9 Ways To Sell Your Classic Boat As Quickly As Possible

Without a doubt, the world of boating is a huge, engaging, and interesting one. One of the most exciting features is how to sell your boat fast and gain maximum financial benefits.

Now, if you are interested in selling your ‘watercraft’ and need some proven ideas to guide you, here’s some good news. It is recommended that you approach selling with caution to avoid being cheated.

For the remaining part, let’s get to know a couple of tips to sell it fast, starting today.

1. Get Brilliant Knowledge Of The Best Time To Sell Your Boat

Does this sound weird to you? Astute knowledge of the good seasons before selling will boost your bottom line. For example, most buyers hardly open their wallets for it during or middle of the winter.

Avoid selling in cold seasons unless you want to sell at a low price. On the other hand, you can get the best price just when the season begins. This is a brilliant marketing move because many people are always looking to buy a boat. Apart from the fact that you will likely sell it for a reasonable price, you will avoid a lot of the marketing costs you would spend during the winter months.

2. What Is The Market Willing To Pay?

The next point is to find the best possible price an average buyer is willing to pay. How can you accomplish this?

Firstly, research the worth by getting advice and appraisals from a competent sales professional.

But if you don’t want to pay a professional, check with the marine blue book value. Change the price predicated on the accessories plus depreciation for your boat. If you add any new accessories or some resurfacing, such as carpeting, make sure to compute that and all of the boating accessories you will provide.

3. Study Your Competitors

Always remember you’re not alone in the game. There are many competitors, just as some buyers may opt for buying a new one instead of buying yours.

Therefore, you must set a competitive price based on potential buyers’ desired features. For example, if you discover that many similar ones (both old and new models) lack certain features such as radio, GPS, and fish finders, you may add them to your boat and let the potential buyers know this. Find here more about Chris Craft boats for sale.

4. Use Intelligent Advertising Techniques

Displaying a small ad in an obscure corner of a daily newspaper may not get you many reasonable inquiries. Most boaters now use the Internet to search for their preferred ones. As a result, to win the game, advertise your boat by displaying both the profile and photographs from different angles of the interiors and exteriors.

Make sure your pictures are stunning quality pictures; studies have proven that a profile with professional pictures commands more attention and helps to sell a boat faster online.

5. Get A Boat Broker

Not everyone can stand the rigor of showing boats to potential customers and answering their questions. Why don’t you contact a broker to do the ‘dirty job’ for you? The broker will earn 10% or 15% commission – but he will get the job done very fast and without any hassles to you.

However, insist on knowing the broker’s methods to advertise your boat. The best medium is to use the Internet to attract a large percentage of buyers as quickly as possible.

6. Be Patient

Judging by usual standards, you may have to wait for three to six months to sell it. So if you want to advertise it yourself, start early and display it on sites where listings are allowed for several months. However, with some luck, you will sell your boat sooner.

7. Boaters Love Clean Boats

Apart from adding new features, make sure you clean your boat very well. Using soapy water and a handful dab, start cleaning from the exterior to the interiors. Clean off every mold, mildew, and rusty stain. Everything must be thoroughly cleaned and replaced correctly after wholly dried up. It is strongly suggested you do this before you add new features and advertise it for sale.

Ensure the storage is cleaned and organized and eliminate any odor from the interior. This should be accomplished at the time of cleaning the boat. However, many people miss out on this vital aspect. Apart from cleaning and replacing rusty and leaking clamps and hoses, ensure the stove, cushions, and refrigerators are all in working order. Also, remove every item from the storage lockers to avoid giving buyers the wrong impression that your boat storage is inadequate.

8. Do Not Be Rigid On Pricing

It’s good to sell at the best price, but let your customers’ interest be uppermost. Put yourself in his shoes and ask, “If I’m buying this, what special deals will easily sway my interest to buy this boat rather than other similar ones?”

9. Consider Doing A Survey

Having considered every tip that will help you sell your boat fast, nevertheless, it’ll be futile to get loads of potential buyers coming to check your boat, their minds ready to issue you a check – but they stopped because something ‘bad’ was discovered: The buyer discovered your boat, not in the best working condition!

Most times, this is beyond the competence of the owner. So to avoid disappointment, survey to determine the working condition of your boat before listing. Survey costs in the region of $10 per linear foot, meaning a 20ft will cost $200.

If the survey returns a clean bill of health, you can even use it to dangle a sweet carrot before buyers get a better price.


When it comes down to it, selling your boat is about your attachment to it and why you need to sell it.

If this was essential to you, filled with TLC and love, you should take pride in it and price it accordingly. If you need money quickly, remind yourself that you are willing to settle – within reason.

Take great care of your boat and yourself, and don’t forget that you have a lot of power in how the process goes!

Happy Selling!

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