tasks.

Of course, the same principle works for story missions, and although their completion is mandatory for the full development of the character, you will be able to understand the way to quickly pass and significantly reduce the time to complete even the most difficult and long quests.

Read about the system of contracts – unique tasks that are performed in parallel with the main quests and can be completed at any time. The main requirement is to be in time for the time period of the contract. The reward will be experience and the ability to upgrade contracts for glitter – the ability to convert money into experience. The tasks will be in the format of killing certain monsters, shooting with the specified weapon, farming in a certain location, and so on.

Bungie forums

Forums are always a source of information directly from experienced players, which is filtered by the gaming community itself.

Read the forums or ask your own questions to understand the intricacies of the game and understand the basic mechanics of Destiny 2.

Ask about the subclass system and how to choose the best one for your character.

If you are a titan, then take a closer look at the power of lightning – it will allow you to deal additional magic damage to all targets that get too close while you keep a protective shield.

The Void subclass is a good fit for the Warlock, as it can significantly boost the AoE targets.

The hunter can use the sun subclass to concentrate his power into single but powerful shots that ignore armor and are especially effective against bosses and protected targets.

In anticipation of the new update, there is a lot of discussion and discussion on the forums about the new planet Neptune, the Stand subclass, and general changes to the game system and the search for a group.

The Stand will be relevant for Warlocks, as it will turn AoE attacks into powerful shrapnel that will scatter and deal increased damage to advancing targets.

The Titan will be able to use daggers in his fists and deal increased damage with his fists and apply the effect of bloodshed.

The hunter can combine dagger attacks for melee and ranged attacks, but their effectiveness will only be realized after the release of the Lightfall update in February 2024.

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