6 Reasons Why You Should Still Go to the Movies in 2024

With a growing number of streaming services becoming basic necessities for most households nowadays, industry experts like David Cronenberg now consider cinema to be dead. While filmmaking continues to flourish, it’s the very format of going to the theaters that is starting to lose its appeal.

Streaming services, on the other hand, are very convenient. Not only do they bring great movies to your home but it’s also a good source of TV shows that you may have missed otherwise due to your busy schedule. Such services allow you to enjoy films and TV shows on your own time, making them very agreeable with modern lifestyles.

However, cinemas like the Cinemark can still make a case for themselves due to their low prices as can be viewed here. Streaming services may be convenient but movie theaters are still worth a visit. Why? Here are six reasons why you should still go to the movies on this modern day and age:

They show the latest films

Sure, you can always wait for the films to become available on your choice of the streaming site but there’s really no guarantee that that will happen any time soon. If you can’t wait to see the latest releases, your best choice would still be to visit your local movie theater. These establishments usually screen the latest biggest movies so you can be sure to catch the new movie you’ve been waiting for on its release date.

Unless you’re waiting for an original film made for and by your streaming site of choice, the best place to see the latest films will still be your local cinema.

Watching a movie on a big screen is still a different experience compared to watching it on your TV at home

There’s a lot to the cinema experience that you can’t easily recreate at home. For starters, the size of the screen alone is hard to replicate. The high-end sound system contributes to the grandness of the movie as well. The experience you’ll share with other viewers is also notable and can be very hard to mimic when watching films at home.

You can better focus on the movie in the cinemas than at home

When you go to the cinema, you can be focused on what’s playing on the screen. At home, there are too many distractions. Someone might knock at the door at the climax and disrupt your watching rhythm. You might remember that you still need to take out the trash during an emotional scene. There’s just so much that will disrupt your movie-viewing experience when you watch films at home.

It’s a great way to create some alone time

Going to the movies is also a great way to enjoy something alone without the fear of judgment. Unlike dining alone, watching a movie alone isn’t exactly frowned upon. You won’t even get noticed inside the cinema when the lights are off and the movie’s playing.

So if you want some enjoyable time on your own, going to the movies is a good way to have some. You can even take your significant other with you and still enjoy some alone time even while you’re together. Since you don’t need to talk to each other during the movie, it can already provide the quiet time you need to unwind and relax a bit.

Going to the theaters will let you show support to your favorite filmmakers and artists

If you’re the type who likes to support your favorite creators, going to the movies to enjoy their works would be one of the best ways to advocate for their artistry. By trooping to the cinemas to see their latest release, you’re helping put money into their pockets and showing your appreciation to what they do. You’re also consuming their work the way they want you to, so you’re doing your part as an art consumer.

You’ll see the film the way it’s meant to be seen: at the cinema

Most movies are meant to be seen in movie theaters, so by going to one, you can be sure to get the full experience. Some may have a counter-argument to this, including how amazing their home setups can be, but no one can deny that some films are meant to be seen on the big screen and not elsewhere.

Filmmakers are moviegoers as well, so they can also take their hobbies into account when creating a masterpiece. So by not watching certain films in the theaters, you’re really missing out on the whole experience of watching the said films.

So if you’ll really take a good look at the act of going to the movies, it’s still very much worth the effort. It’s a unique experience that we shouldn’t allow to die any time soon.

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