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Top 5 Best Teen Romance Movies On Netflix

Teenage years are the years when emotions are raw and powerful, leaving an impression for a long period of time. During that age, many experience thier first crush, first love, numerous vulnerabilities, butterflies in the stomach, and it is the time when it is the easiest for even the smallest things to get teenagers excited. Also, there come rejection and major heartbreak. Many people are glad that their teenage years are over, but for some reason many are drawn to movies about teenagers. Call it nostalgia, or the need to enjoy a heart-tugging romance, or just a movie which uses high school as a metaphor for society, people enjoy watching teen romance movies. We made a list of the best 5 teen romace movies on Netflix, so take a look, you just might find something to add to your watch list.

1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

The New York Times best-selling YA novel with the same title, was an inspiration for the first movie on our list, named To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The movie tells a story of Lara Jean (played by Lana Condor), a hard-working teenage girl whose life gets turned upside down, once her childhood love letters become exposed.

2. The Kissing Booth (2018)

This American teen romantic comedy is also based on the novel of the same title by Beth Reekles. Two best friends, Elle and Lee, were born at the same time in the same hospital in Los Angeles, and they create rules to maintain their friendship, including the one where they are forbidden from dating each other’s relatives. Everything gets complicated once Elle and Lee’s older brother Noah share a passionate kiss and start seeing each other secretly.

3. The Edge Of Seventeen (2016)

Nadine’s high-school life is everything but great: she is struggling with a mostly-absent mother, a snarky teacher, and the fact that her best friend is dating her brother. While she’s feeling alone and sad, there comes Hayden who will help her build her confidence.

4. The Perfect Date (2019)

A Netflix original, this teenage romantic comedy movie tells a story of Brooks Rattigan who dreams of getting into Yale. Despite being academically qualified enough, he doesn’t have any extracurricular activity to show, nor he has enough money for the college he wants. He then, with a help of his programmer friend Murph, creates an app where anyone can hire him as the perfect (fake) boyfriend. Everything seems to be going well until he falls for one of his clients.

5. Dumplin’ (2018)

This movie has a self-love and self-empowerment message. Willowdean, or as her mother likes to call her Dumplin’, is the plus-size teenage daughter of a former beauty queen. Dumplin’ signs up for a beauty pageant to spite her mother, but her action seem to take on a new meaning. She realizes that she has inspired others to follow her steps, and revolutionize the pageant. The movie is based on a novel of the same name by Jilie Murphy.

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