In Love with TV Shows and Movies Set in Scotland? Here’s How to Best Explore the Country!

When a production company scouts locations to find the perfect set, they have a number of considerations to make. Do they create their own set inside a larger studio, or do they use a location that already has what it takes to set the scene? Often, location teams will hit the road just to find that perfect view and they might even travel the world to do so. Scotland is typically a popular location for a small budget and larger budget movies and TV shows.

There are so many pieces of media and culture based in the beautiful country of Scotland. From Outlander to Harry Potter, or even to something a little darker like Taggart, you’ll have seen a lot of Scotland. If you want to see these locations for yourself, read on to find out the best way to do so!

Why Is Scotland Used in Movies?


Before we look at some of the ways that you can get out there and explore Scotland for yourself, we thought we would look at some of the reasons why Scotland is a popular location. The truth is that Scotland has some amazing locations with scenery that stretches for miles and bodies of water that create the perfect scene. Whether a production company wants to showcase a city landscape like Glasgow or a countryside getaway in the highlands – Scotland has the location.

So, what is the best way to explore Scotland and visit your favourite movie locations? We’ll explore below so make sure to find out.

By Road


If you want to explore at your own speed, getting a set of wheels and seeing Scotland by road is going to be one of your best options. The roads around Scotland can take you zipping along motorways and other high-speed roads, or you could head along a twisting road that goes alongside lochs and down to the bottom of amazing glens. If you take a tour bus or a train, you won’t get to stop and appreciate the beauty of some of these locations. When you drive yourself, you can stop, take in the view and snap that amazing shot to show to all of your friends.

You can easily combine this with some sort of fun camping experience thanks to camper vans. Visit this website for more information about what this style of travel could offer you. It could be an ideal way for you to travel with your loved ones, or it could even make for a fun family trip. With a self-contained vehicle, you will have the perfect way to explore Scotland no matter how remote you go. Make sure to consider this as it truly is every movie lover’s dream!

By Tour


If you don’t want to drive the entire way yourself, you should definitely consider a tour. These are another brilliant way to explore Scotland, and it means that you don’t have to be focused on the road 100% of the time! Taking a tour around Scotland allows you to relax and take in the views without needing to check your map every hour and reroute when you make a wrong turn.

The problem with some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery is that the roads around them can be a little dangerous. Even when moving slowly, a driver will have to keep their concentration locked on the road ahead instead of appreciating the beautiful landscapes. If you choose to go on a tour, either with a private driver or as part of a tour group on a bus, you will get to appreciate the sights more. There are plenty of tours that can take you around Scotland so make sure to have a look. We recommend booking tickets in advance if you are visiting some of the most popular locations as these can fill up fast.

By Foot


Scotland is known for its glens and hills (the highest of which are called Munros), and there are paths and bridleways everywhere that you could explore. You could walk a famous route like the West Highland Way, or you could try to strike off on some unknown path to just see where it takes you.

Hiking in Scotland is not for the unprepared, but you can still have an incredible adventure if you want to try it. Why not go to a place that has lots of walks around it and find a beautiful cottage to use as your base? After a quick walk away from your new home, you might be surrounded by amazing scenery that could be lifted straight from your favorite Scottish film or TV series.

Remember to prepare yourself for your hike if you plan on climbing one of the larger hills in Scotland. The weather can change at a drop of a hat and so you need to make sure that you are not going to get caught in a dangerous situation. We recommend only visiting places that are popular with travelers and doing some research into where your favorite movies were filmed before you go.

Get Travelling


Scotland is more varied than people realise, and you could definitely visit again and again and still have more to see. With blockbuster movies such as Avengers: Infinity War being filmed in this stunning country; you are not going to want to miss out on the action. Why not visit some of your favorite movie locations to see what they are like in real life?

These are three great ways to explore Scotland, and each one could be a great way for you to fall in love with this country. Remember to plan well in advance so that you don’t miss out on anything on your trip. You might find that you need to go by car or van as many of the best locations are dotted around the entire country. Start planning your first trip here and get ready to step into the setting of your favourite film now!

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