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Is it Better to Get More Views or Followers on TikTok?

It didn’t take long before TikTok became one of the leading social media platforms after its launch. Today, it has millions of users from every corner of the world, even more videos, and we are not even going to discuss the combined number of views. Even though it was originally designed to be an entertainment platform (like the others), nowadays, it is used by people to promote their small businesses and companies.

Now, the question arises – is it better to have more views of followers? The answer to this question can be confusing, so we will discuss it in this article, as well as provide you with tips on how to boost your account.

Views Vs. Followers

We need to observe TikTok as more than a social media platform to best answer this question. Instead, we should think of it as a content network. What do we mean by this? Well, its algorithms work in a way to promote high-quality, engaging videos instead of accounts with the most followers. It is why sometimes you see videos from new members with a hundred followers, and other times, you get content from popular accounts on the For You Page. Taking this into consideration, we can say that views are more important, so you should focus on them, and the number of followers will soon increase afterward.

How to get more views?

Now that we have determined these are vital, we have to give you some tips on how to obtain them. This can be a challenge of its own since there are other users with the same goal as yours. You can visit the likeskopen website to learn what your options are or follow some of our tips.

Hashtags & Trending Songs

First things first, using these two features is the easiest way to generate some views. When it comes to the former, you should include the most popular hashtag (#FYP) because it increases the chances of your videos popping up on people’s For You Page. Next, think about the words you could use to describe your content. If you are not sure about these, it shouldn’t take you too long to investigate the most popular ones and see which of them represent your videos in the best way possible.

Next, background sounds are a big thing on TikTok. Surely you know this. Numerous commercial songs have reached their peak of popularity because so many people use them in their videos. Plus, the algorithm works in a certain way. When a user watches several videos that include a specific song or hashtag, videos that feature the same ones will pop up on their feed. Simply put, the combination of these two can do wonders for the content you create and ensure you reach a wide audience.

Keep the videos short

Keeping the duration of videos between 15 and 30 seconds is another secret to growing your account. This is the optimal time to boost the chances that people will actually watch it until the end. If you post anything that is longer than this, people probably won’t be very interested, especially if you have nothing to say. Yes, there are some longer videos, but keep in mind that users usually request these to hear the whole story they are interested in. If you get this type of request from someone, go ahead and film it. However, when you are trying to generate views and attract followers, it is always better to keep it short and concise.

Showcase your personality

It doesn’t matter if you want to promote your business or not. People want to get to know the person behind the camera, that is, you. We are not saying that you need to share some personal stories if you do not feel comfortable, but instead that you need to find the perfect balance between promoting your business and giving the users the opportunity to get to know you. Plus, there are so many trends and duets on TikTok right now, and you can use these to keep things light and appealing to the audience.

Post frequently

If you have read any article on how to create a successful marketing campaign, the first thing that you saw probably was that you shouldn’t post too often on social media. However, don’t forget that we observe TikTok as a content network instead of a social media platform. Therefore, this rule doesn’t apply.

Don’t worry. You won’t over flood people’s feed. It is not how the algorithm works. Instead, you can only benefit from it by gaining more exposure. Obviously, the more videos you have, the greater the chances are people will watch some of them. You probably think that this may not be the best way to boost the number of views on a single post. This isn’t necessarily true because when you spark a person’s interest with one video, they are likely to visit your account and watch the rest of them.

Share content on other platforms

If you have already established a successful Instagram or Facebook account, you can use them to grow the number of views on TikTok. How? Well, you can easily share content and invite people to check it out. Obviously, you should not post the same video on all platforms because people don’t want to see what they have already seen. Instead, create a post that will grab their attention and tell them they can see new things from you on this other app you have just started using.

Create high-quality content

Here, we are not talking about the types of videos you post. As already stated, they need to reflect your personality or the business you are promoting. Instead, we are talking about video and sound quality. Yes, most people use their phones to record TikToks, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade. It goes without saying that you don’t have to buy expensive equipment. All you need to do is find the best sport to record. Make sure that it is quiet enough to boost the sounds quality and that there is enough light.

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