What Type of Flowers Should I Give to People With Allergies?

Flowers are an indispensable part of every home: in rooms and on balconies, terraces, or in gardens. Everyone enjoys and loves flowers. Plants use their aesthetic characteristics to attract people as well. We express different emotions with flowers – love, respect, gratitude, affection, and sympathy. Even in the most difficult moments of life, at the funerals of close and dear people, flowers can replace words and instead express sadness for the deceased and sympathy and support for the bereaved family.

Unlike the fake smiles presented to us by many social networks, flower boxes, as well as flowers in a vase, really bring genuine happiness. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the most common answer to the question: “why do we love flowers so much”. However, it is important to pay attention to which flowers should be given to a certain person, as well as to take into account the story. Also, there are people who are allergic to pollen, but at the same time are lovers of ornamental plants and flowers. Now we just have to read below which flowers are the best to choose in that case.


The rose is without a doubt the queen among flowers and we are sure that there is no person who remains indifferent to their beauty. In addition, the rose pollen particles are large enough that the wind can’t blow them away, so they don’t irritate those with allergies. Although this flower is a symbol of love, it can also convey other messages and emotions. For example, a white rose symbolizes purity and peace, innocence, tenderness, and goodness. We don’t have to say much about red because it is a symbol of love, lust, and strength. As it symbolizes beauty and courage, it is no surprise that a bouquet of red flowers is not rejected. Purple color represents dignity, pride, and success and is an excellent choice for occasions such as graduation or promotion at work. For younger people, choose pink flowers, which are a symbol of happiness and youth.


Carnations have rich symbolism and mythology. Today, they can be found in a wide variety of colors, from red, yellow, white, purple, and even green, and while they generally express love, fascination, and identification, almost every color carries a unique and rich association. It is mass-cultivated for obtaining cut flowers, and making flower arrangements. It less often participates in floral arrangements in green areas. If you are allergic to pollen, choose this flower. Country Greenery brings you more about flowers for people with alergies.


This beautiful flower is spread all over the globe. It is grown in many gardens mainly because of its beautiful flowers of various colors. It is equally beautiful in gardens, as well as in bouquets of fresh flowers. Iris is often a symbol of dignity, inspiration, glory, and courage. Blue iris encourages daydreaming and imagination, easy life, and happiness. Yellow iris means passion. Iris does not depend on the wind. The sloping flower shells are perfectly designed to lure the bumblebee deep into the flower where the nectar feast is and where it collects the sticky pollen with its legs and carries it to the next flower. It is precisely for this reason that it is suitable as a gift for those who are allergic to pollen.


Succulents are a wonderful decoration for any home and are a perfect choice for a gift for those who like to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and a nice environment, but are allergic to flowers. Succulents are plants that store water in their large and swollen fleshy leaves. The leaves of these plants have a protective layer that preserves moisture, which allows them to survive in an environment where other plants cannot. So, with very little care, you will have a perfect decoration!


The sunflower flower is perfect decoration for any garden, and it can also be your living room. This flower brings cheerfulness and is loved by people who are playful by nature, love nature, and are grateful to it for the natural beauty that surrounds us. The sunflower flower will fit perfectly into any home, whether you plan to keep it in a vase on the table or in a large vase next to the sofa.


The orchid symbolizes the desire for success and uniqueness. This delicate flower, in accordance with its appearance, can symbolize love, refined beauty, romance, eroticism, and the desire for intimacy. Orchids are often given as gifts to women in labor and the sick to wish them a speedy recovery. It is perfect for those who do not like to take care of their flowers every day because they are watered very rarely, as well as for those who are bothered by pollen.

How to deal with a plant you love, but to which you are allergic?

When taking care of the plants, rubber gloves are needed to protect the hands. After touching the plant, hands should be washed well. If you have noticed that a plant causes an allergy, remove it from the room, and thoroughly clean the room and furniture. If you are allergic to ficus, you can be sure that you are also allergic to other plants from the same group, such as anthurium.

Final thoughts

The purpose of giving flowers is to convey a certain emotion. Each flower has its own meaning, and likewise, the color of the flowers has its own meaning. While one color can symbolize happiness and joy, another can symbolize jealousy, while a third color can be a sign of love and passion. Before you send a bouquet of flowers, you need to know what message you are sending to the recipient based on the colors of the flowers you have decided to combine in your bouquet.

It’s a real pain when you love flowers, but you have to avoid them because they irritate you. Fortunately, there are many species that do not cause allergic reactions. Some of the most fragrant garden plants, which you will immediately suspect of causing allergies, are not at all. Flowers such as camellias, lilies, and roses do not have wind-dispersed pollen and do not affect people suffering from allergies.

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