8 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Tantric Yoga

If you’re looking for a new way to relax and boost your wellbeing, tantric yoga may offer you a wonderful spiritual practice. Contrary to popular belief, tantra yoga isn’t associated with tantric sex. It is, however, related to pleasure and growing to be in tune with your body.

In this article, we’ll delve into what is tantric yoga, as well as looking at 6 fantastic benefits of tantric yoga that participants can revel in.

What Is Tantric Yoga?

Tantra yoga is omnipresence and acceptance of everything, non-rejection of nothing, it is the yoga of life. Accepting, first of all, ourselves as we are and then the world as we are. Acceptance does not mean approval, but at this moment the world IS as it is and change is possible only from accepting the present, by accepting reality.

Tantric yoga is a type of yoga practice that is based on the ancient spiritual practice of tantra. In Sanskrit, tantra means weaving together. In essence, by connecting with your energy, you reach a higher sense of self and enlightenment.

6 Benefits Of Tantric Yoga

There are many excellent benefits of tantric yoga. Here are just some ways in which tantra yoga practice can boost your health and wellness.

Connects you to your spiritual side

Tantra yoga practice connects you to your spiritual side by balancing the chakras. This brings you peace and enlightenment. Techniques within tantric yoga, such as The Cobra Breath, enable you to reach a higher state of consciousness while energy flows throughout your body. Taking part in regular tantra yoga classes can help you to connect with your true purpose in life, as well as giving you a deeper sense of yourself.

Enhances flexibility

Tantric yoga is great for your physical body. Regular yoga practice helps to release tension and improve your posture. While you’re practicing tantra yoga, increased levels of blood and oxygen are flowing through your body, helping to cleanse your lymphatic system. Your body will also become more toned and streamlined as you continue your journey with tantric yoga.

Alleviates stress and anxiety

As tantric yoga enables you to practice meditation via the technique of closing your eyes in silence, it helps you to relieve stress and anxiety. Not only that, but tantra yoga encourages you to take a deep breath, aiding relaxation. After a tantric yoga session, you’ll often find that both your mind and body are much calmer.

Improves your sex life

Tantric yoga practice feels good for both physical and emotional support. Even if you enjoy lovemaking with your partner, the art of tantra yoga helps you connect to your body on a deeper level. Many people who regularly practice tantric yoga note their heightened sensations, especially when it comes to sex. The energy that flows throughout your body during yoga practice helps you to experience pleasure like never before. You’ll feel more confident in intimate situations and you’re more likely to feel more intense orgasms. While sex isn’t the main focus of tantra, the rise of energy within the body provides a heightened culmination of release.

Improves the health of your mind

Moving your physical body has an abundance of positivity on the mind. Via tantric yoga, you’re able to release any negative energy that you’ve been holding onto, giving you more mental clarity to reflect and nurture your inner sense of self. Regular participants of this type of yoga report feeling more focused, motivated, and clear-headed so they can move forward with their lives in an accepting and loving manner.

Better circulation

Yoga revives the bloodstream. Specifically, yogic relaxation exercises will stimulate circulation, especially in the hands and feet. Cells get more oxygen. Venous blood leaves the internal organs due to torsions, and when we leave the position, blood full of oxygen enters the organs. Inversions, such as standing on the head, arms, and shoulders, drain blood from the legs and pelvis toward the heart, and further toward the lungs where they take in fresh oxygen.

If your legs are swollen due to heart and kidney problems, these positions or their adjustments could help. Yoga also raises the level of hemoglobin and red blood cells that bring oxygen to the tissues. Platelets become less sticky, while the number of proteins involved in blood clot formation decreases. We are less likely to have a heart attack and stroke.

Proper posture

The head is like a bowling ball – big, round and heavy. If it is above the upright spine, the muscles of the neck and back hold it easily. Tilt your head just inches forward and force your muscles to work overtime. So, who wouldn’t get tired of holding such a ball for eight or even twelve hours a day? Exhaustion is not the only problem here. Poor posture can affect the muscles and joints of the back, neck, and shoulders. If you are constantly hunched over, the body will straighten the otherwise natural curves of the neck and lower back, which in turn can cause pain and degenerative arthritis of the spine.

Gives you time to work on yourself

Western lifestyles are busy, so you may find it difficult to take time out of your schedule for yourself. With tantric yoga, you can unplug from your laptop, phone, and other digital devices to make time for yourself, exploring your spiritual side to connect with others and yourself on a deeper level. Tantra makes you feel the present moment without distraction, so you can begin to understand each part of your body in more depth.

Get started with tantric yoga to feel spiritual liberation

Serious theories of yoga tantra help to strengthen physical and mental health, increase the level of vitality and sexuality. Regular practices help to achieve satisfaction in all areas of activity and prolong the youth of the body.

Now you understand the answer to what tantric yoga is, in addition to the incredible benefits of tantric yoga, you can start to practice. Whether you decide to explore this yoga practice on your own or with the assistance of tantra yoga classes, take your time to explore the emotional and physical rewards that tantric yoga can bring into your life. You can learn more about tantric yoga, it’s benefits, and techniques and positions here.

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