12 Best Dance Pole For Home Use 2024 – Fitness & Dancing Kit

Pole dancing became a popular method of fitness. The best way to practice this sport is definitely to install a pole in your house, but before that, you must find out what the best dance poles for home use are. Pole dancing can be a tremendous working-out method since it requires a lot of physical strength and power.

Also, an interesting fact is that it recently become a recognized sport, becoming ‘Observer’ status by the International Sports Federation. Pole dancing is a combination of dance and acrobatics on a vertical pole. Even though many people associate it with stripping, it is much more than that.

To be good at it, you must have a lot of core strength and use your upper and lower body. You can strengthen these muscles by purchasing a pole to practice on.

Comparison Table:

There are three types of pole dancing: pole fitness and sport, pole artistic, and exotic pole dancing. Pole fitness and sport focuses on strength, technical ability, and acrobatics.

Pole artistic is the type that focuses on music and movement, while exotic pole dancing utilizes sensuality and flexibility.

1. MegaBrand Removable Exotic Stripper Dancing Pole

MegaBrand Removable Exotic Stripper Dancing Pole

MegaBrand came up with a great pole for home dancing, with this removable 45mm pole. This is a perfect pole for beginners wanting to start working out at home since it is designed for most strength training. Even though it is cheaper than most of the other poles, that does not mean it is any less safe.

Besides, other poles usually don’t come with the extension kit, but it isn’t the case with this one, so it is quite budget-friendly. This pole’s great feature is that it has rubber protection, which ensures your ceiling and floor don’t get damaged. It has both spinning and static modes with two hidden screws to lock/ unlock.

MegaBrand Removable Exotic Stripper Dancing Pole is made of Chrome, which is the material that most professional-grade pole dancers prefer. The most crucial problem with cheaper poles is the risk of injury if it pulls out of the ceiling or floor. However, this pole can hold a weight of up to 200lbs and is exceptionally sturdy, even while performing tricks and turns.

2. Amzdeal Pole Kit for Home Gym

Amzdeal Pole Kit for Home Gym

Amzdeal created a great pole for home use, suitable for fitness or practicing dance moves. It is extendable, from 1.27m (50inch) to 2.65m (104inch), which is a great advantage. That means you can move it from your room to the garage. It is made of Chrome, like other good-quality dance poles.

This pole comes in the width of 45mm and has a load limit of 440Ibs. It has both spinning and static modes, but it isn’t as fast and effective as more expensive poles. 

However, a good aspect of this pole is that you can unscrew it halfway if you want to spin more slowly.  If you are a beginner and aren’t comfortable with high speeds, we highly recommend Amzdeal Pole Kit for Home Gym. This is amazing for beginners not yet comfortable with high speeds.

3. Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole

Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole

Pro-Fit is a well-known and reliable brand for dance poles. The LED dance light distinguishes this pole from the other ones on our list. It is great for those wanting to add a bit of fun to their pole dancing. Thanks to these lights, the pole is perfect for showing moves to your family and friends.

You can also make a show for your class. The LED light has 2 modes, a stay on light or a light show. However, if that is something you aren’t interested in, you can use the pole without it as well. The pole is removable, so you can move it around your home or carry it to class. Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole comes without screws but still manages to hold up to 250Ibs.

However, this is not as much as other poles on the list, so if you want it to hold heavier weights, this probably isn’t the right one for you. The pole comes with additional extensions, which can extend it to 10ft high, which should be suitable for any house or apartment.

4. Lupit Pole Pole Dance Crash Mat Standard Model

Lupit Pole Pole Dance Crash Mat Standard Model

Lupit is a trusted manufacturer when it comes to pole dancing equipment. Because of it, it is a perfect brand if you really want to take your pole dancing seriously. It’s a bit more expensive, but you cannot put a price on safety!

This mat is available in pink, black, and red. It is made of anti-slip material, so it won’t shift after you have spun yourself. The mat is extra thick, so you will be safe from a high fall. It also has a 4-foot diameter.

5. YAHEETECH Professional Stripper Pole

YAHEETECH Professional Stripper Pole

With the quality of this pole, you would expect it to be much more expensive than it actually is. It enables the same level of performance as you would get with more expensive ones. Even though it has many great qualities, it is going to be very difficult to install on your own. 

However, if you have a helping hand, the installation is going to be quite simple. Another problem that users have mentioned is that this pole can spin really fast when locked into that mode. 

Along with the stability, you will also get a high level of durability since the steel has impressive corrosion resistance. If you choose this pole, it will last you a long time and will be perfect for practice.

6. Ampersand Shops Fitness Exercise Pole

Ampersand Shops Fitness Exercise Pole

The Ampersand Shops Fitness Exercise Pole is an affordable pole that became quite popular in the pole market. It contains the same features as more expensive poles and is made of solid all metal and Chrome.

An essential bonus of the Ampersand Shops Fitness Exercise Pole is its ability to cater to heavy body weights with a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs.

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