Casino Robots Not Only in Online Blackjack

In recent months, everyone around has only talked about social distance, and scientists, as one, insist that the world will no longer be the same. In a sense, this is not bad – we’ll finally get used to washing our hands regularly and not forgetting that violating the borders of other people is not only impolite but also dangerous. In this situation, the appearance of robots that replace live employees seems like a reasonable idea. Imagine, for example, robots in a casino. Of course, in the best Canadian online casinos such as Casinonic, which you can visit here, most of the processes are already automated. But you don’t even think about it when you go to play blackjack online, right? What about the android croupier in a real casino? Is it possible? Let’s find out!

From prototype to mass use

Of course, the idea of using robots in a casino is not new. Back in 2015, Paradise Entertainment introduced its croupier Ming-bot at an exhibition in China. This pretty android girl recognized and dealt with cards. The company’s plans also included teaching Min to recognize the emotions of players. However, in China, this idea has not taken root. Firstly, the players here like a passion, which the croupier robot somehow does not have. And secondly, there is enough workforce in Macau, so casino owners are not too interested in spending money on expensive robots and maintaining them.

However, there are countries in which the use of such androids would be justified. For example, in the state of New York, it is forbidden to attract people to work as a croupier. Therefore, in gambling houses, you most often can see slot machines, not tables for the game. But those who want to play blackjack will have to go outside the state. Another argument in favor of robots is their efficiency. After all, a real employee needs a salary, regardless of the season or the current situation in the institution. A robot can simply be turned off until better times.

This is not just a simple croupier

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are becoming wider every year. And it’s not just about playing online blackjack or other gambling with a computer opponent. Robots can solve much more complex tasks. How do you like the idea of a robot waiter? Or even a cook? The owner of the restaurant can be sure that such an employee will not make mistakes in the recipe, will not oversalt the dish for an important banquet!

Another question is that the most delicious dishes are sometimes born out of mistakes. Like everyone’s favorite chips or Coke. From robots, of course, such creative impulses cannot be expected.

The robotic waiters are working already. So, in one of the restaurants in Kabul, an android by the name of Timaeus serves food. In appearance, the robot is a bit like a girl in a hijab. Timaea can speak a few phrases in Dari (this is one of the official languages of Afghanistan). Of course, her vocabulary is limited to basic phrases like “Hello” or “Happy Birthday.” It also has a touch screen, with which visitors can make an order. The owner of the cafe admits that after the appearance of the robot, the establishment has gained popularity – people come to look at such an unusual waitress. He ordered Timaeus from Japan, so the purchase was justified.

In the Chinese city of Harbin, there is a restaurant where 20 robotic waiters work! They drive in special magnetic strips that connect all the tables. The robot can demonstrate about ten emotions and works for five hours without recharging. Such waiters are always impeccably polite and never mix up orders. In China, the use of robotic waiters is quite common, in many cities of the country there are restaurants where only androids serve food.

Casino Drones

Another area in which robots can be used is security. When we play gambling games in a Canadian online casino, we don’t have to worry about security. But in land-based gambling houses, things are different. Casino owners spend a lot of effort on organizing security services. It’s crucial to notice the cheater or to calm the raging client in time, and this is only a small part of the work of the security guards. So, can robots – for example, drones – take on these functions? Visitors will not even notice a quadcopter hovering under the ceiling, from whose camera nothing will be hidden. Besides, unlike a security guard, he can continuously record suspicious situations on video.

However, it’s still not worth talking about a full-fledged replacement. The capabilities of modern quadcopters are too limited. Of course, they can be used to monitor situations in the gambling hall, but they cannot cope with a violent player. Also, people are more insightful, and experienced security guards can prevent conflict even at the stage of its inception. So, visitors can safely play gambling games, while professional security officers monitor their safety.

Casino robots: fantasy or the future?

While robots in many ways lose to ordinary casino employees. The croupier robot is unlikely to be able to recognize the sharpie and give the feeling of excitement that is possible only in person, and the drone guard will not resolve the conflict. And yet, we would not completely write off androids from the accounts. Automation has already come in different areas – many plants are fully automated, people there are engaged only in the control of machines. The machines are reliable, they do not go on sick leave, they do not need a salary, and the notorious “human factor” is completely excluded. As for robots, now they are already successfully used in some gambling institutions. Only this practice is unlikely to become widespread. It is rather an unusual decorative element that can attract new visitors. Like an android waitress in a cafe in Kabul.

Robots have several significant drawbacks: they are expensive, difficult to manufacture and repair, and their capabilities are limited. Artificial intelligence can easily cope with the game of blackjack, but it is not yet capable of complex real-life tasks. On the other hand, in the long run, such an employee is much cheaper, because he does not require remuneration. And in those countries where people are forbidden to work as a croupier, this is the only possible candidate for such a role. A more popular option is the waiter robots that work successfully in many restaurants. Of course, their functionality is quite limited, but they cope with basic responsibilities successfully.

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