Is Cyberday in Chile Worth It? 7 Ways You’re Doing Cyberday Wrong

What is Cyber Day Chile?

The Santiago Chamber of Commerce organized an online event called Cyber Day. It comprises three days of deals in which online businesses provide higher discounts than the average. Cyber Day is a great way to save money on major categories like home, computers, cell phones, fashion, etc. Cyber Day is identical to Cyber Monday and Black Friday, except that both events take place in October or November.

7 Ways You’re Doing Cyberday Wrong

Online buying has been a blessing and a curse during the Covid-19 pandemic. While services such as supermarket delivery make life easier, perusing internet merchants is a simple habit to develop. You might be itching to shop online as Cyber Day approaches. Here are seven major blunders to avoid while shopping online on Cyber Day:

1. Not making price comparisons

When a product’s price tag indicates 75 percent off, it’s all too tempting to believe it’s worth buying. However, you can’t believe this claim until you know the product’s typical price. To make sure you’re receiving a good deal, look up the pre-sale pricing of the item and compare it to the percentage-off offer.

2. Purchasing something solely based on a discounted price

Avoid impulsive purchases at all costs. You’re more likely to buy something you don’t need if you allow your excitement to get the best of you. Make sure you’ve made a list of the things you want to buy and their pre-sale prices before you start browsing online.

3. Not making a wishlist

To get the finest deals, you must conduct preliminary research. Make a list of what you want, whether it’s a new TV, a laptop computer, or something else, rather than falling for the cheapest offers. Make a list of any specific brands or features you’re looking for so you can jump right to the deals you want.

Are you ready to participate in Cyber Day Chile 2024? On, you’ll find great deals and online offers on a wide range of products. You must be vigilant not to miss any of the internet deals and to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase anything you intend to acquire.

4. Avoiding delivery fees

Before making any purchases during Cyber Day, check the shipping costs. You can avoid paying additional fees this way. Shipping costs vary depending on the retailer. Check for online companies that provide free shipping whenever possible to save money. Some online shops provide free shipping vouchers that you can use to reduce your shipping costs. Don’t forget to read the shipping terms and rules to see how long it takes to deliver and if there are any additional fees for international delivery.

5. Not reading the return policy

When shopping online, it is critical to read the return policy. Although some return policies stipulate that returns be free of charge, returning an item can be costly. The store’s return policy should be clearly stated. You must be aware of the site’s return policies and the time limit for returning an item.

6. Being duped by con artists

Regrettably, Cyber Day is also a cybercriminal’s dream come true. While you’re buying many things in a short amount of time, crooks have plenty of possibilities to steal your credit card information or identity. These con artists can mimic emails provided by online businesses to fool you into opening attachments or clicking links.

Contact the retailer through their website to ensure that the email you got is authentic. Scammers frequently utilize pop-ups and advertisements to entice you to fall into their trap. Anything that appears too good to be true should be avoided at all costs. Use your best judgment at all times.

7. Avoiding security measures

Ensure you take essential cybersecurity safeguards paying little heed to where you buy. Con artists and hackers know that you are sharing a great deal of personal data close to this season, and you would rather not make it any simpler for them to exploit you.

  • On unprotected Wi-Fi networks, never reveal account or personal information. You can sit in a coffee shop and look at a wonderful deal online, but you shouldn’t buy something on a public network. You never know who might be lurking nearby, waiting to take your data.
  • When surfing the Internet, be cautious not to click on a bogus website. Scammers will attempt to imitate your favorite retailer’s website.
  • To protect yourself from identity thieves, make sure HTTPS is in your address bar while entering payment information. SSL, an Internet security protocol, secures URLs that begin with HTTPS rather than the normal HTTP.
  • When shopping online, try to avoid using a debit card. Cyber hackers could acquire access to your actual bank account and take money if there is a breach. While you will most likely receive the money-back, it may result in check bounces or other cash-flow issues in the short term.
  • For online purchases, use only one credit card. This will also limit your exposure in the event of a crisis. If you use numerous credit cards during the season, replacing one is easier than replacing two or three.
  • Be extremely cautious of any unsolicited email or text offers! Scammers will send you an email that looks like it came from your favorite retailer, but it’s a scam designed to steal your information or trick you into downloading malware. It’s far better to delete that email, go to a real website, and then determine whether or not to buy something.
  • Prior to putting in an order, look for a client support number and ensure it works. In the event that you can’t find a client support number or an actual location for the organization with which you’re going to share data, that is a huge warning sign.


Cyber Day shopping entails a straightforward purchasing process that comes with substantial savings. However, if you commit any of the following errors, it might become a nightmare. So keep these tips in mind the next time you browse for Cyber Day deals online. The preceding points will save you money and safeguard your data.

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