Your Comprehensive Guide To Selecting A Family Pool

There are many reasons as to why a family pool is a great idea. But how do you know if a family pool is best suited to your home and lifestyle? Here, we dive into everything you need to know about family pools to help you decide if they are the right choice for you.

What is a family pool?


As the name suggests, a family pool is typically designed with families in mind. They normally come with added safety features such as non-slip edges, steps, and varying depths which allow children to gain confidence in the water safely. They have a multitude of uses, from swimming, relaxing, playing games and entertaining. They are categorised as a large pool that enables multiple people to have ample room whilst swimming. They are a great option for those who have families, love entertaining and have enough room in the backyard for one. Having a larger pool allows the family to grow with the pool without the risk of them outgrowing it once they hit the teenage years. Additional extras such as water features, jets and bubblers can take the pool fun to the next level.

What size can my family pool be?


The size of a family pool can vary anywhere from 3.5 metres wide to 12.5 metres long. If you have enough room in your backyard you can have your pool as large as you want. Family pools come in a range of different shapes and designs so you are able to choose one to suit the style of your home. Rectangular shaped pools are timeless and tie in well with modern and contemporary styles of homes. If you’re looking to create a tropical oasis, a kidney shaped pool makes the perfect fit.

How do you make a family pool?

A fibreglass family pool is constructed on a mould in a factory. Once you have chosen the size and the layout of your pool, its just a matter of getting it delivered to site and installed.

How do you install a family pool?


The building process varies depending on which installation method you choose. Fibreglass family pools can be installed above ground, partially above ground or inground. The most common type is inground. The inground building process involves digging up the ground with an excavator to create a hole where your pool will sit. Once this is done, the pool shell will be delivered, it is lifted and positioned into place, ensuring that it is level. Backfill is placed around the pool and then it is compacted. Timber framing is built around the outside of the pool. Concrete is poured, smoothed, and then left to dry. The outdoor flooring you have chosen will then be laid. Lastly, your pool is filled with water.

How long does it take to install a family pool?

Installing a fibreglass family pool is generally quick and easy. If your pool is to be positioned on a flat block and your site has easy access, with everything going to plan, it can be installed in a matter of a week. Things such as the weather, delays in council permits and the season you have pool installed can prolong your pool installation.

How much does a family pool cost?


This price can vary significantly depending on the type of pool you choose, the size, the location where the pool is to be built, access to your backyard and any additional features you want to add to your pool. To give you a rough idea, a professionally fitted fibreglass pool starts at around the $25,000 to $30,000 mark and goes up from there. To get an exact price, get in contact with your local pool builder, many offer free onsite quotes.

What should I look for in a family pool?

Your lifestyle requirements

When deciding if a family pool is right for you, you should consider if it will suit your lifestyle needs to get maximum enjoyment out of it. Everyone has different incentives for purchasing a pool. If you have children and space allows, a family pool is a great choice. Having a large pool means that you will have plenty of room for the kids to play, host parties, and have social events. It is a good idea to consider if the pool will be big enough long term to ensure you get the most use out of it. When the kids are teenagers and want to have friends over, will it be big enough?

Safety features

If you have children, safety must be your utmost priority. It may be tempting to purchase a DIY pool or source the cheapest builder you can find to save money, however if it is not done correctly, they pose a major safety risk. Its never a good idea to compromise on quality when your family’s safety is at stake.

Pools are enticing to children and can be highly dangerous if they are not confident in the water. When choosing a pool for your family you should look at what safety features it offers. It should have non slip surfaces, safety steps and adequate seating for the kids to take respite to if need be. Additionally, it is a legal requirement for all pools that are deeper than 30cm, blow up included, to have a compliant pool fence in place. Your pool fencing should be considered when in the design phase of your pool construction.

One that ties in with your home

A well-designed backyard is one that ties in with the home. Ensure that the pool you choose compliments your backyard not overtakes it. You need to allow enough room for fencing, the pool equipment and possibly a grassy area too, if you have kids. You won’t be using your pool all the time, so it is important to leave room for other aspects in your backyard to enjoy it to its full potential.

Why should I choose a family pool?


A swimming pool in the backyard for the family is an invaluable source of entertainment. Because of their size, they have numerous benefits including:

  1. Hosting special occasions/parties
  2. Learning to swim
  3. Gaining confidence in the water
  4. Spending quality time with those you care about most
  5. Fitness/exercise
  6. Games
  7. It gets the kids off technology and outside to burn off some energy
  8. Enough room for the whole family
  9. Make lasting memories

For many, having a swimming pool in the backyard completely transforms their lifestyle. It encourages you to spend more time outdoors, keep active and spend valuable time with friends and family without having to leave your house. They are great choice for those who have enough room in the backyard and budget for a family pool.

Family pools are the most popular type of swimming pool. Even for people without children the idea of having a large pool is enticing. They look highly appealing and can potentially add valuable dollars to your home. Factory Pools Perth have an extensive range of family pools that offer numerous safety features. To discuss a family pool for your home or if you have any questions, get in touch with our experienced team. We would love to hear from you.

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