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4 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies

After the apocalypse happens, the world as we know it is forever gone. On some terms, we are going back to basic principles of human nature, and nature itself. Only the strongest of us are going to survive. At first sight, only people with the highest physical performances are considered to be the strongest. However, the ultimate task is to learn how to adapt to new conditions of life. This is the real reason people are fascinated with post-apocalyptic movies. Some of these movies are pretty realistic with their scenario that could happen in the future of humankind. Now, we are going to present you with a list of the best post-apocalyptic movies. Without wasting too much of your valuable time, let us start with this list of ours.

1. A Quiet Place

The first entry on this list of ours is also the newest one. We are talking about “A Quiet Place” directed by John Krasinski, who is also appearing in the cast alongside Milicent Simmonds and Emily Blunt. The movie has a pretty simplistic plot but it was so well done that left audience speechless. This is the movie of constant tension between the main characters and the nature of the new world. This is not your average monster movie, it’s much more than that. This story focuses on finding redemption and dealing with regret in the world without any hope.

2. Mad Max

The next movie on this list of ours is considered legendary and the movie that launched Mel Gibson on his way to Hollywood. Like it was the case with the previous movie on our list, this one has a pretty simple story. Mel Gibson plays a police officer that witnessed his family being murdered by a motorcycle gang. The ending of this movie influenced many future movies, and it’s often credited by directors and actors from all over the world. This movie spawned three more sequels, and as we could hear, two more are in the works. Mel Gibson is replaced with Tom Hardy. Anyway, this classic movie launched two new careers, George Miller, the director of this movie and Mel Gibson.

3. Snowpiercer

In this movie directed by Korean director Joon-ho Bong, who is pretty popular today because of this exceptional movie “Parasite”. At the time it was released “Snowpiercer” was a revolution of sorts because of its plot. Due to a climate change that left the world covered in ice, a small number of people are living in a train that constantly moves. It’s not too long before a small number of people establish a dictatorship who needs to be fought always, right?

4. Stalker

The last entry on our list is Andrei Tarkovsky’s masterpiece “Stalker”. The plot is set in an unknown point of time in the future where three men are on a task to find a place named “The Zone”. Allegedly, this place will grant every wish a person has. This is a pretty long movie, its duration is more than three hours, and if you are familiar with Tarkovsky’s work, you will be certain of what you can expect from it. This is one of the most influential movies of all time, and it had a significant influence on a game franchise that barriers the same name.

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