Swimming Pool Types, Designs, and Styles

Investing in a swimming pool is an endeavor one does not perceive every day. What you need to disengage first is why you want one. Whether you want to spend more quality time with your family, or you enjoy having a private oasis, having a pool seems to be the answer. You cannot throw a pool party without a swimming pool. On the other hand, you may enjoy swimming early in the morning, or you simply need to relax after a hard day of work and the water splattering around you is the only thing that comforts.

Whatever your reasons are, finding the exact thing you need depends on multiple factors. What you should bear in mind is the size and shape that will best suit your needs. Construction works for an indoor pool are considerably different than those needed for an outdoor one. Choosing the right materials is what you should consider next. All aforementioned requires a certain budget, and prices can vary from place to place. Paying more does not necessarily mean that you receive a better service, so doing extensive research is advisable.

Above Ground Pool


Since having an above ground pool is one of the cheapest options, it is a good idea to start with one. Whether one can keep up with the maintenance or if the family enjoys the pool enough to make it worth the money are the questions that can easily be answered with above ground pool experience. The shape of the pool can vary as well as its depth. It depends on the needs, the budget, yard size, etc. The frame of the pool is made either of metal or plastic materials, while they have a heavy-duty vinyl liner. The bigger versions cost more money and possess an expandable liner. The lifetime of these pools depends on the maintenance and servicing, so it can vary from just a few years to as much as a whole decade.

Inground Pools


Probably the most popular swimming pool subgenre, the inground pool represent the pool that is placed inside the ground. Assembling one of these is not a thing for amateurs, therefore an experienced professional should be consulted. The price of inground pools is several times higher than that of the above-ground pools, hence handling should be done with proper care. Consulting about both ground and inground pools, professional advice, and guidelines about the subject can be found on this website. There are various models derived from this category, characterized by its unique features. Some of the different types with distinguishable traits are listed below.

Kidney Shaped Pool


This is a subgenre of architectural pools. What characterizes architectural pools is their oval shape and position which represent a natural part of the exterior. It often follows the outer line of the house and if it is not part of the original design, it is projected according to it.

An interesting fact is that kidney-shaped pools did not exist until just after WWII. Yet, the first one ever to be built was a joint venture of famous architects Lawrence Halprin and Thomas Church. Thinking outside the box made them come up with a kidney shape design. Hence rectangular shaped pools were often substituted with the astonishing novelty of that time. Nevertheless, its roundness fits types of space other than that of rectilinear pools, presenting elegance and smoothness put together in a single shape. What is also specific with this type of design is that it may include a statue located in the center of the pool representing an island. The genuine statue is a work of art made by Adelaine Kent and is a part of the original setting, located in Sonoma, California.

Lap pool


This type of pool tends to meet the needs of a healthy lifestyle. Although narrow, they are designed in a way that as much as three persons may swim simultaneously. On the other hand, it can be as long as half of a length of an Olympic swimming pool, or shorter. Since it is rectangular it can easily be fitted into different designs not being deprived of elegance. The price tag on this one is more affordable than that of architectural pools.

Recreational swimming pool


Ideal for families with children, recreational swimming pools are usually rectangular. Its size depends on the wants and needs. Regarding these aspects, the cost alters consecutively. This kind of commodity serves as an ideal gathering place and can be used for family reunions, daytime partying, birthday celebrations, barbeques, etc. Therefore, if you are a person who enjoys socializing and can handle hosting parties, this kind of a swimming pool may be the right choice.

Plunge pool


Modest in size, plunge pools represent a modern variant of spa pools used throughout history. They are filled with cold water and are not intended for swimming. Nevertheless, plunge pools aim to provide a therapeutic effect on the body and soul. Athletes from all around the world enjoy the benefits of cold water, especially after long practices and exhausting games. Apart from being positioned on its own, the plunge pool can be connected to a bigger in-ground pool. Taking into account its size, pools of this type are ideal for smaller estates.



The word spool represents a combination of words spa and pool. Nevertheless, it offers you the positive features of both. The demand for spools is on the rise, considering its size and cost. Many people are in search of a commodity that can help cool off during hot summer days. If they want to buy a pool, but the lack of space is what troubles them, investing in spool could be a wise call. After all, the sale price is incomparable with the full-sized pools, but the please is appreciable.

Taking everything into account, you should be a few steps closer to choosing the swimming pool that suits you best. Whether it is glamour and prestige that you are looking for or a place to get you away from everyday stress, a pool fitted for your size awaits you. After all, the pool can get you both. Choosing the right one is the hard part, while delight is what follows.

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