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15 Best DD-WRT Router 2024 – Best WiFi Router Guide

Some might say that connection is better streamlined with the best DD-WRT router. So did you think that wireless connection ends with the wireless router itself?

For an ordinary Internet user, the complexities of a DD-WRT router are beyond reach. And that’s fine until you want to upgrade to advanced features.

If you’re looking for custom open-source firmware, you’re right about buying a DD-WRT router in 2024.

Buying a router that has this kind of configuration is like taking a step forward. Your typical wireless router needs a boost, right?

A DD-WRT router is a firmware downloadable on routers to improve functionality. Seems transparent enough, doesn’t it? I’ll get into the details later on. But for now, I’d like you to look at the top 10 choices for the best DD-WRT router in the industry.

Best DD-WRT Router 2024

Most buyers usually do their research online before walking into a store. You want to get the specifics just right the first time. And with a product this intricate, you can’t afford to make any mistakes.

Buying a wireless router firmware requires certain protocols that you must follow. That said, this to-the-point comparison table will let you know what’s best for you. While the detailed comparison below will let you know why.

DD-WRT Router Name

Our rating

Wi-Fi Bandwidth

Unique Feature

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200

#1 (Editor choice)

3,200 Mbps Genie software setup wizard
​ASUS AC5300 ASUS AC5300


5,334 Mbps Specialized gaming technology
​NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900


1,900 Mbps Broadcom TurboQAM
​TP-Link N600 TP-Link N600


600 Mbps WAN to LAN throughput
​D-Link AC3200 D-Link AC3200


2 x 1,300 Mbps + 600 Mbps Intelligent QoS traffic optimization
Linksys AC1900Linksys AC1900


1,900 Mbps Additional open-source firmware


3,167 Mbps NitroQAM technology
​Netgear AC1450 Netgear AC1450


975 Mbps Beamforming+ technology
​ASUS AC1200​ASUS AC1200


1200 Mbps AiRadar and AiCloud technology
Netgear N900Netgear N900


900 Mbps Apple Time Machine compatible

Our Top 10 DD-WRT router Recommendations:

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 – One of the Fastest DD-WRT Tri-Band Routers on the Market

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200

The NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 is an upgraded and versatile router. With tri-band operations and Genie software, this best DD-WRT router beats all. The interface for both installation and overall performance is very impressive. I loved the high-grade security this router offers to most users.

The best part about this router is the fact that it offers 3,200 Mbps bandwidth no matter when. It even boasts of both manual and automatic configurations.

Starting with the design of the router, it offers a sleek and angular build. The geometrically lined grille has a neat, beast-like appearance. The 13 LEDs at the bottom provide clear notifications for when the bands and ports are activated. Lastly, the six durable antennas help achieve great signals for speedy performance.

For setup, it takes not more than 5 minutes, thanks to the powerful Genie software setup wizard. All you have to do is connect the router to your computer and log into its main website. It does just about everything for you. It’s that straightforward and efficient.

Another of its useful features is the use of a unique network name and code. This keeps unsecured network connections out of the way.

The router also comes with a handy USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. So you can easily connect this router to a hard drive or a printer. If you’re worried about security, it has an upgraded setup.

With all the latest security features, it includes WPA2/Enterprise encryption. Moving forward, it also supports Stateful Packet Inspection and Network Address Translation firewalls. So it’s not just about the popular V
irtual Private Network connection.

To be frank, inside this best DD-WRT router is a sitting beast. It runs on a 1-GHz processor and has an impressive flash storage space. So you can store the firmware, passwords, and settings without thinking twice. For the price you pay, this router is one of the best DD-WRT routers out there.

Residential routers have little or no latency, am I right? Buying something with a high tri-band connection and control is way harder than expected. That’s why this DD-WRT fits so well. It offers an easy setup, high-speed performance, and better control. So you can allow the highest Wi-Fi speed on a few devices while restricting connection on the others.

There’s a lot to gain from a router this efficient and advanced.

Be that as it may, this router might not be the best at everything. The Wi-Fi range runs a bit short when compared with other tri-band routers. Rest assured, it’s one of the fastest DD-WRT routers I’ve seen.


  • Easy setup and interface
  • ​Dual USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports
  • Excellent LEDs feature


  • Lacks upgraded Wi-Fi range

2. ASUS AC5300 – Best DD-WRT Router for Professional Gamers

Best DD-WRT Router for Professional Gamers

The ASUS AC5300 Wireless boasts of dynamic technical features. When it comes to wireless connectivity and specifications, it’s a fair competitor.

The external eight antennas offer high-quality performance while eliminating collisions. Such acceleration in transfer rates helps this best DD-WRT router every time. All thanks to the 4T4R configuration of the antennas.

That said, this router would be perfect for hardcore gamers. It features MU-MIMO technology that offers multiple user input and output. Consider this beast as something you’d use to specialize in gaming on a whole new level. It supports 4K video streaming, whether you’re using it at home or in the office. It features dual USB ports with a transfer rate capacity of 5-GHz.

<iframe width=”1180″ height=”664″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

The 3 Wi-Fi bands offer versatile speeds up to 1,000, 2,167, and 5,300 Mbps. It comes with a built-in 2.4-GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi range. Based on the kind of gadget you use the Wi-Fi range can be high or lower. This all depends on the software and wireless interference of the device.

The AiProtection wireless security technology keeps you well and away from online threats. It’s evolved into a multi-stage security system to prevent malicious threats and site blocking.

So all your data and digital playground are always secure and accessible. The router comes with a handy mobile app with a better-streamlined interface. So you can handle real-time traffic and security settings right from the app. Watch the following video for a quick overview:

If you’re looking for an advanced along with a gaming-specific router, this has lots to offer. Local security threats and network monitoring as its biggest strengths. You will also find solace in its high-speed wireless connection and USB storage sharing.

It’s a feature-extensive package with multiple configuration settings to look forward. So if you’re a newcomer to DD-WRT routers, this purchase will be your first and last.

Let’s not dig into every feature of this best DD-WRT router. Let’s look at just the basics. With great AiProtection and fast connection, it is the benchmark for local firmware. Once you buy it, you won’t feel the need for using third party firmware. Thanks to the hardware and mobile app, it is comparatively very valuable.

Be that as it may, this DD-WRT router has an enormous footprint compared to other tri-band routers. It even lacks a proper wall mount so keeping it on a large platform can be a bit inconvenient.


  • Microtrend router protection
  • High-speed processors
  • Fast Wi-Fi range


  • A tad bit too bulky for storage

3. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 –Best Performance DD-WRT Router on the Market

Best Performance DD-WRT Router on the Market

There’s nothing about the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 that you won’t love. It features 1900 Mbps Wi-Fi capacity, thanks to its dual-core 1-GHz processor. It’s one of the best deals to find. Especially if you’re looking for beamforming reliability and 100% robust streaming prioritization.

This best DD-WRT router is the exemplary model for its Dynamic QoS streaming features. It comes with durable amplifiers and active external antennas.

The user-friendly interface, cutting-edge performance, and skill are hard to beat. Not to mention, the 100% wireless coverage makes it perfect for all types of gaming. If that’s what you’re into!

For the price you pay, it offers plenty of features like the built-in OpenVPN server. That’s what make the Nighthawk one of the best DD-WRT routers.

With an impressive wireless cap of 600 Mbps, it has third-party firmware support. Along with this feature, the external storage makes back-up and performance
more transparent.

The design, being enormous, demands better power and stability than the others. This means you have a simple, but very effectual plug-and-play installation.

The detachable antennas make it easy to make it stay flat or stand vertically. It even features a wall-mountable design to reduce platform space on your desk.

This is an excellent router if you want dual-band connection. Also, if you want your existing Wi-Fi router to connect to all Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets. The dual-core CPU, flash memory, and DDR RAM make all the difference. The hardware not only boasts of accuracy but takes the front to enhance web experience.

Additional features include dual USB ports, HD streaming, and live parental controls.

The biggest talking point about this router is how much it can handle. If you have many Wi-Fi clients in your home, and your current standard router cannot take the workload, it’s time to upgrade.

Nowadays, people are connecting their home security, stereo system, and even the thermostat to Wi-Fi. It’s a part of the whole “home infrastructure” system. Everything can and will always remain connected. And you will not be able to stay connected with a basic Wi-Fi router. You need something upgraded, advanced, and sturdy.

Be that as it may, the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 takes up plenty of space. Its large, strapping design is too big for some at-home offices or other workplaces.


  • Exceptional wireless performance
  • ​Speedy Wi-Fi range
  • Durable external antennas


  • It is too big in size

4. TP-Link N600 – Best DD-WRT Router for Home Use

Best DD-WRT Router for Home Use

TP-Link is popular for offering cost-effective products to everyone. The TP-Link N600 is yet another stellar creation with dual-band connection. It comes with a 300 Mbps range with 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz processing power. It offers dual USB ports, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and a WPS button.

You can transfer and print media easily over the internet. The gigabit ports provide seamless and speedy transfer speeds. And thanks to the WAN to LAN throughput, this router offers blazing fast performance. Another one of its convincing benefits is acting as an FTP server. So this keeps the router secure and efficient right out of the box.

Speaking about its interface, it’s fairly intuitive and well-patterned. It might not be as feature-extensive as other models, but it lets you customize whatever you want. It’s a basic, but useful step-up to other wireless routers. Why? It’s because the thing is capable of operating versatile Wi-Fi clients with a faster connection.

Every single affordable DD-WRT router comes with single GHz performance. But this router can handle both at the same time. The third-party firmware installation with this router makes connections stable. Any lagging or buffering is right out the window.

The LED light panels show crystal-clear operation status, so you’re never left in the dark. There’s breathable ventilation in the router. This allows better usability and no excessive heat build-up.

Sometimes, product’s come cheap with a purpose. In this case, the TP-Link N600 offers basic but streamlined features. It’s a dependable model with features that you would want for the long run. You can customize as much as you want. Download a stable third-party firmware for enhanced performance. And create a guest network all in a day’s work.

If you want blazing fast speed among your at-home and handheld devices, this one is for you.

Be that as it may, this best DD-WRT router lacks versatility. It’s not as advanced and precise as it should be for a DD-WRT setup. But if simple yet incredibly practical is what you’re looking for, then it’s a good match.


  • Consistent Wi-Fi connection
  • Easy installation and setup


  • Lacks advanced features

5. D-Link AC3200 – Best DD-WRT Router for Better Wireless Range

Best DD-WRT Router for Better Wireless Range

Ever used a tri-band DD-WRT router with blazing fast internet? The D-Link AC3200 offers dual 1,300 Mbps and dual 600 Mbps. This is possible because of its three high-powered wireless bands. A beast it rightfully is but not without a proper price tag.

It offers better design and performance. And I’m confident you’ll love its attractive shape and glossy finish. The ventilation is plenty to keep the internal hardware under normal temperature. Regardless of its upgraded hardware feature, heating is not going to be a problem.

For connection ports, the router has USB 2.0 and 3.0. And the 4 gigabit Ethernet ports allow seamless network hardware connection.

The high-end configuration and setup are hard to beat. It has exceptional network storage speeds with a smooth management interface. The six high-powered external antennas and 6 LED indicators offer high usability. It also comes with a reset button, Wi-Fi protection, and SmartConnect technology.

This technology when coupled with Beamforming technology offers stellar wireless connection. It also steers wireless-enabled devices with maximum bandwidth while promising a strong signal reception. What most consumers missed out on in standard routers, this best DD-WRT router grants.

The router also offers a well-streamlined web-based management interface. This ensures faster installation, usability, and maintenance.

Nowhere will you find a console this advanced and easy to configure. It’s only a matter of time before you start customizing the router according to your needs. In matters of speed, this router fairs well. It has the tricks to outperform higher-end models. Features like parental controls, website filtering, and beamforming make all the difference.

It’s not easy to buy a DD-WRT router. In fact, most of the consumers out there don’t know what they’re buying when they’re buying. For the less tech-savvy buyers out there, you need something to boost wireless connection. It doesn’t have to appear with a Wi-Fi router magically.

Without proper web-based configuration on your end, even an upgraded router won’t work. It’s supposed to be two-way communication between your laptop and router. So my only suggestion would be to upgrade your existing Wi-Fi clients before replacing it with a DD-WRT router.

Be that as it may, this best DD-WRT router has its drawbacks. It lacks seamless web interface configuration settings. Once installed it might seem difficult to configure. But you will eventually get the hang of its features.


  • Speedy Wi-Fi connection
  • Eye-catching design


  • Configuration features aren’t great

6. Linksys AC1900 – Excellent Dual-Band Networking DD-WRT Router

Linksys AC1900

As far as performance goes, the Linksys AC1900 Router is a class apart. It offers 1,900 Mbps with 1.6-GHz dual-core processing power. It offers an impressive range and an easy setup. To be fair, it is Linksys’s best wireless router yet. So there’s a lot of new features and upgrades this best DD-WRT router boasts of.

The OpenWRT and DD-WRT open-source firmware make all the difference. It packs a faster CPU and client performance. The router also comes with 256MB RAM alongside 128MB of flash. The TRENDnet component also features an additional 16MB of flash for extra safekeeping. So what’s so great about this dual-band wireless router?

This router offers higher-grade network storage performance than some NAS servers. This makes it worth the custom firmware installation. The interface is tedious to follow, especially when you’re a newcomer to DD-WRT routers. But the setup instructions guide gets you through anyhow. As for the nerdy features, this wireless router offers them all.

It offers incredible memory for high-speed streaming and data transfers. The four external adjustable antennas promise better signal strength and coverage. It boosts the dual-band connection for multiple users. Plus, the overall design has a solid feel to it for long-lasting use.

If you want to use the router right out of the box, it does offer default settings. But considering how efficient and accurate this router is, I highly doubt you’d want to do that.

The web interface allows local and home network configuration. It even gives you permission to create a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account for free. So with remote configuration, you can log into the web interface from wherever you are. For better accessibility, it comes with a handy mobile app to manage router settings. If you need help setting up this router, check out this video:

Do you move a lot? Buying a wireless router for high signal strength when you move into a bigger apartment means throwing out the old one. But you wouldn’t want to do that, right?

This best DD-WRT router is excellent for small and big homes. It’s very fast and offers a good wireless range from every corner. The configuration of this router is 100% foolproof for a variety of conditions. It works well for multistory homes as well.

This router leaves behind a few great customizations of other dedicated DD-WRT routers. Its current but upgraded firmware lacks clear-cut configurations to suit professionals.


  • Impressive networking firmware
  • Compelling data transfers and performance


  • Lacks customizable settings for configurations
  • Might be difficult to setup for first timer users

7. ASUS RT-AC88U – Complete Home and Business Network Security


ASUS offers an excellent range of networking routers. They’re not just known for their graphic cards and motherboards. That said, the ASUS RT-AC88U Wireless-AC3100 is a big deal in the networking world. It is the second gaming-specific wireless router. It even features a couple of game-driven customizations to enhance its performance.

Starting with the design, this router looks more hardcore than other models. It stands out, despite its standard red/black design. The multiple LED indicators offer easy accessibility. It includes power, WAN connectivity, WPS, USB port, and much more.

The router comes with 2.4 and 5-GHz dual processing power. The four external antenna and Broadcom chipset feature make all the difference. The NitroQAM feature offers a broader bandwidth than any other model. According to statistics, this feature provides an incredible boost in compatibility and performance.

The MU-MIMO technology serves all types of Wi-Fi clients. But only if they offer MU-MIMO compatible configurations. A Wi-Fi DD-WRT router transmits a strong signal strength without burning up the cables is a good thing. The compatible ASUS offers multiple Gigabit and USB ports. It’s even in sync with its precise user interface to eliminate any lagging.

Thanks to its upgraded Broadcom technology and the dual-core processor, this router offers 3,167 Mbps speed. It’s the best pro-consumer DD-WRT router out there.

The seamless and well-refined features offer incredible scalability. It squeezes through both basic and complex wireless requirements. Plus, installing and updating the firmware is not a hassle. It’s streamlined and easy to handle.

For anyone complaining about not getting enough wireless range, this best DD-WRT router seems like an excellent fit. All in all, it’s one of the fastest and most powerful routers on the market.

Not having full control over Internet access is a complete disappointment, right? Well, with this router you have 100% Wireless Performance protection. What I mean is that you can set security protocols on multiple wireless SSID names that you create. You can enable WPS and even use the wireless bridge settings to your benefit.

Other settings include URL filtering, keyword filtering, and VPN configuration. It’s a very useful router that lets you monitor and manage proper settings.

The ASUS lacks a fast data transfer speed. It’s slower than our top competitors on the market. A minor drawback considering how powerful this router is. But it ranks high due to its wireless performance.


  • Extensive user management features
  • MU-MIMO technology


  • Low data transfer speeds

8. Netgear AC1450 – Best for Monitoring and Controlling Home Network

Best for Monitoring and Controlling Home Network

The Netgear AC1450 is a smart and efficient DD-WRT router. It offers dual-band fast data streaming properties. Supporting 475 Mbps at 2.4-GHz and 975 Mbps at 5-GHz, this router is built to last. In addition to the wireless range, the 802.11ac compatibility is also very impressive.

Not only that, but this best DD-WRT router also supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi ranges. The auto-sensing technology and dual-core processor work together to offer you better connectivity. How? The gigabit Ethernet ports, WAN ports, and USB ports feature enhanced speed and range.

It even offers Beamforming technology to enhance signal range across multiple Wi-Fi clients. I think this feature helps build a sound basis for first-timers. Experts know more than a thing or two about this technology. So for them, this router is a must-buy.

The USB ports allow easy printer and hard drive accessibility. For faster data transfers, the router comes with impressive flash memory. That is 128 MB flash memory coupled with 256MB RAM.

This wireless router ranks high when it comes to Wi-Fi range and scalability. What it’s great at is monitoring and controlling certain areas of wireless connection. You can diagnose, repair, and set up certain networks. It even has its very own genie app to stay connected always.

So what is this DD-WRT router good for? It’s ideal for HD streaming, gaming, and downloading. It even comes equipped with QoS technology to offer better performance. The three internal antennas help with space and power savings. So energy-efficient and modern is imminent.

If you’re wondering about security, the router features SPI and NAT firewall. Plus, it has a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack prevention. Using standard routers is frustrating unless you know the technical drills to secure the firmware. But that too is not 100% accurate and reliable. This kind of expert technology will keep all your devices out of harm’s way.

I would recommend you connect all Wi-Fi clients via the Ethernet port. Why? Despite possessing a strong wireless range, this router drops signals at times. Pushing the router’s signal range with an Ethernet connection is ideal.

Rest assured, the signal comes back on board in less than 10 seconds. So you get instant wireless access.

Be that as it may, the Netgear AC1450 doesn’t hold a connection from time to time. It gives away the signal for a couple of seconds, especially with multiple devices.


  • Extensive features
  • ​Simple, durable design
  • Instant wireless access


  • Lacks a stronger signal strength

9. ASUS AC1200 – Best DD-WRT Router for High-Quality Streaming and Connection


The ASUS AC1200 offers better hardware than other dedicated DD-WRT routers. It’s similar to its previous version, but a bit more extensive and durable. The high-powered Broadcom processor makes all the difference. Backed by almost 1,00 Mbps output and a USB 3.0 port, this is the best DD-WRT router for most people.

The sleek black design can be placed anywhere. It doesn’t interfere with performance. Also, an additional USB module for better accessibility is impressive. If you’re looking for an affordable router with great settings, this is the one to get.

It has the best DD-WRT-compatible technology on board. You can connect it with more than 5 Wi-Fi clients, and it won’t budge. Plus, the AiRadar feature expands with a strong signal range for consistent use.

The two features of this router, AiRadar, and AiCloud offer incredible usability. They help you reach the highest wireless peaks and let you customize as well. The latter offers upgraded file streaming capability to any device.

This is faster and more reliable than what other providers have to offer. So if you have a heavy work load, nothing can stop you from achieving the kind of speed you deserve.

When people demand expert network speed on more than one device, it’s nothing standard. You need a stable, streamlined, and rugged router for it. Nothing else will do. That’s exactly why you need this best DD-WRT router. It packs a solid punch despite its affordable price. And the 802.11ac compatibility and 1200 Mbps speed are evidence of that.

If the performance-price ratio is important to you, the ASUS AC1200 is perfect. It is neither too powerful and nor is it too expensive. It offers the ideal blend of price and quality for people looking for it. If you ask me, stable and valuable is what this best DD-WRT router represents.

Be that as it may, this router lacks fast performance. It’s not a surprise considering how budget-friendly the router is. But if you’re looking for a feature-packed router, this is an excellent solution.


  • Easy to use
  • ​Compact and portable
  • Strong signal compatibility


  • Not as fast as other contenders

10. Netgear N900 – Best DD-WRT router for security and monitoring

Netgear N900

It’s true that the Netgear N900 is an upgraded pick. It comes with better Wi-Fi range, dual USB ports, and USB access. You will also enjoy the personalized genie dashboard for matchless controls. This router has a look, feel, and function of a dedicated DD-WRT router. It comes with a user-friendly design and interface.

If you’re an expert at buying wireless routers, this will impress you. It features up to 900 Mbps internet speed. The dual-band processor keeps the wireless range in check. You also have wireless access to practically anything you want. From USB storage to sharing files through an open printer network. This coupled with full VPN support makes the Netgear N900 an unbeatable router.

The router is also equipped with a host of features. Supporting Gigabit connection, LED indicators, and guest networks. What I liked most about this router is that it makes the most common features of a router stand out. The Broadcom processor, ReadySHARE technology, and extended storage make all the difference.

The ReadySHARE feature offers both print and USB access via the Internet. So you can connect and share the features of print. While with USB access, you store and access efficiently.

For all first timers, the Apple Time Machine compatibility is like finding treasure. It opens up a whole new world of Internet accessibility and usage. The built-in QoS and gigabit configuration make performance easy and efficient. Meanwhile, you can have stellar security controls with web filtering.

It includes parental controls, URL filtering, guest networks, and WPA/WPA2 support. So if you’re thinking about security, this router has it all.

This router connects up to 11 Wi-Fi clients at once. Still, it delivers consistent and seamless wireless connections. The router runs high with future firmware updates. So why won’t you buy it right away?

Be that as it may, the Netgear N900 lacks strong design features for portability. The mounting platform of the router is not detachable, which makes positioning the router a bit difficult.


  • Better privacy and security features
  • Supports printer and USB accessibility


  • Poor quality hardware

DD-WRT Router Buyer’s Guide

DD-WRT Router

Let’s skip the chase and stick to the basics, shall we? What is a DD-WRT router?

It’s a Linux-based firmware made specifically for routers. What sets it apart is the fact that a DD-WRT router can upgrade features to a business-driven router. Capable of performing certain functions with better tweaking abilities and modifications.

Once you install a DD-WRT router, it only means you now work with a high-end, full-fledged router. No basic configurations. And better accessibility.

It replaces the existing firmware for better connection and advanced online privacy.

Now, you need to know why you should buy a DD-WRT router for the perfect cyber experience.

1. With a DD-WRT router, you get a powered USB port that can read hard drives plus USB hard drives. This will help you create stable network storage the right way.

2. A DD-WRT router gives you the flexibility to install a VPN service. This gives you access to thousands of restricted sites. Just connect it to your mobile phone, tablet, or TV, and that’s it!

3. Unlike the standard wireless routers, a DD-WRT router allows you to connect all kinds of software. This includes printers, scanners, and copiers. It’s not just about connecting USB flash drives.

4. Another benefit is the ability to access DNS (Domain Network Servers). Once you cache the servers, you can accelerate your hostname lookup. It means faster accessibility to slower websites.

5. The most obvious benefit of all is the seamless wireless connection. You can faster, more controlled, and increased wireless range. Now that’s something that takes wireless connectivity to a whole other level.

Best DD-WRT Router Buying Guide

What’s Next?

Buying the best DD-WRT router isn’t enough, you need to know how to configure and maintain one. While there are many videos and tutorials out there, I should give you a bit of a gist of it all. That way, you know what’s in it for you, and you’re well-prepared to buy one head on!

There are many intricate realms of setting up a DD-WRT router for the first time. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll get there in no time:

1. Connect your computer to the DD-WRT Wi-Fi signal.

2. Access the Wi-Fi control panel (enter on the web). This will give you full access to the DD-WRT panel.

3. Click on “Setup” and login via root-admin.

4. This step is crucial: enable PPTP connection type.

5. Enter the serve IP address next to its PPTP server.

6. Type in the account details such as the username and password.

7. Go to MTU and set configurations to “Manual” and type in 1372

8. You need to change Network Setup to “its not the same as the router.” For example: Router IP to Local IP Address is Make subnet IP mask to

9. Set the Static DNS 1 and Static DNS 2 as

10. Save all the settings and go to the “Security” tab.

11. It’s time to turn off the SPI firewall under “Firewall.”

12. Then turn on PPTP under the “VPN Passthrough.”

13. Go to “Administrator” and scroll to the bottom. There you will find the option “Reboot Router.” Click and secure the wireless router.

14. To set up a connection with other networks, create shared key and press “Save.”

15. You must reboot the router once more. Then the configuration is finally complete.

Best DD-WRT Router

The Final Note

My Choice: NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200

Now that you know the science behind DD-WRT routers doing the rest is easier than you think. The concept of a DD-WRT router is to keep it running fast and efficiently. You get much better bandwidth, and you can practice port forwarding too.

Having said that, the best DD-WRT router for most people is the NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200. It features an impressive configuration setup with a seamless interface. From a performance perspective, this router is better for experts. It’s a user-friendly choice and has a vast majority of features to look forward to.

Finally, this detailed guide is for people who want a secure DD-WRT router to support. Not all wireless routers come with VPN and DD-WRT-enabled settings. That’s why this guide is so important to most of you, especially first-timers. The guide has all the dirt focused on performance and deliverance. And that can help you in case you’re stuck somewhere.

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