Choose the Best Swimming Pool Features for your Family

A nicely built pool with the help of an experienced swimming pool installer is a great source of entertainment and a great asset too. It can transform the overall look of your home and can add to the value of your property. You would want to beat the summer heat when the mercury in the thermometer begins to climb. That’s when it’s oblivious to think about a swimming pool. True; isn’t it?

If you’re tempted to install or update a swimming pool in your backyard, there are a number of things to consider. One of them is swimming pool features. They are wonderful to complement your pool and add points of difference. Here are some most sort after pool features for your personal oasis:

1. Waterfalls


We all love waterfalls; don’t we? The sound of falling water into your pool is sure to wash away your stress. They don’t just sound great, but also make your backyard space more aesthetically appealing, helping you draw the attention of your guests as a dramatic focal point. They introduce calmness to your swimming pool and can be easily integrated.

Get creative with waterfalls by building a one-of-a-kind feature. Try to install a wall with two or three waterfalls at a particular height and land them in the pool. This cascading water effect will look serene and mesmerising, which leads us to the next pool feature – fountains.

2. Fountains


Pool fountains can be a great feature for your pool. Just like waterfalls, they can create a calming effect. Some fountains come with colour-changing lights that will help you put on an interesting display for your guests whenever you’re throwing a party in your backyard. Additionally, some fountains can act as an important aspect of maintenance by circulating the water.

Try to opt for a fountain, which is easy to assemble, lightweight and compact. While it will be perfect for your swimming pool, it will also enhance the look of your backyard or anywhere you want to create a peaceful mood.

3. Attached spas


Just imagine having a nice swimming pool to cool down hot summer heat while also having a spa to enjoy chilling winters. An attached spa is convenient because of its built-in utilities and circulation systems, making it one of the most popular features for your pool. This feature will help you switch from your refreshingly cool pool into a hot spa, which is an exceptional feeling.

In addition, there are several benefits of installing a spa alongside your swimming pool, including pain relief, stress reduction, enhanced property value and more. You can opt for a swim spa or a combination of a plunge pool and spa for creating a beautiful water feature.

4. Lighting


Every homeowner should have a lighting feature to complement the design and style of the pool. Not only does it illuminate the water during the night time, but also adds a stylish design element. This particular feature would significantly upgrade your landscape’s visual appeal. The addition of colour fibre optic lights will make a difference here. They are trendy and can be inserted directly into the floor or wall of the pool, allowing the entire oasis of water to glow.

According to some experienced swimming pool designers, adding LED lights is a great idea too. You can consider installing these lights inside the pool, along the deck or on the sidewalls. A well-lit swimming pool surrounded by LED and fibre optic lights can bring your landscape to life while increasing the overall value of your property. In addition, this feature also assists for both safety and security during the night.

5. Outdoor showers


Once you are finished swimming in your backyard pool, you would want to take a quick shower. Also, if you are living near the beach, you might want an outdoor shower. However, it is best to understand what is essential for this backyard feature. Here, outdoor showers are some of the best features that are appealing as well as useful.

The two most important concerns are privacy and drainage. Locate your outdoor shower in the right place so that no one will be able to see the person who is showering. You can use a shower curtain or privacy screen for enclosing the sides. Also, have a drain in your outdoor shower, which is connected to your sewer system.

6. Pool fences


A safety fence may be necessary when pets or young children are in the house. This pool feature is very important in terms of safety. Make sure the fence sets off your general yard from the pool and stretches around the whole yard. You can partially or fully remove it for complete pool access when needed. However, with a family that has kids and pets, it is highly recommended to have pool fences so prevent slip and fall accidents and injuries.

7. Jet systems


If exercising in your pool is important, but you have a smaller space to make an end-to-end swimming channel, a swim jet system is your go. Also, if you enjoy the relaxing perks of massaging hydrotherapy, spa jets will provide that. For additional fun and appeal, you can illuminate them with colour-changing LED lights.

8. Jump-off perches

If you want your swimming pool to be fun and attractive for your children, consider installing a safe-depth jump-off perch as an enticing feature. Illuminate it with a stone tanning ledge and a sound system. You can also add comfort to it by placing a slide nearby, which extends downward from the perch.

Final thoughts

Apart from the above-mentioned upgrades, there are several landscaping ideas you can consider for creating the backyard oasis of your dreams.The great thing about all these pool features is that they can be easily modified to fit your taste and style. For some pool owners, the idea of installing and renovating a swimming pool may sound like a complicated job. However, in reality, it is quite straightforward and hassle-free for a skilled pool installer, such as Horizon Pools. Therefore, whenever you are in doubt, count on a professional to bring the pool of your dream to life.

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