How To Increase Followers On Instagram Quickly And Easily – 20 Secrets

Whether you’re running a personal blog or a brand page on Instagram, followers are one of the main metrics that determine the effectiveness of your account. Here are 19 ways to get more followers on Instagram.

Of course, you can quickly increase subscribers by purchasing bots, but this will do nothing, because without a live audience you will not see an increase in reach and engagement, and “uncovering” such a trick will not be difficult. But if there’s an opportunity to get live subscribers, views or likes on Instagram at Lowcostsmm then don’t miss that opportunity. So keep more workable ways to increase your audience.

1. First, understand who your target audience is

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First you need to determine which audience you are addressing. Yes, yes, the old-fashioned but no less relevant phrase “know your audience. This will increase the chances of getting a relevant audience, and if you have a business account, it will help turn subscribers into customers.

2. Tailor content to your target audience

Once you’ve determined your audience, you need to start creating content that relates to their interests and needs. Your Instagram posts should inspire your followers, motivate them, and evoke emotion. Look at successful profiles in your niche and learn from their posts.

Once you have your first thousand followers on Instagram, you can ask them what publications they would be interested in. This way, existing and potential subscribers will understand that you’re listening to them, and the desire to click the cherished “Subscribe” button will increase.

3. Create high quality and interesting publications

Instagram is about visual content, and therefore, your photos and videos should look appropriate. But it’s not enough to make a good visual, in Instagram, the text of the publications plays a big role as well.

There are many apps to help make beautiful and interesting posts. Check out a selection of apps for videos and Stories, they will help make the content more diverse.

4. Use Hashtags Wisely

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With the right approach, hashtags attract new subscribers. But it’s not enough to use the most popular tags. For example, if you post a photo of a forest and want to use the hashtags #forest, #nature, and #trees, you’ll see that there are millions of such posts and the likelihood that your post will get noticed is extremely low.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them at all, but it’s worth supplementing with other tags that your target audience and competitors are following. It’s also advisable to use more sophisticated and proprietary hashtags. Roughly speaking, instead of #sunset, you can use #luxurysunset.

5. Communicate with your followers

The success of promoting on Instagram depends a lot on interacting with your audience. They want to know that there is a real person behind the account, so motivate them to discuss the posts and “like” them, and subsequently respond to their comments and feedback. The more active you are with your current followers, the more new ones you’ll get, which you can check at Gatherxp. Plus, it will help you hear your audience better, and social listening is very helpful.

6. Use cross-promos

Reach out to bloggers who run similar blogs and organize cross-promotion. Start with small profiles, and as your audience grows, reach out to more and more popular bloggers. So-called “mutual PR” can be a good tactic for Instagram promotion.

7. Subscribe to your competitors’ subscribers

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Another way to increase your audience is to subscribe to users who follow bloggers similar to you. Once they see that you’ve subscribed, they’ll know there’s another profile from a topic of interest. But be aware that there is a limit to the maximum number of subscriptions, about 20 to 160 per hour. Find this out by experience, but carefully, so that Instagram does not suspect you of being a spammer.

8. Monitor relevant hashtags

Did you know that on Instagram you can subscribe not only to profiles, but also to hashtags? This is a good strategy, especially when you’re gaining your first thousand followers. Keep track of hashtags that are relevant in your niche and use them in your posts. Feel free to comment on recent posts with these hashtags to make your Instagram more visible. It’s time-consuming, but it can yield good results.

9. Follow similar blogs

With hashtags, you can easily find relevant accounts in your niche that are similar in content and target audience to yours. You can have even more effect by including notifications and being the first to comment on their posts.

10. Make posts regularly

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It’s hard to be specific about how much of an impact regularity has on subscriber growth. In any case, it makes sense to follow this advice: the better you keep regularity, the more professional and reliable you look in the eyes of your subscribers – they will know when to expect new posts from you. Moreover, Instagram algorithms love it if you publish posts regularly, so your posts get better coverage and engagement. It’s better to publish 1-3 posts a day . Try to start with one post a day, then gradually increase and see what comes out, find your golden mean.

11. Plan your publications in advance

You can save publishing time to devote to more important things: communicating with subscribers, tracking relevant profiles and hashtags. Not to hint at anything, but Amplifer will be a good helper in this.

With its clear calendar and handy editor, it’s easy to create multiple posts at once and spread them out over different days. What’s more, Amplifer will tell you which posts your audience likes best.

12. Publish at the right time

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Now Instagram has an algorithmic feed, but what time you post still makes a big difference. Agree, it doesn’t make sense to publish a post late at night in the hope that a large number of people will see it.

13. Use activity chats

Activity chats are great for attracting new followers on Instagram. They bring together multiple users to like and comment on each other’s posts. A good way to trick Instagram’s algorithm and increase the organic reach of posts.

The fact is that when you post a post, Instagram algorithms show it to a small number of your followers. If the post gets a lot of responses, Instagram will show the post to an even larger group of followers, and if there is no initial activity, most of your followers won’t see the post at all.

14. Use Hashtags in Stories

We’ve already talked about the importance of hashtags, but they shouldn’t be neglected in Stories either. Try adding a few relevant tags to your posts, and you’ll see your Stories get more hits than before. Some of those who look at them will be able to become your subscribers.

Interactive mechanics like quests, quizzes and surveys help make your Stories more engaging and motivating. Stories is also a great channel for communicating with subscribers. There you can ask them what kind of content they would like to see, and arrange question-and-answer sessions.

15. Publish videos and host live events

Making video in 2024 in the social networks is almost mandatory, because there is more and more such content, and users spend more and more time for watching it. Live streams are an even more engaging content format because every time you start streaming, all your subscribers get a notification.

How do you get subscribers with airwaves? Do joint live broadcasts with other bloggers. They can also ask their subscribers to subscribe to you during a live broadcast, which can be a good channel for attracting a new audience.

16. Publish for themed accounts

There are many themed profiles on Instagram that publish not their own content, but interesting posts from other users. The only thing to do is to use their unique hashtags in the hope that you will get noticed.

How to find them? Use a search engine. Type in, for example, “Best themed travel profiles on Instagram,” or about the topic of your blog. You’ll probably find many such accounts.

17. Determine and use a consistent visual style

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Whether your profile is new or you’ve been in the “business” for a while, you need a consistent visual style for your posts, it attracts subscribers. You can choose a certain filter or set of effects for all your photos so that they resonate with each other.

18. Create posts to tag your friends

If you want your posts to be seen by your subscribers’ friends, the “Mark a Friend” feature can help. Create a suitable entertaining post and prompt your subscribers to tag their friends. The funnier and more entertaining the post, the easier it is.

19. Try advertising

Want more people to see your publications? Think about advertising. You don’t really need a big budget to test it. Advertising can be an effective strategy, and Instagram can get you new subscribers in no time.

Why you need 100, 1,000 and a million followers on Instagram

Numbers are the best indicator when it comes to social competition and brand development. That’s why ways to attract new readers are becoming an increasingly popular trend. So, what are the reasons why people try to get as many Instagram subscribers as possible, by hook or by crook? Here are just 8 of them:

1. Brand development

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A large number of followers on Instagram, indicates that a brand, company or person is constantly evolving. That their credibility is growing, that your thoughts and actions are of great value to many. That your information is useful, and that what you post is of vivid interest to your audience. And since you have so many subscribers, it means that your opinion is extremely important to many.

2. Expanding your audience

Instagram, like other social networks, brings creative people together. With many active Instagram followers, you can effortlessly expand your audience. You will be recognized by your follower followers. Your followers will share your posts with their friends if they like them. And thus, your overall network of fans will continue to grow already without your special efforts.

3. Increase in income

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The main goal of building up your Instagram followers is to increase your sales. If you produce or sell something, that your business will have a higher potential income because it will become more visible. Experience has shown that properly delivered social media marketing allows for a less costly boost in sales. If you are simply developing your brand as a blogger, increasing your number of followers will bring you more profitable orders from advertisers to promote their products and services.

4. Increased credibility

Having a large number of subscribers on social media will put you ahead of your competitors. To get people’s attention to your blog, you need to have a lot of active subscribers, because for many people, it’s the numbers that matter. There are people who fundamentally do not read authors who do not have at least 10,000 followers. So recruit new readers and this will ensure the right level of success and high authority.

5. Improve site traffic

There’s no doubt that a large number of active followers on Instagram leads to increased traffic to your site whether you’re an artist, confectioner, actor, photographer, musician or translator. You can announce on Insta any of your accomplishments – new YouTube videos, new recipes on your site, new songs or albums. Ask for your readers’ opinions and give links in the description of your post. This one hundred percent increases traffic to the site, which improves the position of the site in search results and brings new readers already from Google search.

6. Sales activation

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An Instagram profile that has a large number of followers with a targeted feed on Instagram can generate great revenue if your company, brand or website is making sales. Instagram is a great advertising tool whose effectiveness is largely determined by the number of followers is often overlooked. So why give up additional means of making money?

7. Attracting attention

An increased level of activity on your Instagram account is one of the goals and the main result of increasing the number of active followers. It’s obvious that an Instagram profile with 5,000 active followers has a much higher level of engagement than someone who has only 500 followers. With many followers, you get more activity – more clicks, more likes, more views of your videos, more comments, and, as a consequence, your account is better ranked by the search engine algorithm, and your photos are more often found in the feeds of your potential subscribers.

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