5 Essential Tools Every Locksmith Needs

There is absolutely no profession that does not depend on certain tools required to do the job properly, therefore, so is a vocation of locksmith dependent on essential tools required to carry out the job in an adequate way and deliver exactly what is needed for the customer to be satisfied. Some would say that the genuine tools of locksmith’s trade are their crafty hands, but their skillful ventures could not be brought out without the utilization of certain gadgets characteristic for this profession.

Many people often deem they are capable of doing certain jobs just by knowing what has caused the problem. Therefore, they tend to tamper with the issue and usually make it worse. Things like that happen because not only aren’t they experts in the field they are messing with, but they neither possess adequate tools nor supporting working materials necessary to get the job done. As a result of an unworkmanlike approach, things deteriorate and the problem that was actual in the first place becomes just one of the many things that should be repaired. Although situations like this do not happen all the time, they are more frequent than one should expect, especially because the services of a professional locksmith are not an expensive engagement to afford.

It seems that everything develops hastily in contemporary times, and the locksmith trade did not remain immune to the actual trend. Namely, this particular profession has been known for the apprenticeship period that preceded the title of a master of this fine craft. Nowadays, certain courses enable the interested to learn the basics of this skillful trade and perform as fully operating locksmiths. On the other hand, countries like Australia ask their locksmiths to be fully educated in order to call themselves locksmiths, and that implies finishing an engineering college and acquiring a diploma that testifies to their competency.

In the last few years, the locksmith industry has been on a noticeable rise, not only in the means of demand but also in the terms of modernization. Namely, the competent are finding new ways to improve the efficiency of tools and constantly make innovations that ease the job and make the whole experience of lock repairing a more pleasant and proficient endeavor. Even though the industry is rapidly growing, the essentials of the locksmith craft have remained the same, and certain tools are irreplaceable since the dawn of this world-old profession. Therefore, read about the most essential tools a locksmith needs to have to do the job appropriately.

Tension Tools

This particular tool is what separates a pro from an amateur and serves as an absolute game-changer when picking locks is in question. Certain locks are almost unimaginable to be picked without the usage of a proper tension tool since the structure of specific locks remain inaccessible otherwise. It is used for keeping a cylindrical part of the lock fixed, so the locksmith can carefully wrench the miniature pins out of the surgically precisely assembled construction.

If you are having trouble figuring out what we are talking about and have insufficient knowledge about the functioning of certain types of locks, try not to trouble yourself and ask a pro to fix your locks for an insignificant compensation. Apart from contacting your local locksmith, you might also consider acquiring the services of a skillful craftsman online, on websites such as If you are in Newport and need a locksmith, you will be serviced in no time, whether you need your car lock picked, or you have trouble opening your garage door.

Key Extractors


We do not really consider the importance of our keys until they break in half and what we are left with is the part of the door opener between our fingers reminding us that nothing lasts forever. Although the true reason for breaking the key is not that poetic, we need to know what to do when an accident like this happens. The key solution is the key extractor, a tool most valuable when we end up with a locked door in front of our nose, and the lock jammed with a broken fragment of a key.

Plug Spinners

This particular tool is to be used when we want to open a jammed lock which we do not know in what way it unlocks, thanks to the type of mechanism. It is possible to do that even with a screwdriver, but not only does it make less mess, but it also does the job more elegantly and without trouble. The plug spinners spin the mechanism and the door is unlocked. The process sounds simple, but the results are hard to get if you are not in the possession of the right tools.

Pick Gun

The pick gun is a moderate lock pick. Namely, if you want to do the job faster, you will praise this tool wherever you go. Not only does it speed up the lock picking process, but it also enables the usage of additional locksmith tools while the lock is fixed in a certain position. There are ways to pick a lock without using this type of device, but it considerably facilitates the procedure.

Key Machines

After you set a lock free from a broken key or another fragment of whatsoever that was jammed inside the lock, you will most definitely make use of a key to lock and unlock the mechanism again. The key machine is what is used for making new keys you will need afterward. These mechanisms are delicate and require the touch of a professional to make the quality key that will last longer than its predecessor. Another thing to worry about when crafting new keys is the material since it majorly affects the quality of the finished product.

Whether you are a professional locksmith with a college degree or you just like to pick locks around the house making more harm than good, there are certain tools without which the locksmith trade would not be possible. Hopefully, the aforementioned tools will prove useful to you on your lock fixing ventures and help you deliver quality work effortlessly. Do remember that this is a profession that requires time to master and that being both persistent and patient are two of the most important virtues to prosper in this type of business.

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