Top 10 Occasions To Give Flowers And Never Go Wrong With The Gift

Flowers are truly magical. Can you name any other thing that would brighten up the room as effectively as fresh blooms do? Hardly. With their incredible vibrancy of colors coupled with delicious fragrance and innate natural delicacy, flowers are a sight to behold. A single bunch of chamomiles would effortlessly bring joy and warmth to any occasion, making everyone, who casts a glance at them, smile and indulge in pleasant reminiscences.

Just like jewels, flowers are a gift that can hardly be denied. Occasions are indeed different, but no matter what event is to be celebrated, an elegant bouquet is the best way to make the special day even better.

Who can be less than delighted when witnessing a tantalizing display of well-arranged flowers? Whether you are congratulating your best friend on their next achievement, attending a noisy birthday bash, or celebrating family bonds on National Parents’ Day – whatever the occasion, the significance of just-cut blooms cannot be underestimated.

Here are a handful of important occasions when the beauty and meaningfulness of flowers cannot go unnoticed.


Blowing candles on a birthday cake is always fun. From your baby’s first birthday party to your sister’s legal age celebration, completing yet another tour around the Sun cannot be truly joyful without vibrant buds. From delightful gift baskets to awe-inspiring bouquets of roses and custom floral arrangements, international flower delivery services like allow you to send a significant bestowal to your loved ones if you, for some reason, cannot give it personally.


The commemoration of years of togetherness is always special. The day when you tied the knot and exchanged oaths of eternal love and loyalty is something to remember fondly in the course of a lifetime. What is a better way to show your unfading affection than by an amazing bouquet? A wedding anniversary is yet another chance to fall in love with your spouse again, and yet again, get convinced that your choice was fiendishly right. A luscious bunch of red roses will speak volumes about your deep feelings.


Thanksgiving Eve is always a day of happiness and cheer. Originated in the United States, this glorious holiday has gradually spread all over the world. The exchange of flowers and lovely gifts is a wonderful way to celebrate the magic of this epic occasion. A bouquet of flowers symbolizing unity, friendship, and respect, for instance, yellow chrysanthemums or roses, is truly apt for this circumstance.

Friendship Holiday

From supporting you during hard times to making you smile when you are bored and cheering you up when you feel bad, your friends are great people who love you the way you are. National Friendship Day is marked on the first Sunday in August in the USA, encouraging people throughout the country to connect with friends and share the sparkle of a strong connection. You can show how much your friend means to you by giving them a pretty bunch of flowers. Yellow, orange, pink, or purple blooms are a sure-shot way to say “I am proud of having such a friend as you”


Obtaining a new apartment or house is a significant milestone that must be celebrated in style. Whether the occasion is marked with throwing a large shindig, or it is just a small gathering of cronies only, a fabulous bouquet will add more festivity to the ambiance.

Baby Showers

The period of pregnancy is filled with sweet anticipations and reveries. No other occasion compares to a baby birth in terms of significance and joy. There are so many symbolic blooms to celebrate the beginnings of a newborn baby. White and tenderly pink roses are all-time favorites at baby showers because they signify purity, innocence, and a new life. Peonies, daffodils, and sunflowers are great picks for newborn baby arrangements as well.

Get-Well Soon

If your friend or loved one is feeling under the weather, you can elevate their morale with a beautiful get-well-soon floral arrangement. Flowers are natural delights and will put anyone in a good mood. Such designs are often coupled with cute teddy bears, colorful balloons, and other personalized gifts to wish a speedy recovery to a dear person and express that you do care.

Graduation Ceremonies

Receiving a diploma and becoming a qualified professional is one of the biggest days in a person’s life. What is a greater way to celebrate this event than with a spectacular graduation bouquet? Send the yesterday’s student a classy hand-crafted arrangement to show your enormous pride and share this incredible moment with them.

Marriage Proposals

When you are ready to pop the question, words may not come very easy to you. Do not worry. A fascinating bouquet can do most of the talking and help make the proposal utterly romantic. You can declare your love with red roses, pink lilies, gentle daisies, or white orchids – flowers are so various, yet none of them ever fails to deliver doses of romance to the occasion.

Business Gifting

Corporate gifts make gallant gestures of gratefulness and respect. Whether you want to thank your coworker for guiding you during the onboarding, show your admiration to your clever boss, or send a token of your appreciation to a valuable client, a posh floral arrangement for the office is the way to go. By sending them a tasteful corporate floral gift, you not only bring a splash of color to the office routine but also inspire them to face the challenges of a business with a light heart.

A dainty bouquet can complement any occasion. Whether you are ordering an arrangement online with an international delivery service, or pick it from a local florist, the joy of receiving fresh blooms is overwhelming.

Flower Sending Etiquette

While fresh blooms are a desired gift for a bevy of life circumstances, there are a few rules of etiquette to consider when giving an arrangement on a certain occasion.

Flower type

  • While there are no strict rules on which flower species to give, certain floral types or colors may not be appropriate for a particular occasion. Red roses usually send a signal of love and adoration, so avoid sending such stems to a person who is not very close to you.
  • Bright colors are not very apt for sorrowful bouquets.
  • Vibrant hues work best for happy occasions and milestones, like birthdays, career promotions, and proposals.
  • When you want to thank someone, choose their favorite flower or favorite color to make your gratitude more personal and sincere.


  • Floral arrangements are not allowed in some hospitals, so if you are sending a bouquet to a medical facility, make sure flowers are allowed there. Local florists usually know which hospitals accept and prohibit floral gifts.
  • While many people choose to address sympathy arrangements directly to funeral homes, the etiquette recommends sending flowers to the family’s home afterward. You can even wait a week or two to let the grieving family know that you are there for help.
  • Everyone expects to receive lovely bourgeons on an occasion, but getting a gorgeous bouquet “all of a sudden” is more impactful.
  • Even if you forget about an occasion and remember about it sometime later, sending a bouquet would not go amiss, just make sure to add a hand-written card explaining why the celebration slept your memory.

Consider the recipient

  • Large-sized bouquets may look ridiculous in small rooms and offices. If your recipient shares a room with somebody else, make sure their mate will not mind having blooms in the interior.
  • Before sending flowers, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and ask yourself how you would feel to receive such a gift. This way you will be sure that the arrangement is appropriate.
  • Do a little research before sending an arrangement to people from different cultures. In some countries, there are stigmas against certain floral species or colors. Make sure there will be no misunderstanding between you and your recipient, and both of you will be happy with the flowers.
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