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Road Adventure: 6 Reasons to Rent a Car for a Trip

The choice of travel format can determine what your vacation will be: pleasant or tiring, exciting or boring. If your goal is to experience the most authentic journey, then the best option is to travel by car.

Four wheels at hand give you freedom of action and the ability to plan your route the way you want. You can visit the city’s main attractions and then head to the nearby campsite to enjoy the wildlife. Regardless of the chosen travel destination, a rental vehicle makes it possible to fulfill all your travel desires.

Indeed, more and more travelers are renting a car for their trips. Websites like provide deals from highly trusted companies around the world. As a result, you can pick up a vehicle where it’s convenient for you. Renting a car gives you many options not available with public transport. If you’re still in doubt, check out 6 good reasons to rent a car for your next trip!

1. Minimize stress

You might say that driving in another region/country is continuous stress. In fact, most drivers need a couple of hours, a maximum of a day to adapt. You will quickly understand how the locals drive and will be able to do it just as well. Even a mountain serpentine ride will not scare you, because this is nothing more than a skill.

On the other hand, you can avoid many other sources of stress by traveling with a rental car. In particular, you don’t have to:

  • wander around with heavy luggage in search of a train station, hotel, etc.;
  • bargain with greedy taxi drivers;
  • ride on crowded buses;
  • catch a ride if there is no public transport;
  • run in a hurry to the tour bus.

2. Visit places that others can’t

We all want to see the legendary sights familiar from photographs. For example, it could be the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Statue of Liberty in New York, or the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. However, the sad truth is that famous places are often disappointing. Crowds of tourists, annoying souvenir sellers, and high admission prices spoil the impression.

True treasures are usually away from highways and noisy resorts. Mysterious ruins, ancient villages, deserted beaches – such pearls are inaccessible to large tourist buses. However, you can visit dozens of incredibly photogenic places with a rental car. The key to success is to collect information in advance. One guide is not enough – you need to look for details on blogs, TripAdvisor and Instagram. Another great source of knowledge is the locals. They will suggest you the most iconic spots in the area.

3. Travel with the people you love

When you go on an organized tour, one of the group members can annoy you. It’s even worse if you don’t like the guide. You have nowhere to go from them but to spend a week or more in the company of unfamiliar people. On an independent trip by public transport, you won’t be able to avoid unpleasant encounters as well. Passengers may smell bad, speak loudly on the phone, cough directly at you, etc.

Fortunately, on a road trip, the car becomes your personal space to share with your loved one, children, friends, etc. You can listen to the music you like or just drive in silence. In addition, on a romantic trip, the car creates a much more private environment than the most exclusive resort!

4. Save money

Renting a car can be cheaper than using public transport, especially if you’re not traveling alone. In the USA, competition among companies is so intense that offers for $15-20 a day appear quite often. You will pay the same amount for one or two trips by train or bus. In order to save as much as possible, choose a local agency rather than a major international supplier. In large chains such as Avis, Hertz, and Budget, prices may be higher, but the quality of services is comparable. Also, you may use other ways to get a profitable offer:

  • book in advance, the best deals appear 3-4 weeks before the start date.
  • choose smaller vehicles.
  • prefer long-term deals that are more attractive in terms of the daily value.
  • compare prices in nearby locations and from different companies.
  • travel during the low season when prices are lower.

5. Rest more actively

When you have to rely on public transport, you try to move as little as possible. That’s why many tourists don’t leave their resort area at all or do so for the purpose of visiting a restaurant. Such a trip won’t reveal anything new to you and won’t leave a pleasant impression. Even if you are physically resting, the mind gets tired of the monotony.

If you rent a car, then you will be motivated to use it – after all, you paid for it. The tourist who rents a car, on average, visits many more attractions. Moreover, it can be both a long trip for the whole day and a small excursion to a neighboring town or beach. The car helps to move more actively and discover new places.

6. Appreciate the little pleasures

Forget about heavy and boring hotel breakfasts. What could be nicer than stopping early in the morning at a gas station and having coffee with a fresh croissant? This is the best way to start a day full of adventure. Don’t forget the traditional taverns in small villages where you can enjoy huge portions of delicious local food. You can’t reach them by public transport, but a car makes it easy to get there. Even something as simple as fish and chips bought at a roadside cafe and eaten in a vehicle can become a precious memory.

Summing it up, renting a car while traveling gives you the freedom to drive wherever you want, move at your own pace, and take as many pictures as you want. All you need to do is clear all your doubts and plan your itinerary. So, choose your next destination, buy your travel guide, and start booking your car!

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