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Best 7-seater SUVs: Which Model to Choose for a Family Trip?

A family road trip by car is the dream of many tourists. Imagine yourself traveling with the dearest people in a single vehicle and sharing your experiences along the way. It looks like a fairy tale. All you need for a successful experience is the right car at hand and a good mood. But what is the right car for a family journey? It all depends on where you are going to move.

For example, a 7-seater minivan is suitable for a leisurely drive somewhere along the city’s attractions and interstate highways in Florida. Unfortunately, such a vehicle is unlikely to be useful for camping in the wilderness with no paved roads. In this case, you need a large 7-seater SUV.

Today, you can find many 7-seat SUVs at The choice is so great that you may need help. So, we have prepared a list of the best models you can pick up for your upcoming road adventure.

Land Rover Discovery

The improvements made to the latest generation of the Land Rover Discovery make it worth adding to this list. The car can accommodate seven adults. No matter how you slide the seats and adjust the seating position, everyone will get plenty of legroom.

The SUV weighs up to 4,400 pounds but remains comfortable to drive. Discovery comes out on top of mid-size SUVs if the selection criterion is trunk volume. 9.5-cubic-feet compartment with all seats mounted, it increases to 40,2 when the second and third rows are folded down.

What really sets Land Rover apart is the “InControl Remote” option. The app allows you to use your smartphone or 10-inch touch screen to adjust the rear seats. The unique style adds to the benefits of the Rover. Even with a new, more curved shape, Discovery continues to delight lovers of aesthetic beauty.

Audi Q7

When considering this model, it’s important to prioritize correctly. The latest Audi Q7 is, first of all, an SUV, not a car with 7 seats. This is a chic and comfortable vehicle with a high seating position. Therefore, you will be happy to drive it on roads with better visibility.

The Q7’s size is the dominant factor, but its performance is even more amazing. You only need 6.5 seconds to reach 60 mph. A weight reduction of 660 pounds over the outgoing model gives it good maneuverability and cornering.

Audi is a family SUV, with an added dose of luxury. When it comes to space in a car, things are not so straightforward. The third row of seats features slightly less legroom. This makes it difficult for adults to sit there, but children will feel comfortable. The front seats are electrically adjustable and the middle seats slide to accommodate everything you need.

Q7 will delight all passengers. However, most of all it will please the driver. This factor distinguishes this model from most seven-seater SUVs. As for other car highlights, the external design, thoughtful interfaces, and ergonomic materials add to the benefits. Therefore, a family trip on board Q7 will give you unforgettable emotions in a comfortable and safe setting.

Volvo XC90

The XC90 appeared in 2002 as a spacious SUV. Over the past decade, the quality of the seven-seater crossover has improved. Now, Volvo means increased attention to safety measures, as well as sufficient space in the cabin. The interior, with high-quality materials and stylish design, is in keeping with the spirit of Land Rover. In general, the car looks neat and minimalist but does not create a feeling of emptiness.

The Volvo XC90 delivers a contemporary Scandinavian design with a seven-seat interior. The car has leather upholstery, climate control, a Bluetooth headset, a satellite receiver, a stereo system with ten speakers, and a USB for connecting an audio player. Therefore, passengers and driver will feel comfortable even on a long-distance trip.

Volvo’s third row of seats isn’t as big as many expect. However, children and not too tall adults will have enough leg room. The trunk of the vehicle is quite spacious. With all the seats up, it easily accepts a couple of large suitcases. Compared to most of the cars on this list, the Volvo XC90 looks small from the outside, but that feeling disappears once you get inside.

Ford Expedition

Ford remains a serious competitor in the family car segment. It offers a spacious interior for 7 people, with ample third-row legroom, and heated/cooled front seats. The car comes with a 2.3, 3.0, or 3.3-liter EcoBoost turbocharged engine. Therefore, you get outstanding power and a maximum towing capacity of 5,540 pounds, allowing you to pull a trailer.

The SYNC 3 performance infotainment system, enhanced voice recognition, large scrolling touch screen, instant navigation, and zoom function contribute to smooth and hassle-free driving. At the same time, the 360⁰ split-screen camera operating with an  8-inch color LCD screen allows you to see the traffic situation around the car.

As for off-road capabilities, the Terrain Management System selects up to seven preset modes to optimize driving dynamics for different road conditions. So, you will feel confident on any surface. All these features make the Ford Expedition the perfect choice for large families who like long-distance trips.


BMW is the largest SUV on the list. Weighing in at around 5,070 pounds, the X7 handles through corners with little body roll. The speed feels smooth and the ride is equally comfortable on paved and bumpy terrain. The car’s 4-liter engine generates 340 hp, reaching speeds from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. At the same time, the eight-speed automatic transmission ensures precise and timely shifting.

The X7 is roomy front and rear. With all the seats up, the boot capacity is 11.5 cubic feet. This volume can be increased to 26.5 cubic feet by folding the 3rd row.

The car provides many convenient options. Adjustable climate control, reading lights, cup holders, and sockets will make your trip comfortable. Also, you’ll be happy to take advantage of the intuitive infotainment system and power-adjustable seats. With all these features, BMW X7 is a perfect option for a family trip.

So, choosing a car for a family journey is a very important step. Such a vehicle should be spacious, comfortable, roomy, and, if possible, have a good off-road capability. The 7-seat SUVs on our list meet all of these requirements. Pick up one of them and guarantee a successful travel experience, no matter the destination!

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