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12 Best Plier Set 2024 – Hand Tools

Pliers are very useful hand tools, am I right? But only if the metal levers and silicone handle of the equipment are well-constructed.

A plier might look like a pair of scissors, but it serves a completely different purpose. With the best plier set, you can hold any object firmly.

So the job of pulling it out is performed in the safest and most convenient manner.

On the other hand, when dealing with a cheap or poorly designed set, the task becomes quite difficult. And even dangerous!

Now the thing is that pliers come in all types of sizes and shapes. People use smaller pliers to fix fragile items. And the big ones help in repairing furniture pieces.

That means a plier is an everyday tool, right? So all the more reason to buy a high-quality, durable set!

Comparison Table:

Since it’s such a commonly used tool, there are plenty of options available on the online market. And the same applies to accessory stores.

But if you wish to save effort and time, you can go through the reviews section below.

I have discussed as many as 10 best plier sets after putting each one to the test. So have at it!

Plier Set Name Our rating Number Of Pieces Unique Feature
Stanley 84-079 6-Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier SetStanley 84-079 6-Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set #1 (Editor choice) 6-piece set Machined jaws for grip
IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set


8-piece set Ratcheting action for adjustments
Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Pilers SetChannellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Pilers Set


5-piece set PermaLock fastener for durability
AmazonBasics Tools 4-Piece Pliers SetAmazonBasics Tools 4-Piece Pliers Set


4-piece set Machined jaws for grip
Stanley 84-058 4-Piece Pliers SetStanley 84-058 4-Piece Pliers Set


4-piece set Bi-material, slip-resistant handle
Kobalt 5-Piece Pliers SetKobalt 5-Piece Pliers Set


5-piece set High leverage construction
Pittsburgh 7 Piece Pliers SetPittsburgh 7 Piece Pliers Set


7-piece set Heavy-duty steel design for strength
WORKPRO 5-Piece Pliers SetWORKPRO 5-Piece Pliers Set


5-piece set Corrosion-resistant polished surface
Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers SetCraftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set


5-piece set Bright green handles for easy spotting
Stanley 84-114 3 Piece Basic 6-Inch Plier SetStanley 84-114 3 Piece Basic 6-Inch Plier Set


3-piece set Machined jaws for grip

Top Picks Plier Set

1. Stanley 84-079 6-Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set – The Best Mini Pliers

Stanley 84-079 6-Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set

The first pick on the list is a budget-friendly mini option.

The Stanley 84-079 6-Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set is a high-quality product. One that is suitable for low-profile electronics and hobby projects.

The spring, in particular, is incredibly helpful in certain situations. And I’m sure you’d appreciate that the most.

Moving on, this best plier set features machined jaws. And what these do is provide a more secure grip on the tools.

That means there’s no need to worry about the plier slipping and causing inconvenience. And accidents! (Safety rules of pliers) What’s more, is that the set consists of quite remarkable cutting pliers.

The kind that features cutting edges with induction hardened design. Such a structure is responsible for nothing but extending the lifespan of the pliers.

So if you want to get your hands on affordable mini pliers, this is an ideal choice for you!

The Stanley 84-079 6-Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set is the best in terms of quality and grip.

The former is guaranteed due to the induction hardened construction of the cutting edges. And the latter presents itself in the form of machined jaws.

So the pliers are just as high-performing as the premium sets. And will offer the same level of durability as well.

The biggest drawback I came across is the lack of consistency between the pliers.

Especially when it comes to smooth operation! So this might bother you if you plan on using the set on a daily basis.

  • The Stanley pliers feature rubber coated handles.
  • The mini size makes them perfect for tight-spaced applications.
  • The springs are slightly noisy.
  • The action is not consistently smooth between tools.


2. IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set – The Best Pliers for Electrician

IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set

What is it about this best plier set that makes it suitable for electricians? The fact that the product offers tons of features! And that’s exactly what you should expect from the IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set.

The pliers have an anti-pinch, non-slip grip known as ProTouch. What the component does is reduce hand fatigue. Upon testing, I realized how useful this particular component was for completing tasks quickly.

The grip also provides superior comfort during application. Then comes the unique press and slide feature. This makes room for plenty of adjustments.

On top of that, there’s the ratcheting action. It allows you to adjust the tools in the most efficient manner. Despite being in an open position! So the set is as feature-packed as you’d like it to be.

Plus, it comes with a handy kit bag. So the organization is not lost on you either.

The thing about the IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers is that they have an all-purpose kind of a jaw.

Such functionality is hugely beneficial for gripping around the flat, hex, and square shapes.

Another praiseworthy characteristic is the long-lasting ability of the set.

Thanks to the injection molded design. It brings maximum strength and durability into the mix.

The only issue with the IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers is their huge grip.

A big handle means not being able to use the tools within tight spaces.

  • The IRWIN pliers grip everything with outstanding strength.
  • The industrial quality makes them ideal for heavy-duty purposes.
  • The whole set offers easy, quick adjustments.
  • Not suitable for tight-spaced applications.

3. Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Plier Set – The Best Plier Set for Daily Use

Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Plier Set

For tools that you use on a regular basis, convenience is an important factor. In that sense, nothing beats the Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Pliers.

They are comfortable to grab. And when that’s the case, you can use them for your daily applications without any hassles. Now let’s talk about features.

The unique PermaLock fastener installed on the pliers is responsible for a lot. It prevents each plier from being subjected to the failure associated with nuts and bolts.

So what the fastener does is keep the entire set in good condition. And for a long, long time. Next in line is the teeth part of the groove and tongue pliers.

This particular component has undergone laser heat treatment. As a result of which the grip is incredibly strong and durable. The high-quality carbon steel construction ensures outstanding performance.

On top of that, the special electronic coating provides exceptional rust resistance. As for the handles, they are convenient to grab as well.

In all, if you want tools that can withstand regular use, look no further!

Built to perform exceptionally well and last for many years. That’s how I would like to describe the Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Plier Set in a single sentence.

The tools feature a patented reinforced edge. Such a structure reduces stress breakage to a great extent. So you can use them for various projects without worrying about strength or durability.

Unfortunately, there exists a design flaw. The width of the Channellock TOOLROLL-3 5-Piece Pliers is a tad too small. It would have been better to work with a slightly larger width.

  • The Channellock pliers are solid, high-quality tools.
  • The set’s side cutters work through thick materials with maximum ease.
  • Blue-colored handles enable easy spotting.
  • The width is not enough.


4. Amazon Basics Tools 4-Piece Pliers Set – The Best Budget Plier Set

Amazon Basics Tools 4-Piece Pliers Set

What if I tell you that the most affordable option is also one of the best high-performing ones? Would you believe me?

Well, that’s true of the AmazonBasics Tools 4-Piece Pliers Set. Each plier features parts that don’t let you down. In terms of performance and durability! So let’s find out more!

This best plier set consists of traditional slip-joint tools with an invaluable thick nose. These also have a double-sized jaw. Such a construction makes the plier’s plenty adjustable.

So you can use them for various kinds of projects. Moving on, the long-nosed pliers are intended for holding and cutting purposes.

This means bending, repositioning, and sniping wire is easy tasks. So it’s safe for me to state that the set is suitable for electricians.

As well as jewelry makers! As for the very useful lineman pliers, these also work well with cables or wires. Cutting, twisting, bending, and gripping are the tough jobs you can use them for.

But the most important purpose of diagonal pliers involves cutting wire.

And that too in the most effective and quickest manner! For a set of handy tools, it’s the AmazonBasics Tools 4-Piece Pliers Set that enjoys the upper hand.

Non-slip grips for the handle. Machined jaws for a secure hold. Induction hardened edges for high performance.

These are the kind of features and benefits you should expect from the AmazonBasics Tools 4-Piece Pliers.

On a negative note, the machining of this particular set is not high-quality. Due to this, the tools fail to close and open smoothly. Even so, this doesn’t affect the remarkable functionality.

  • The AmazonBasics pliers feature a strong material construction.
  • They are large enough for heavy-duty projects.
  • The jaw serrations are well-finished and sharp.
  • Same-colored handles are a slight disappointment.
  • Poor machining affects the smooth action.


5. Stanley 84-058 4-Piece Pliers Set – The Best Plier Set for Heavy-Duty Purposes

Stanley 84-058 4-Piece Pliers Set

Let me begin by stating that the Stanley 84-058 4-Piece Pliers Set is a budget-friendly option. Apart from being an ideal pick also suitable for heavy-duty applications!

The pliers included work towards eliminating all kinds of nuts. Plus, they perform the task of cutting the wire like no other! Each tool is basic yet very useful and handy.

The set is the most popular among professionals from the workshops and automobile sectors. That means this set delivers quick, effective results for various types of projects.

The unique machined jaws are responsible for providing a secure grip. Then comes the slip-resistant, fully insulated body of the tools.

Another praiseworthy design feature is the presence of top-quality rubber. You’ll also be glad to know that the cutting pliers’ edges have an induction hardened structure.

What this does is extend the lifespan. If that wasn’t enough, the rust resistance also has a lot to offer in terms of durability.

Overall, the set is affordable, highly functional, and will last for many years.

What more is left to rave about, right!

The Stanley 84-058 4-Piece Pliers are crafted for cutting, bending, and grasping. So expect them to provide you with a comfortable, secure grip. And also don’t worry about factors like the design.

As the set has a drop-forged quality steel construction. That means maximum durability and strength.

So what’s the downside to this? It comes in the form of a heavyweight. The Stanley 84-058 4-Piece Pliers Set is not as light in weight as you’d expect. And this can cause quite a bit of inconvenience to some users.

  • The Stanley pliers function smoothly.
  • They have a rust-resistant coating.
  • The weight is not ideal.


6. Kobalt 5-Piece Pliers Set – The Best Plier Set for Home Use

Kobalt 5-Piece Pliers Set

Here’s another affordable set of the best hand pliers. The Kobalt 5-Piece Pliers Set looks solid and contains well-constructed tools.

They might seem small but don’t let that cause you to doubt the performance level. The pliers are capable of handling all types of hard work.

Each tool has a rust-free, high-quality steel and carbon combination structure. So what does that tell you? It implies that the pliers are durable enough to last for many, many years.

Furthermore, the grip is nothing short of incredibly comfortable. The ergonomic handles feature a thick rubber coating. This eliminates the conductivity of electricity and heat.

While also delivering a secure hold! And wait there’s more. The use of bi-material brings anti-slip properties into the picture.

So you don’t have to worry about using the pliers with oily or sweaty hands. In all, the Kobalt 5-Piece Pliers Set is handy and lightweight.

That means workability is a factor you simply cannot question. Also, the pliers can withstand heavy tasks like removing, twisting, and cutting nuts.

So, performance-wise, expect not a single letdown.

Did you know that the Kobalt pliers have a high leverage composition?

To provide an increased level of cutting power! Then the precision-machined type jaws grip better and last longer. And lastly, the ergonomic anti-slip bi-material grips are an excellent addition.

As they make the experience even more convenient!

To my disappointment, the handles of the Kobalt 5-Piece Pliers are pretty huge. However, that doesn’t seem like a major drawback. It’s because, overall, the tools are perfectly small in size.

  • The Kobalt pliers are top-quality tools.
  • The stiff joint offers tight tolerances.
  • They are suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • There’s no storage box or bag.
  • The handles are bulky.


7. Pittsburgh 7 Piece Pliers Set – The Best Combination Pliers

Pittsburgh 7 Piece Pliers Set

If what you want is an excellent collection of pliers, you’ve got to pick the Pittsburgh 7 Piece Pliers Set.

It consists of 7 different pieces. And each tool offers outstanding performance.

The pliers are lightweight yet durable enough. Plus, using them is an easy task.

This best plier set by Pittsburgh is something you can subject to all kinds of purposes. Including home, workshop, automobile garage, and more!

They have an industrial-grade quality. And that is a green signal for heavy-duty projects. What else is so great about the pliers?

The fact that they feature a strong, secure grip! It comes in the form of slip-resistant rubber. Such an anti-slip component allows you to use the tools for extended hours.

How about the construction? The presence of heavy-duty hardened and forged steel makes everything even more appealing.

The Pittsburgh 7 Piece Pliers are incredibly durable and strong. They have the ability to endure all types of conditions. And that too without showing signs of wear such as rusting.

Needless to say, all major aspects related to performance and design are pretty much covered. Don’t you think!

There’s no doubting the fact that the product is crafted for nothing but precision. And due to the solid build, durability is another significant contributing factor to success.

These pliers are handy tools suitable for different sectors. Such as automobiles, electronics, construction, etc.

As far as the handles are concerned, you might not like what you have to deal with. These handles are thin, which does seem like a noteworthy flaw. But it’s not something you can’t get used to with time.

  • The Pittsburgh pliers are rust-resistant.
  • Every part of the tool is locked in securely.
  • There’s no storage case included.
  • The handles are not broad enough.


8. WORKPRO 5-Piece Pliers Set – The Most Durable Plier Set

WORKPRO 5-Piece Pliers Set

The first and most important feature to talk about is related to durability. The WORKPRO 5-Piece Pliers consist of a polished surface.

This provides excellent corrosion resistance. And that is how maximum durability comes into the picture. What’s more is that this best plier set is an affordable pick.

The kind suitable for light to medium workshop or home applications! It is considered to be very useful for all kinds of projects. And why not when the set includes drop-forged quality steel pliers!

The body of each tool is rigid and rust-resistant. Plus, it’s fully polished and heat-treated. So if you think these pliers cannot withstand the test of time and use, you’re wrong.

Even when it comes to usability, they don’t disappoint. Thanks to the tight, comfortable grip. It isn’t textured, but that doesn’t make it slippery.

So feel free to work with the WORKPRO 5-Piece Pliers for a long time in all conditions.

Allow me to highlight a unique feature here. The set contains pliers with double-plastisol coated handles.

Such a design is responsible for providing exceptional anti-slip properties. Along with a comfortable grip!

Now it’s time to talk about what I didn’t like. The WORKPRO 5-Piece Pliers are not large enough to grab. For most users, they might be quite small to work with.

  • The WORKPRO pliers hold up well over time.
  • They are heavily oiled for superior performance.
  • The size of the tools is too small.


9. Craftsman Evolv5 Piece Pliers Set – The Highest-Rated Pliers

Craftsman Evolv5 Piece Pliers Set

The Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set provides all correctly sized tools for every job. And let me also bring to your notice that these pliers are the highest-rated.

That’s because they perform exceptionally well. So every major and minor aspect is pretty much covered. The handle of the tools is ergonomically engineered.

This is useful for providing a comfortable grip. Something that you require when performing tough tasks! Such as gripping, bending, and cutting.

On top of that, the handles are bright green in color. This is how they become quick to spot during the activity. You might also value the high quality of this particular set.

Each plier has the ability to withstand the stress of tough projects. So for a reliable, high-performing toolset, pick the Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers.

Buying the best plier set makes tasks like gripping, bending, and cutting easier. Am I right? But how do these best picks deliver such remarkable results?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Pliers come with handles that are responsible for their functionality. And when dealing with top-rated sets, these handles are ergonomically engineered.

Just like the Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set!

Due to the small size of the tools, it becomes difficult to grip them in tight spaces. And that’s the kind of drawback you’re looking at in this case.

  • The Craftsman pliers offer no misalignments.
  • The grip is firmly attached.
  • They are sturdy and solid in construction.
  • The small size is quite disappointing.


10. Stanley 84-114 3 Piece Basic 6-Inch Plier Set – The Bonus Pick

Stanley 84-114 3 Piece Basic 6-Inch Plier Set

Now let me tell you why I chose to list another Stanley model. That too as the bonus pick!

This best plier set is no less than the other two discussed in the article. Stanley does an excellent job at manufacturing strong, durable pliers.

So there’s no reason for me to not review as many creations as possible by the same brand. Moving on, the set consists of heat-treated pliers.

These have a forged carbon steel material construction. And it’s this particular characteristic that makes the tool so long-lasting! But the machined jaws steal the limelight.

These provide an anti-slip experience in the form of a secure grip. Then comes the unique handle design. Such a component contributes to the superior comfort that the grip delivers.

As for strength, the Stanley 84-114 3 Piece Basic 6-Inch Pliers feature the toughest cutting edges. They are hardened in quality.

Plus, the pliers have a solid steel design, which increases cutting power.

So there’s nothing more you could’ve asked for from the bonus pick!

Here’s why you should consider buying the Stanley 84-114 3 Piece Basic 6-Inch Plier Set. It offers three forged-steel pliers. With a rust-resistant coating!

On top of that, the handles have a double-dipped finish to add more comfort. And lastly, the cutting edges are nothing short of extra tough.

So you don’t need to think twice about design and functionality!

The only major complaint I have is the nose misalignment. But to be fair, if you’re a pro at using pliers, you can work your way around it. But if you’re a beginner or first-time user, this might cause some inconvenience.

  • The Stanley pliers feature a rubber grip.
  • The teeth are strong enough for daily applications.
  • Handles are well-cushioned.
  • Quality is not top-notch.
  • The nose of the pliers doesn’t line up well.


Guide to Buying the Best Plier Set

Guide to Buying the Best Plier Set

Every toolbox contains at least a few pliers in different shapes and sizes. And why not when the product takes care of cutting, compressing, bending, and gripping all types of materials!

You can use pliers for plumbing, electric work, home repairs, etc. The list goes on, right?

So it’s important to take certain factors into account when selecting the best plier set.

You have to consider the size, type, design, and lots more. So let’s find out everything we can about pliers below!

Best Plier Set: Different Types

In this section, there are 2 basic designs.

1. Fixed Pliers

Fixed Pliers

This kind of a plier consists of a rivet. And what it does is connect the tool at the center. This means you can open a fixed plier only to a certain level.

2. Adjustable Pliers

Adjustable Pliers

Slip joint or adjustable pliers offer two options for opening width. So you can use them for a broad range of tasks and repairs.

Best Plier Set: Different Uses

Below I have discussed 9 different kinds of pliers that you can subject to specific purposes. So let’s get to know the individual characteristics of each model.

1. Channel Pliers

Channel Pliers

Angle nose, groove joint, or channel pliers are perfect for larger objects such as pipes. These feature a sliding jaw, which is adjustable. The first half of that jaw is curved while the second half is straight.

The availability of sizes is quite impressive. So channel pliers are very convenient to use.

2. Stripper/Crimper Pliers

The combination offers the functions of both the crimper and stripper. This type of plier is more suitable for electrical work. Based on the manufacturer, these tools are equipped with sheaving holes. And the holes are designed to work with screws.

3. Cutting Pliers

Cutting Pliers

You can use cutting pliers to slice through wires, bolts, rivets, and more. This particular option is great for dealing with small nails. And that’s because it features extremely sharp blades. No wonder the pliers are also called wire cutters! They either have a long, curved nose or a short one. But some models offer both.

4. Electrician Pliers

The majority of electricians use pliers that consist of cutting edges on both sides. These enable you to work with all kinds of wires. So if you’re an electrician, you know what design you need to pick.

5. Fence Pliers

These pliers are tools that you can use for pulling staples from your fencing. The equipment comes with not one but double wire cutters. It has a heavy, strong head that can withstand the blows of hammering as well.

6. Locking Pliers

Regular wrenches and locking pliers have a lot in common, function-wise. You can subject them to both twisting and pulling.

That too without losing the handle grip! Locking pliers are also known as vise grips. The knurl screw feature of this particular tool enables easy locking and release.

The latter is very useful for disengaging the lock quickly. These pliers are manufactured in two different designs.

Either a curved or serrated jaw or long nose! Both offer a good grip, so it all depends on personal preferences.

Also, locking pliers are the most popular for the high amount of torque and leverage that they deliver.

7. Needle Nose Pliers

Needle Nose Pliers

For tight spaces, nothing works better than these types of pliers. The jaws, in this case, are long and slender. So they have the ability to slide into small spaces.

Such kind is often used for craft, jewelry, and repair work. The needle nose version is perfect for tasks that involve twisting or cutting wire.

Especially the small gauge type! It offers a pointed tip to get into confined or narrow spaces. Unlike regular pliers!

8. Slip Joint Pliers

This one’s more suitable for smaller objects. The slip joint tool is ideal for tightening and gripping applications.

You get two options to pick from as far as length goes; 6 inches and 8 inches. But the best plier set always includes both the lengths.

You should also know that such pliers open to 2 different widths.

This is useful when you require more versatility and convenience. Plus, they provide you with 2 curved jaws as well.

9. Wire Stripper Pliers

Wire Stripper Pliers

To strip off a wire’s plastic outer covering, you need something like the wire stripper. It performs the task without causing any damage to the wire present underneath the coating.

The pliers are supplied with feature stops. You can use these to adjust to different widths. This way, you eliminate the possibility of wire damage.

The Final Take

My Choice: IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock PliersIRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers

The thing about using high-quality plier sets is that they last for many years. And if you’re a regular or daily user, it’s important to avoid buying random tools.

Instead, choose to conduct a little bit of research and look for top-rated options.

So in the reviews section, I have discussed as many as 10 best picks for you.

You can select any based on your budget and work level. But if the availability of options confuses you, here’s the name of the ultimate winner. It’s the IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers. And why is that?

  • They feature press and slide functionality. So you can make quick adjustments.
  • The anti-pinch, non-slip grips reduce hand fatigue. And provide more comfort!
  • Then comes the unique ratcheting action. This allows you to adjust the tools even when in an open position.
  • And lastly, the multi-purpose jaws grip hex, square, and round shapes.

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