5 Things Only those who Lived in Australia Understand

You may call it the land of Oz, or Kangaroo land, maybe even the Land Down Under, but whatever name you find suitable for this country it will not be enough to describe all the unique features this magnificent land possesses. Unique in its laid-back style of living, it is hardly comparable to any other country. Not only does its lifestyle differs from the rest of the world, but also numerous other characteristics of the one and only, Australia.

The whole country of Oz is spread across the continent, making it specific yet in another way. Although deserts are making a significant part of the land, nearly one fifth, Australia is rich in wildlife and is inhabited with some of the species only to be found here and nowhere else in the whole world. The distance you may travel from one city to another may equal flights from countries far away from each other, but the scattered places do not mean the cities are alienated. Nonetheless, they are beautiful in their uniqueness and make Australia whole altogether.

What they say about the Land Down Under is that one has to spend a significant period in order to learn about its virtues and flaws, but whoever has sat foot one the mainland of the land of Oz agrees that life here is astonishingly different from any other part of the world, and mostly in a good way. Therefore, certain things are only to be understood by Aussies and those who managed to make themselves feel like Aussies since they have spent enough time here to call this country their own.

So, if you are intending to visit this exquisite country named ‘’Down Under” for multiple reasons or even think of moving yourself and settling somewhere around this astonishing continent, here are some of the things that can only be understood by the ones who have lived in Australia, and have therefore experienced its unique lifestyle and the benefits of inhabiting the land of Oz.

Aussie VS. Kiwie

To the rest of the world, both Australians and New Zealanders sound the same. Well, they definitely do not. Hence, if you spend enough time with the Aussies you will be familiar with their way of talking and learn how to pronounce words with Australian accentuation of the English language. One of the first things to get accustomed to is the abbreviations of almost anything because there is never enough time to spare and use it for something way smarter. For a beer, perhaps? Therefore, barbeque is “barbie”, “avo” stands for avocado, here you get presents for “Chrissie” instead of Christmas, and in the morning, you do not eat breakfast, but “brekkie”, etc. So, if your name is longer than a few syllables, don’t even bother. You will be given a shortened version.

Swimming pools

If you are an Australian, your best friend owns a pool and that is where you spend most of your free time in ten times out of ten. Your best friend is also everybody’s else best friend, and if not, then you own a swimming pool and you are the best friend of your friends. Another situation regarding both pools and best friends is highly unlikely to happen. Another interesting fact about Aussies and pools is that they usually fill them with ice, at least when they throw a pool party, because where else would they keep all that beer cold?

Fosters, anyone?

Although the rest of the world is quite familiar with this beer, finding Fosters in a market or at the bar in Australia is not so likely to happen. What this represents is the campaign for a product well done, therefore Fosters is being sold anywhere but across the whole Land Down Under. Therefore, you will have to satisfy your thirst with other brands of this amazing beverage and the choice may prove to be a difficulty since there are some amazing craft breweries scattered all across the country. Luckily, you may find their products in supermarkets, or else visiting every single one would last for years. If you want to know where to have your beer or where to do anything else in Australia, visit Kev’s Best to find additional info.

Coffee, oh coffee

If you are an Aussie, then you drink tons of coffee. Since the mid 20th century, almost every major city has had its coffee machine, and the starting point was Melbourne. From then, only good coffee has been drunk all across Australia, and only Australians know how to order this beverage regularly. If “flat white” is what you want you will be served a shot of espresso poured over steamed milk with just a little bit of silky foam, and if your foreign friend is looking for an Americano, tell him to ask for a “long black”. Therefore, an espresso shot equals a “short black”.

Slip, Slop, Slap

This is what you have been told since year one. So, slip your shirt, slop on some sun lotion, and slap on a hat on that head of yours. Namely, the ultraviolet rays present a serious threat all year round so being careful and protecting your skin is a must. Sun tanning is not a thing that popular in Australia and minors learn to take care of themselves from the early childhood days.

Have you ever heard of any of these interesting facts distinctive to only ones who have lived in Australia? Surely some of the aforementioned fun facts are familiar to you, but it takes to be one of the true Aussies to know all of the characteristics listed above. You are welcome to try and find out about them by yourself.

You may even come on your own because Australians are well known for their friendly attitude and sociable skills, so you won’t be missing quality company. Just find the hat that suits your looks and a matching pair of thongs, and if not, nobody will be angry if you do not wear them. You are not guaranteed that you will meet a kangaroo in person, but chances are higher here than anywhere else on the planet. All you need to do is arrive safely and survive the jetlag, other than that is not so difficult to overcome. Ok, maybe you will miss the missing of the beetroot from your burger, but anything other than that will be easy to handle.

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